Friday, August 31, 2007

Excessive laundry? Take a peek.

I need to tell you something. I am not a perfect housekeeper. I do a pretty good job of keeping my kitchen clean. I really really Really need a clean kitchen. I don't like clutter. I LOVE organization. But when it comes to keeping up with laundry, I AM LOUSY.
But I don't think it's my fault.

Most of what I have to wash was probably clean and just thrown onto the ground in a hurry when the kids were trying to get dressed (27 times a day). So what started out as clean, soon gets trampled all over the floor of their room and makes it necessary for me to just scoop it all up in frustration and head to the washing machine. Really, it's better than sniffing through each item of clothing to see if it's clean. Who wants to do that...especially with underwear? Gross.

So after I folded yesterdays laundry, and complained to myself about the enormity of the job, I decided to share with you just a tidbit of my burden. I counted JUST the clothing items that belonged to my BOYS. Here's what I put away, lovingly, back into their drawers without a vocal complaint. (lots of internal grumbling, though) One weeks worth of clothes.

2 undershirts
19 various pajama items
28 undies
35 socks
36 t-shirts
3 long sleeve shirts
4 hang-up shirts
3 dress pants
5 shorts
9 pants
1 vest
1 jacket
Too much.

Did two boys really wear 36 t-shirts in one week? I think not. Excessive messiness. And that list, is the major reason why my kids are grounded FROM their room and why I dread laundry day so much.


Jenni said...

hahaha...Caden is starting to have 14 outfits a day now too...what is the deal? I thougt having boys would be so great--never caring about what they wear or wanting to try things on before wearing them...boy, was I wrong! Good luck with the next round of laundry--whenever that may be! =)

tasha said...

Let me share a secret that has helped for me to actually look forward to doing my laundry! On Friday's, it's our movie day! So I put the kids in front of a movie, then I go upstairs to my room and put a movie on for me. I use my bed as my work-table and fold laundry like crazy! I even get a shirt or two ironed! And I don't even know I'm doing it because the movie is hipnotizing me! The latest great movie I saw was Oklahoma! with Hugh Jackman! Look it up on "blockbuster online"(which I also prescribe to because then I never have to get in my car to return a movie and I plan it out so we have a new movie every Friday for our Pizza/Movie Night! Anyway, this has kept me ontop of the Laundry Battle! Have a HAPPY day!

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh Shaina...I wish that's ALL the laundry I had to do!

You don't understand...Warren is a shopaholic. A SERIOUS SHOPAHOLIC! Our children have SO many outfits it's crazy and Warren has so many..of well...EVERYTHING-including shoes- that our GIANT walk-in closet is too small! I am dead serious. It's ridiculous Shaina. There's no stopping him...he's out of control I tell ya.

I totally get the fact that laundry drags though!....We have 'folding parties' as a family every Sunday night while we watch a movie in order to keep up.

April said...

At least your laundry is folded and put away. Mine just made it upstairs in a basket not even folded and very wrinkled! Thanks for the recipe for the lettuce wraps we loved them can't wait to try another one of your awesome recipes!

Marfa said...

Such a great photo...just laundry, though, I guess it's all the color I love. Yes, I have a pile for each member of the family on the bed right now, but MORE to fold...