Friday, January 11, 2008

Family Fun Night

Last night our family had a blast. After dinner, we played this new game that my sister Kim got for us for Christmas. It's called Ticket to Ride. We have the United States version, and it's really fun to play. You have these trains in different colors, and the board has all these cities and routes with train tracks on it. So you need to get tickets, and try to successfully complete your route that is listed on your tickets. You try to make the longest route, or reach the most cities in order to win the game. Heath and I have been playing it nonstop since Christmas, but last night we thought we should all play together as a family. We didn't worry about the rules of the game with the kiddos. We basically just collected cards, made routes, and had fun with each other. It was good for the kids. It taught numbering, colors, turn-waiting, and choices. Here is a website that has this game. I would recommend buying it. They not only have American version, but Europe, Germany, and others. Check it out.

There were a lot of High-fives being given out. Especially when you got the color of the card that you wanted.

Gotta have a self portrait! That's the only way I get in pictures, it seems.

Here is Keaton, making a train track. He couldn't just lay the train on the board. He had to start at the opposite end, and drag his train car around on all the tracks before he positioned it on the one he was building.

Lastly, the boys were wearing these hats most of the time. They were a gift from our cousins. Perfect Train Conductor hats, don't you think?


Ryan said...

What a good looking crew! Did you eat some of those amazing cookies while you played? Thanks so much for letting me take a few. They are so good!
Love, N

Queen of Chaos said...

We love playing games as a family and with friends over. Warren likes this game, Ticket to ride, a lot.

We have game night one a month for just our adult friends. We have a potluck dinner and we have such a fun time. We host it at our home.

Being married to Warren really has put a twist on how games are played here. He is very competetive and ruthless. And not to mention he always is changing the rules for HIS favor...grrrrr I can see why mom refuses to play games!

If I didn't love playing myself I would have boycotted them from our home too because of Warren! :S Crazy guy.

Karen & Matt said...

I've never heard of that game, we'll have to check it out. We've been playing Uno with the girls, I know boring!!! No just kidding, it's not quite as fun as playing with the trains on your game. Uno is great to teach numbers and colors too.

dippyrooroo said...

That sounds so fun! I've heard that game was fun, but I've never played it. Have you guys ever played Settlers of Cattan? We love it. We asked for the Seafarers expansion for Christmas, and my parents got it for us, but apparently you have to have the Seafarers game first, and the Settlers expansion, before you can use the expansion. I wish it were a little more strait forward, but I'm still excited to play it!