Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just Kidding (sigh)

Well, both flights to Hawaii were cancelled today. So we'll try again tomarrow.

In the mean time, I want to talk about idiot sales people. Seriously. This guy should not be doing this job.

Last weekend, Heath and I went to Sports Authority because he was looking for some swim shorts for him to wear in Hawaii. Late in the season? yeah. But that's ok. While he was trying on some shorts, I found a thing or two on the clearance rack for myself: a cute pair of capris and a pair of boy shorts to go with my swimsuit. Perfect. Even more perfect, they were both 30% off the lowest ticketed item. Sweet! Heath decided not to get the swim shorts, but said I could get my two items. He took George and Kolby back to the car and I went to pay for my purchases.

I was a bit distracted when he was ringing me up..I usually pay attention to the price of everything scanned, so when he said my total, I handed him my card. Then thought...wait. That's too much. So I asked him (after he swiped my card) if he took off the 30%. He said yes, he rang up 5 dollars off. Oh. That was good. But wait, is that 5 dollars total, or 5 dollars for each piece? I was confused; because when I look at the price of things, and notice they are on sale, I do some quick math in my head and figure out what I will be paying. The price he just swiped my card for, was about 7dollars more than I figured. Hey, I can buy a whole other shirt at Ross for 7 bucks, so its important!

So as the guy is trying to shoo me out the door, I stopped him and said that it was 30% off each ticketed item. I mean, seriously, the clearance rack is right in front of the register. It's a no-brainer. He said he only had a button for either 5 dollars off, or 15 dollars off, so he pushed the 5 dollars off button.

Since I had about 11.50 coming to me as a discout, the 5 dollars he gave me wasn't enough. Anyway, he tried as hard as he could to tell me the purchase was already made, card swiped, etc. I told him he needed to credit me the entire purchase and start again, giving me the correct discount. Then he said he didn't have a way to do 30% off on his register. "Find a way" I told him with all the niceness I could muster at that point. Meanwhile, Heath is sitting right out front in the car, wondering what the heck I'm doing that is taking so long.

So the guy credits me back the purchase. Gives me a receipt for that, then calls his manager over to do a key override to give me 30% off each item. As he is doing that, and by the way, both of them were idiots trying to figure out how to do it, I look over my two reciepts. One for the original purchase, and one for the credit back into my account. They both should be the same total, right?


This guy credited me back around 4 dollars more than the first purchase. I told this to him, and he said "No,'s the tax."

"Yes, but I am looking at the total for each, and you credited me back more than the first purchase. They both should be the same."

"No,'s the tax."

Alright, whatever. I tried to tell him, right? So the purchase is done correctly, and I save over 12 dollars. Much better than the stupid 5 dollars he tried to get away with. I guess he just banks on people not knowing how to do math. He doesn't know how to, that's for sure. And with his mistake on the credit, I saved a total of 16 dollars.

Now, the story does not end there. Yesterday, I was out running errands, and Heath still hadn't found any swim trunks, so I called him and asked him if he wanted me to buy the ones he tried on. "Yes". Ok, so I go in again. I notice the same guy working the register. Great.

Heath's shorts were 20% off. So I hand them to the guy, he rings them up, and announces the total. Before I hand over my card, I tell him that these are 20% off. "Oh". So he calls the manager over and he keys in the 20% off. I make my purchase and get out of there.

This guy, and his manager, should not be working there. If they cannot ring up a listed clearance price, then they shouldn't have them advertised. I wonder how many other people got the wrong total rung up. So my point of this long story: Know ahead of time the discount, and make sure they give it to you. They don't care. Ugh. Idiot sales people.


sharon c... that's me said...

well your flight will be good when it happens. you should fill out one of those complaint cards, good story na.

Queen of Chaos said...

Ugh. Stupid sales people. I've had my share and it ain't fun. I'm one to not back down so they hate me by the end of the transaction. Is it my fault I'm expecting what they advertise? gggrrrrrrr!

I've had my share of full or canceled flights as well. While Warren was working for the airline I flew everywhere- A LOT. There were many times I was stuck in an different city. :( It can be very frustrating. Good luck.

dippyrooroo said...

How weird! How can they not have the ability to do what their sale advertises? I wonder how many people they have ripped off!

Chloe said...

Good for you for staying on top of the idiot cashier - how annoying.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get to Hawaii tomorrow! You'll have a blast!

Jenni said...

OH, bummer you're not basking in the Hawaiian sunshine yet!!! That's ok--keeps you dreaming a bit loinger about it! Ok, I am the queen of calling out people on these sort of transactions...I can't stand it when someone can't figure out how to do sale stuff---good for you! Now go shopping somewhere else I guess!!!