Friday, September 21, 2007

My mansion

If you have ever read over to the right side of this page, I, uh, suggest that I live in a mansion. That was me being very sarcastic.
If you've been a reader of my blog, you know that we are getting kicked out of this "mansion" because they are going to demo it.

And ya know what, this house deserves to be demoed. It's really old and dirty. Here's a picture I took yesterday. you want to see a picture of the inside? Here it is. Just a few more days of living here. We actually like the inside, despite it being so old. It's roomy. I like that.

Plus, it has my little scrapbook nook. And I'm going to miss the color I painted. Sigh.

Here's the same room from a different view.

Now...I scrapbooked again yesterday. My room isn't quite so clean as it was in the picture a few days ago. But I made a cute layout for a challenge over on A Million Memories. We had to pull out our stash of foam stamps. The numbers 20 in the layout are foam stamps, and I totally messed up lining them up, but once you put it down, there's no turning back.

These are pictures of George a few weeks ago, when we went to the beach. Right after the first picture, a wave totally toppled her over, and I took the second picture right after I picked her up from the sandy shore. So sad.


Jenni said...

You moved your couch! I like the color on the walls to---so no news yet?? By the way, love the LO!! Can't wait to scrap tonight! Should be fun!

kdaygirl said...

I like the colors of the walls as well, I think that is gonna be the hardest thing about having a house is wanting to change the colors of the walls as much as I move the funiture..... I am gonna paint my kitchen fiesta green but the other parts of the house are up for grabs any suggestions? BTW the pics are great on the layout, love them!

Queen of Chaos said...

Did you guys find out where you are moving to yet? That would be very hard just 'waiting'.

I decorate my home a lot myself, move furniture around, always redoing something to make it more awesome. I've been that way since I was 11 years old. With dad being in the military we were moving around A LOT. I'd want 'our home' to be in place as soon as possible. While my family was unpacking- I was decorating! My mom still laughs about that. I suppose that's where my decorating obsession began.

I like the title of your layout you made!

Jen Sue Wild said...

First let me say the l/o of Gorge is so sweet .
Second you are a naughty friend I cant believe you never told me about a Million Memories Web site. The lady at the nail shop told me about it yesterday. So well I am looking true the Gallery Hmm What do I see but a l/o with a little girl that looks a lot like Gorge. I click on the l/o and surprise it's Gorge..
You naughty friend.
I love ya any way...

Jen Sue Wild said...

I joined this morning right after I made an order. I spent all morning on the site. It was alot of fun.