Sunday, October 28, 2007

....and the winner is

15 players in my contest...two winners. Kamy helped me pick the names, and she picked DIPPYROOROO and THE GIRLS MOM So congrats to you, Tara and Bethany. You'll get your freezer meal books soon. Here is what they look like:
Now, it was a busy weekend for us. Last night, we had our annual Harvest Fesitval at the church. All the kids dress up, some adults do too, and they play different games at the church. There was a haunted maze, an apple bobbing contest, cake walk, pumpkin ring toss...etc. Here is what the kids dressed as.Here is a self-portrait (my favorite kind of picture) of Heath and I.Also, there was a pie eating contest at the church. One of our friends won last year, and I was anxious to try my hand (I mean face) at eating the pie, which was chocolate cream pie. (I don't think I got past the cream, though.)Hands had to be clasped behind your back. No utensils. Let me just say, I suck at being in a pie eating contest. When the winner won, my pie still looked like it hadn't been touched. I had my face in it and everything...especially after my friend pushed my face down in it!But it was fun. I know I'm a loser now, so I won't need to sign up again next year!

Today was our Primary Program for the kids in our church, ages 3-12. I am the chorrister for the kids, so I was especially proud of how they sang the songs. It was a busy day. I'm glad it's over.


The Girls' Mom said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooraaayyy! I'm so lucky to get something so cute and useful. I expected a stack of recipes not an adorable book. You are very thoughtful. I'm giddy with excitement.

sharon c... that's me said...

oh man! hey na our primary program was today too! the kids sang "i know that my redeemer lives" at the end and i seriously got goosebumps. children have the best voices. have fun on your trip! love you!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Tell Kammy I forgive her for not choosing me. {LOL}
I love the Halloween pix..
I sure do miss FF2nd's Harvest festival..

Queen of Chaos said...

I tried a pie eating contest once too--it wasn't as easy as it looks that's for sure! :0

We have one more Halloween party of four to endure {it happens to be our party here at home on the 31st} and the craziness will finally be over. Washing costumes 3 times already, cutting sticky gooing candy from Tuckers hair and too much candy has me hoping wednesday comes and ends fast.

Warren bought a fog machine, strob light and dry ice for our party. I bought stuff for nachos. It should be a fun night. Conner hopes to scare the treaters at our door...oh the joys of a 10 year old boy.

dippyrooroo said...

Whoohoo!!!! I can't believe I won!! I'm so excited to have my own Shaina-made recipe book! Thank you!

PS My friend Darcie just got back from a trip to Maui. She posted all the fun things they did on her blog, so you should check it out! There's a link from my blog. If you can't get in (she's been talking about making it a private site) let me know and I'll have her grant you access.

Ryan said...

BOOO HOOOO! I will try to recover while I'm eating your cookie dough and apricot glazed meatballs. (Read it and weep girls:)). I'm so excited for your little trip coming up. . .I'm giddy too!

Stacey said...

Beautiful little recipe books! And great costumes. Looks like fun!

Jenni said...

Ok, I lost. Sad! I still want a copy of your recipes though!!! Are you getting so excited??? No, not talking about Hawaii...I'm talking about our VT appt tomorrow! haha--j/k..of course abou Hawaii!! You guys will have so much fun!