Monday, January 7, 2008

Kid's drawings

So today, when the kiddos went to school after the LONG holiday break, I pulled out a bunch of papers from their backpacks. I found a few drawings that made me smile. Keaton has been impressing me with his drawings since he started the school year. I found this drawing of what he wanted for Christmas. I think it's easy to tell what interests him lately.

The next drawing, he got a bit more descriptive. Bigger swords, two sashes, and a pair of pants. Nice.

The next picture is what Kamy drew last week. We had quite the winter storm here. It was dangerously windy, lots of rain with snow in the mountains, and overall very yucky to be in. I found this drawing that Kamy did after the storms were almost cleared, and when we could see outside again.

It may be hard to see, but she's got great details here. The trees that blew over from the wind (they actually did, in our backyard area) and the sad sun because he cannot shine through the (happy smiling) clouds. The stray cat that is cold, running around, and kamy in her new hat and gloves. Very nice job.

Here is another one that Keaton drew. He included a title. He sounded out everything by himself. That is a developmental mile stone! In case you can't figure it out, it's The Gingerbread Man. Of course, he included a self portrait too.

And I think, there in his hand, is an axe! Watch out Gingerbread Man!


kdaygirl said...

We keep all the kids pitures and Jason has framed alot of them and has hung them up in his office. U should have the kids color them and then u can frame them.

shavs99 said...

Keaton did a great job sounding out the Gingerbread Man! Cute pictures!

sharon c... that's me said...

so cute, kim's coming up here for the rexburg temple open house, but we're going down there in feb. so darick can go snowboarding with some of his friends, i'll see if its on the 5th... not sure they have a date set.

Karen & Matt said...

Great job keaton! Very cute pictures. I really liked the gingerbread man one, that is great!!! Kami is really does a good job on her drawings. Lot's of details.

Jenni said...

Cutie! Your kids are so artistic! That's awesome!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Awwe i love little kids Artistic views...So sweet.