Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A sucker everytime.

My family is a sucker every time when it comes to infomercials. They love them! I hate them! Kamy seems to watch them when I don't know, because she will come up to me and say odd things, like: "Mom, if you don't like the rough scratchiness of your heels, you can use this wonderful lotion that will make it soft, just like a newborn baby!"

Or Heath will come up to me when I'm straightening my hair, and say: "Babe, that can be a lot easier for you if you get this other straightener that all the stylists use. It has little combs within the iron that comb through your air as it straightens, saving you time AND grief! This is something everyone with frizzy hair should have. All the top pros recommend it."

See? Suckers every time.

Another product that Heath has been saying he will "surprise" me with are the Potato Gloves. According to the commercial, it takes seconds to peel a potato while wearing these gloves. Just rub the potato between the ridges on the palms of the gloves and you will throw away your potato peeler faster than you can imagine.

I wasn't quite sold. It didn't seem like it would work, but Heath was set on his plan to get them for me. Then I found this clipping in a magazine. Take a looksie.
Uh, so that's a big fat NO. I like my potato peeler just fine, thank you! Don't be a sucker for everything infomercial! Most of them don't work like they are advertised. If you found one you like, let me know!


sharon c... that's me said...

those gloves look like they have some kind of unnatural growth going on

Karen & Matt said...

I hate infomercials! I agree a lot of them don't work. Those are some funcky weird gloves. I think I would rather use my peeler too!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

My kids are the same way. Especially Robbie he cracks us up . I don't know how many times he has told us we need to buy the magic bullet..

Those gloves are just plane yucky looking.

kdaygirl said...

I have the magic bullet, I got it from Sharon...HMMMM she must have secret pasion that she is not telling us about. I bought something from an infomercial, I will let u know if it works as well as they say it does. Check out my blog for all the details!!!

Heath said...

Let me clarify my taste in infomercials. I only like them if they're good. But yes I will keep watching even if they are bad, but only to make fun of them. And for some odd reason (maybe its because I used to sell people computers that they didn't need in another life, and I can relate to how hard it is, to stay positive while convincing a pessimistic audience how they ever lived without your product and that they need to feel like your product will make their life complete to the point that they need to buy it from you....right now) I like to be sold. I keep watching even though I know what they are doing, and somehow it its enjoyable for me to see them and I am kind of cheering for them hopping that they don't suck. And I have to say I am amazed sometimes buy how inventive the products and pitches are.
I can't be sure but I will probably keep watching them. I also like the one with the British accent trying to sell me an indoor outdoor broom that can pick up "your hair, my hair pet hair, one indoor, one outdoor, one wet, one dry". I like that one. Nice huh.

Queen of Chaos said...

I HATE infomercials myself but I can't seem to stop from gawking at the TV as they show me the most wonderful thing in the world and how in the heck did you ever, ever live without it!

I don't buy them...but I can't seem to NOT watch these stupid infomercials- It's like a train can't keep from looking!

Chloe said...

My husband has a major weakness for infomercials - I've learned to accept it throughout our marriage :)