Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yup. We are getting evicted.

We currently live in an abandoned neighborhood here on the Air Force Base. No one lives on our street, or surrounding streets. We really live by ourselves, in the ghetto. Our last "neighbor" moved this week. It's just a street for people to zoom past in their cars, on their way to the more established part of base.

So. A few months ago...we were offered, as well as the few remaining tenants of our neighborhood, a lovely (heavy on the sarcasm) townhouse that had already been condemned on the other side of base because our neighborhood was scheduled for demolition sometime in the near future, but funds were not received yet. Apparently, we could not get a normal functioning house, like everyone else on base. Why? That is a great question. We have never gotten an answer. Man, we feel low class. We either had to move off base, or accept this gift of a townhouse that isn't suitable for anyone to live in.

Our choice? We chose to stick it out and risk the A.F. not getting funds because we will be finished with our service to the A.F. in February. Who wants to move, and then a few months later, move again? Not us. Pretty safe bet, eh?


We were told at the end of the workday yesterday that funds were received...demo would start in less than a month....good luck...get the heck out of your house. By the way, that "lovely" townhouse we offered longer available. You are screwed. (Oh, and I am paraphrasing. Of course, we were told with the utmost, uh, politeness.)

Now we are left with the weekend to dwell on this huge problem of not having a house until we can contact the right people and get this resolved.

Now I'm sure you are saying, "Why doesn't she just move off base?" I'll answer: We can't afford it. Plus, after 1st month's rent, deposit, cost of utilities, new phone line, and contracts (we only have 4 months left), it isn't a possibility.

I think I'll drown out my troubles with salsa.
Any advice?


dippyrooroo said...

You could live at my house? No wait, I live in Montana. I just can't believe they would really leave you that high and dry! My advice is contact the local media! Is this the way the Air Force takes care of families? Those cute kids of yours would make a great front page picture!

sharon c... that's me said...

i say you burn the place down, did the townhouse fall down in all the wind or something?

Jenni said...

oh my gosh...Shaina, I'm so sorry! They are so lame! I seriously don't see how it is that they aren't required to give you another place! Oh man...does the hotel have an extended stay program for an entire floor??? =) CAll me if you need anything...I have an empty dining room and a backyard you can live in! We can put the boys and Heath in the back, girls in the dining, and you can live in the scrap room...there, solved! =)

shaina said...

Jenni, I was hoping you would offer me your scraproom!! At least my needs will be taken care of, right!

dippyrooroo said...

I keep checking this hoping I read it wrong! Or that maybe it has disappeared and I just imagined it! So do you think there is someone you can talk to on Mon. who can fix this? Is there a way to appeal it or something?

shaina said...

Tara, we are waiting until Monday and we'll see if Heath's 1st Shirt has anything planned to help us out. I'm sure it will be resolved soon. (crossing fingers)
Regardless, we DO have to move out of our house.

Queen of Chaos said...

Go to the mattresses.

{i.e. 'You got mail' quoted from 'The Godfather'}

I suppose the Lord knows where you should go from here. Why not ask Him? I'm sorry you guys are in this bind. It really stinks. We will keep your family in our prayers.

sharon c... that's me said...

i still say you burn the place down if it's gonna be demmo-ed anyway, than maybe you can collect insurance money or something hahaha

Erica Hettwer said...

Step one...find who can get you a great house on base.

Step two...bribe said person with copious amounts of salsa!!!

Seriously though, I hope it all works out!


April said...

Shaina, Just fight it tooth and nail. They what you to just give up and then you are not a problem for them anymore especially if you are forced to move off base. They aren't very helpful with you I know I've been there! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help This is awful news to hear. Just think in a few months you can laugh about it when you are making bank and living in a huge house somewhere other then CA!