Friday, October 19, 2007

2 by 2

I am so happy today. It has been over a month since I have been able to scrapbook. I got my house in order (under a week...not bad) so I felt no guilt in breaking out the supplies.

I did this bad boy with a kit of the month from A Million Memories.
I love the colors of the paper. Thanks for looking! Gotta go make another page.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Oh Shaina this turned out so good.

The little whimsical that you put on the pic was that done with a digital scrap booking program?

I have thought about getting a digital scrap booking program to use in part of my scrapbooking I just have to check them out and find a good one.

shaina said...

I use adobe photoshop and I love it.

Ryan said...

Those really are so beautiful! You have an amazing talent and I love that you share these things with us. . . So I can realize that's not a talent of mine and that's okay because I can appreciate what others have. So precious!