Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art work

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see amazing beauty with my kid's artwork. First off, here is Keaton. He is in Kindergarten and it has been a struggle to get him to have any motivation to color, write, or draw. This is his second year in Kindergarten because he was just too young to start 1st grade, and he wasn't ready.
But since school started, he's made such tremendous progress! He is actually drawing pictures now (by the way, this kid is really ambidextrous. Amazing, how he can use both hands equally) and here is his most recent picture. The drawing is more than just a head with arms coming out of it. He can draw a body now! So exciting!!
Here is another picture he did yesterday. So great! Notice how he tried to stay in the lines and he has 5 fingers on each hand. He even tried to write something at the top! Progress!Kamy really loves to draw. She draws and colors CONSTANTLY! It's hard to get her to do anything else. Here is what she did yesterday, after her homework. She would have colored it too, but she ran out of time.
I love it when my kids draw pictures.


kdaygirl said...

Shaina u should have Kami color hers and frame it, that one is way cute. I love the extra long bodies!!!

Jenni said...

Those are darling! I love watching Caden draw--he seriously comes up with the most amazing stuff! Kids are the cutest.

Ryan said...

That a boy, Keaton! I'm waiting for Caleb to show some signs of interest in making anything out of the art media. He could care less. So it's good to see my boy's not alone.

sharon c... that's me said...

i totally agree with kim, she has pictures in her room that the girls did, and they are so cute, i just love this idea