Monday, September 24, 2007

Dedicated to the one I love

If you have never seen or used this chapstick, I'm telling you, you haven't lived a full life.

This chapstick is my love. I don't go anywhere without it. When I use it, my lips SING. Oh, it's heavenly. The mentholatum glides across your aching lips and it just soothes and comforts while giving a little's the best thing in the world.

The last time I was out, my dear friend stopped by the store on her way to my house and bought out the entire supply. She brought the box, filled with 17 of these bad boys, right up to the register. So great. Thanks again, April!

My supply is running short again. I need to get some more. I keep chapstick everywhere. At any given time, in any given room, I will be able to tell you at least three places that you can make your lips feel happy again. I keep chapstick by my bed, in my bathroom, on my person, in my makeup bag, in my car, in my purse, in my church bag, at my computer, in my kitchen, and on my bookshelf. That's probably why I need to buy 17 at a time.

And SO SAD is the day that I find myself without my chapstick. It happened over Labor Day. I was at the lake. No Chapstick to be found. (sniff). It was all I could think about. My lips! Chapstick! Please help!! A friend came to the rescue with her version of chapstick. It helped, but I'm telling you...If you haven't tried this, you haven't experienced heaven on earth. Go get some!


Amy said...

I'm with you. I use the same stuff but the "original" and not cherry. My Brother found a place on-line where you can get it wholesale. I'll ask him. See ya!

dippyrooroo said...

You could maybe get paid to put their ad on your blog, ya know.

Queen of Chaos said...

I have a theory about chapstick... but it's only based on my personal usage. Ok, so I put on chapstick for a day or two- my lips aren't chapped. {Just adding some moisture or gloss} Then I stop putting it on. All of a sudden I get chapped lips after a day! What is that about? I think whatever they put in that little stick is highly addictive to your lips. - Or I should say MY lips.- Has this happened to anyone? Cause I feel like all of a sudden I NEED chapstick when before I didn't NEED it...I only WANTED it. Any thoughts out there?


PS: Shaina- I'm copying a messgae I wrote several entries ago. I haven't heard back from you so I'm safely assuming you haven't read it yet:

Oh, hey Shaina I just realized I left my last comment on this blog entry while I was logged onto my other blog I maintain. Oooops! were probably wondering what the heck?! If you can erase it that would be cool.

I wasn't trying to hurt you Shaina by replying on your poster comment in the way I did. I think you are a happy and fun person now that I know you better. I'm sorry if I offended you. It wasn't my intention.

April said...

Any time you need me to buy out the supply at the winco let me know!