Friday, August 24, 2007

Bus Stop

Since we live in a REALLY abandoned part of base, they didn't have a bus stop for my kids. So after talking to the transportation department at school, they agreed to stop down the corner from my house and pick up my kids instead of me having to drive them to the bus stop (which is pretty pointless. I might as well drive them to school).

For the after school drop off for my kindergartener, we have the same bus driver as last year, and she graciously drops Keaton off right in front of our house! She is so great. We hear the bus coming and Kolby runs out the door to see his big brother get off the bus. It is really cute. I can't wait until Kolby has his own school to go to. Something just for him. I'm loving it.

So I ignored the toys all over the kid's room and went to play with my own toys in my scrapbook room. Well, my scrapbook closet...but it's a perfect size for me. So this is what I came up with today. I wanted to do a layout of the pictures I took yesterday. Enjoy!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Aha it turned out great !!!! I love the colors. I need to get out my stuff and scrap book some pages soon.

Jenni said...

Love it so much!!! That little closet of your is true inspiration girl!! SO many fun things come outta there!

Queen of Chaos said...

In my opinion this spread captures "Shaina's Style" of scrapping. Very cool Shaina! I love it to pieces...or all the pieces ...whatever. hehe

I can't wait to read more about you, get to know you better and see my nieces and nephews, and see your creative talents.

:) Ajoy

dippyrooroo said...

Fabulous! I wish I be as prolific and talented as you are! I think I take to long stewing about every little decision. I lack your confidence and style.

Marfa said...

What a beautiful page! Great photos, you pulled off the black and white WITH a color photo and everything looks so unified somehow. Thanks for sharing!!!