Thursday, January 24, 2008

7 more days until I get LOST

If you aren't yet on the bandwagon of being a LOST follower, then allow me to express my disappointment. It is shameful! This is the best show on TV and it will be returning in ONE WEEK! It's almost more than I can handle, I am so excited about it!

But alas, I have things on my mind. For those of you that are of a faithful nature, I would ask that you pray for us. We have two weeks left in the military, and still haven't secured employment. None of the companies seem to be in a hurry. It is very frustrating for us. We have been trying since last summer. Nobody wanted to hire that far in advance. Understandable. Heath has done a superb job calling companies and sending his resume out like crazy. We have exercized a lot of faith and we are still holding strong, but if you think about it, we would appreciate some prayers to help things happen for us. Thank you.

Today I went to the store for the last big shopping trip before we move (hopefully). On tomarrow's agenda for frozen meals are:
Hamburger patties, chicken empanadas with spanish rice, spinage macaroni and cheese with chicken sausage meatballs, sausage and noodle bake, chicken pot pie, parmesean chicken, meatloaf, tacos, pizza calzones (thanks sharon!), Homemade chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce, and baked potato soup.

I only forgot two things at the store that I have to go back for. Bummer.

Tonight I get to go learn how to make a new bead bracelet at a bead store that my friend Caroline works at. She taught me how to make a great bracelet about a month ago and I'm excited to not only learn another style, but to get some beads so I can make both styles at home. It's gonna be fun! I'll share my results with you.


Jen Sue Wild said...

You all will be in our thoughts and prayers. I hope Heath gets a job asap.

Can't wait to see what the bracelet looks like when it is done..

Chloe said...

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Where is the immediate place to move to in 2 weeks?

And I'm counting down the days to Lost as well. Maybe I should have a LOST party at my house...

Jenni said...

Praying for ya girlie!!!

Karen & Matt said...

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. That is very nerveracking. Can't wait to see what the bracelet looks like.

Erica Hettwer said...

Got my fingers crossed for you!! (And, hoping that at job in Oregon opens up!! LOL!)