Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think this is amazing. Look at this:

George is not even 2 yet and she is holding a pencil like a professional. She just loves to color and write and gets very upset if she isn't allowed to do it.

I am reminded of when Kamy was a baby. She was the same way. If she found a writing instrument, she had to use it, and you'd better get her a paper or she'll find something else to write on.

I think my girls were meant to be born at the same time. They are so alike. George is doing the same things Kamy did, when she was this age. They both absolutely loved binkies. They both needed a binkie in their mouth, one in each hand, a few nearby, and one in their pockets. If they are out!! They look like each other. Neither one much cared for bottles. I nursed each one until a week before their one year birthday, they are both little. They are twins, five years apart.

Anyway, look at her holding the pencil!! So good. Also, she's using her left hand. So far, all my kids are left handed. Really weird.

Last night, when I was at work, Heath carved pumpkins (well, just one) with the kids. Here is our scarry jack-o-lantern.

When all the kids were watching the candle glow from inside the pumpkin, Heath took this shot. I love it!

There is nothing like capturing the innocence and joy of the holiday season.


sharon c... that's me said...

that's cool na! crazy that all the kids are left handed. i thing jayne will be, she alwasy chews on her left hand reaches for stuff with that hand too. i don't know i guess we'll see.

Jen Sue Wild said...

The pic. of Gorge looking at the pumpkin is so darn cute. I love the way her eyes are just shining with delight in seeing the pumpkin glowing.

Jenni said...

Very impressive for 2 years old! LOVE that picture of George smiling up at the pumpkin---just an amazing photo! TOo bad you can't use it for HOF! =)

The Girls' Mom said...

She looks alot like shavonne to me.
Cute pictures!