Thursday, December 20, 2007

2004 Christmas letter

So when I mailed out my Christmas letters this year, I found a bag that had a few old letters in it. One of them was my very own Christmas letter that I sent out to friends and family in 2004. I think it was one of my more creative letters, so I thought I'd share it with you. Here is the picture I sent with it. Kolby was 1, Keaton was 3, and Kamy was 4.

Ok, now for the letter. It was written to the rhythm of 'Twas the night before Christmas.

T'was the weeks before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was resting; it was purely chaos.
Christmas was coming; yes, coming quite fast.
It was time to reflect on the year that had passed.
So when the children were napping, all snug in their bed,
I got out my paper and number 10 lead.
With Christmas approaching, and so much to say,
I'd better start writing, without much delay!
When back from the bedroom there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from the chair to see what was the matter.
Across the wood floors, I slid to a stop,
Just in front of our dresser, with Keaton atop.
"To infinity and beyond!" was all I could hear,
As he spread his arms wide, with much persevere.
And just like Buzz Lightyear, off the dresser he flew,
Perfectly landing on the bed, apparently through.
He settled back down for his much needed rest,
To dream of his hero, whom you can easily guess.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
Quietly sitting in her bedroom with all her cooking gear.
Kamy has all her play food, from tacos to fruit,
And she's hosting her own cooking show, dressed in her swimsuit.
She loves to watch Food Network on TV,
as well as go grocery shopping with me.
"Now Kamy and Keaton, please get some sleep."
I had just sat back down when I heard someone weep.
Kolby had awoken, so I opened his door.
His big eyes were wet; eyes I simply adore.
An then, in a twinkling, I knew they were done.
No naps today! They were up one by one.
So back to their rooms, but now with more noise,
To pick up their clothes and clean up their toys.
Kolby tried to help out, as much as a one-year-old could.
He found all the crayons, but must have misunderstood.
"No Kolby, this is not meant to be food!"
But I was too late, for they had already been chewed.
Then the bells on the front door chimed with a motion,
And in walked my husband, amidst all the commotion.
His eyes, how they twinkled; his smile oh so sweet.
He gave me a kiss that I felt to my feet.
He was home just for a minute, to get his jogging clothes.
It was time for his afternoon run, I suppose.
So I got out his clothes, still warm from the dryer,
And put in a new load, wishing a maid I could hire.
I stood for a second, and thought next what to do,
When I heard little voices from the kitchen come through.
I turned around to see a broad face and round belly.
There were three, actually, and all were covered with jelly.
I can't say that I spoke not a few stern words,
And put their jelly on bread, a method preferred.
In no time, it seemed, the sun had set.
Dinner was over. Time for bed. But wait, did I forget?
There on my chair, without a passing glance,
Sat my unfinished Christmas letter. It really stood no chance.
My hopes of touching upon a year's worth of events,
Were overshadowed by life; something I can't prevent.
So I threw the paper in the trash, out of site. "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"
I want you to know, I didn't make anything up. I really did try to write a Christmas letter, and the kids wouldn't sleep, they got into the jelly, etc. I just decided it would fit perfect into this poem. In a few days, I'll post our letter from this year.


sharon c... that's me said...

shaina you're so creative, i'll miss you this christmas!!

Karen & Matt said...

Wow that was really creative!!! I never would have thought to do it to the ryme of twas the night before christmas. We got your christmas letter the other day. Thank you so much for sending one to us. I loved your family pic, and it was fun to hear what you did this past year!

April said...

Oh shaina you are so creative! I got your letter today Thanks. We really need to get together I miss you. Ryan is coming home tomorrow so maybe after the holiday's we can find sometime to catch up and play. Merry Christmas!

Jen Sue Wild said...

So you Shaina.. I love that pic..

Chloe said...

WOW, that's really good! You have a gift for rhyme!

Merry Christmas!