Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feeling Cute

New clothes that fit right just make me feel cute. I promised you a picture of what I bought. Here is one outfit. I know it's kind of far away, but I was doing a self-photoshoot.

I tried to get a close up of the cute shirts I layered when I took this picture. I thought it was so cute that Kolby was trying to peek into the shot.
And yes, we are still living in a hotel. It's not bad, but we are all anxious to have our belongings back.
I got tagged on my friends blog to answer some questions. Stay tuned for that!


Jenni said...

Hottie!!! Sad that I missed the fun shopping trip! Maybe next time! ALmost Friday---new house!!!!!

Queen of Chaos said...

I'm glad to see you wearing pink. I love pink :)

We are praying for your family to get a new place soon.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Very cute,, Great job Shoopping.

Ryan said...

So SASSY! You look great and seeing this makes me want to go back to Ross for more!

Chloe said...

You look cute :)

Elise said...

Love the outfit!!

amy said...

Hey Shaina, I found your blog by visiting Tara's. How great to see what you are up to.

Where are you living now?

You can check out my blog at

It is so great to see how you are doing. Your family is so darn cute!

sharon c... that's me said...

na this is super cute! i love it... you should go shopping with me, so i can find cute things too