Friday, October 19, 2007

I heard you say

This is a minibook I made a few months ago to document the cute things I heard the kids say to me, or to each other. I kept a piece of paper by the computer, and everytime I heard them say something noteworthy, I jotted it down. It was super fun to make, and I know the kids will love this, especially when they are older. You can click on some of these pictures to make them bigger, but I typed up what they said so you could see.

Kamy: "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be you"
Mom: "Kolby, put this diaper in the garbage please." Kolby: I'm not the garbage man!"

Keaton: "Mom, I had a great dream. I dreamed that me and my family were all superheroes!"
Keaton: "Mom, are you the smartest mom on our family?" Mom: "Absolutely."

Keaton: "Daddy's hurting all my feelings."
Mom" Ok, we have five more minutes until it's time to get out." Kolby: "No momma! One minute." Mom: "Ok, one minute." Kolby: "Yippee!"
Kamy: "It's the biggest strawberry in the world!"
Kolby: "Let's go on a walk, momma." Mom: "Ok, can I bring my camera and take a picture of you?" Kolby: "Of course."

Kamy: "Mom, don't I look soooo beautiful?
Kolby: "Ok mom, I'm ready to go."

Kolby: "I ate some cherry pie. It was an accident" (the picture shows cherry pie all over his face)
Kolby: "I stronger than superman." Keaton: "No Kolby. You are not." Kolby: "Uh-huh. I have strong muscles." Keaton: "Not as strong as mine!"

Keaton: "Look dad, I'm just as big as you!"
Keaton: "Kolby, let's pay a game I made up. You stand on this bench, and I'll step on your head." Kolby: "Ok" Mom: "Keaton, you cannot step on his head." Keaton: "Oh, alright."

Kolby: (overheard at the dinner table) "Mmm, momma...I eat meat now..meat good...good meat."

Keaton: (his excuse for doing something bad) "...but momma, the inside of my body wants to do whatever it wants. Only the outside listens to you."


Jenni said...

I LOVE this book!!! Such an awesome idea about writing down the things the kids say!

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a great Idea to scrap book it!

I have a journal of the things that each of my kids say. We love to bring them out and read them.

sharon c... that's me said...

this is so funny my favorite was the cherry pie:)

Chloe said...

Love what you did with this!

Queen of Chaos said...

I jot down super cute things my kids say as well. I think it's a great idea.

Though, I haven't added cooresponding photos like you have in one book. I really like that idea! I will have to give it a shot...someday.

dippyrooroo said...

So cool Shaina! I just love seeing what you have created! Keeps me inspired!