Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another First Day of School

This time, it was Kolby's turn! He goes with his friend Caleb and they had a great time yesterday.

That is not him yawning. It's him making one of his many faces. He is very expressionate.

This is me and Nicki after we dropped off the boys. We are FREE!

(wow. My head looks really huge in the picture. Let's just say I was closer to the camera. geesh.)

By the way, no word yet on the house situation. I think I will clean out a closet today.


Ryan said...

I'm so happy that the boys are doing this together because I was really worried about Caleb but he's been just fine because he gets to ride in Miss Shaina's bus to school then be with his buddy, Kolby at school. (That was one run-on sentence but I'm just so happy about it I can't pause it with a period!)

Ryan said...

And I have to say how fabulous you look in this picture! Very pretty!