Thursday, February 28, 2008

House Hunters

Wow. It's exhausting. First, we are trying to find a place that will fit us all, and be within our budget. Then, we find a house, but it is way off in the boondocks. Too far away to travel to work everyday and still see the husband at night. Then, we find a great house, good price, nice neighborhood, and we think we are set. We call around to find out about the elementary school. Well, it's TERRIBLE, and nobody would willingly put their kids in that school. Great. We call around to see if we can switch districts. NOPE. So, the house hunting continues.

It looks so easy and carefree on HGTV. I didn't realize it was so complicated. It's even harder when you are staying at an old furnished house where the telephone doesn't even work, let alone have computer access (if we had a laptop). The library already kicked us out. Bummer.

So we might go look at a place today. Me and the kids. Heath has only seen one house out of all the ones I've looked at. I take good pictures, though! When the Realtor asked today if we have pets, I said "No". She responded with a sigh of relief. "But we do have 4 kids." (no comment is given)

Our Trip (written by Kamy)

We were going to move to South Carlolina. We went to Utah and went to our cousin's house. A few days later, I went to Sophie's house. I got to play there. It was fun. I went to Oklahoma. My mom and dad were trying to find a hotel with a swimming pool. They found one and we got to learn to swim with my dad. I almost had it. It was fun. A few days later, I came to Neina's house. She had make-up. Her mom said that they would come to South Carolina and come to the beach in the summer. Then the boys got make-up tatoos on their forehead. It was funny. Then we came to South Carolina at sundown. The hotel use to be a house. Then a few days later, we looked at some houses. The best one was the last one. My mom is going to try to pick the last one and it was in Summerville. The end.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're gonna get it.

I'm at the library right now, trying to catch up on stuff. I absolutely hate not having a computer right now. We are still in transition, staying on base, waiting for a house. We have one we put in an application for, so if all goes through, we can move in this weekend. It's a really nice 5 bedroom house (yes, 5 bedrooms that are huge). We will have so many rooms I won't know what to do. Uh, can anyone say "craft room!"
So anyway, I'm at the library using the computer, and we are about to GET IT from the librarians. My kids are not being especially quiet. Sorry.
Heath started his new job yesterday. He is anxious to get past the introduction phase, and get to work! George and I have miserable coughs. We try not to go anywhere because inevitably, one of us will have a coughing fit. I think that's another reason why the librarians don't like me. I am spreading germs AND being loud.
I miss reading everyone's blogs. What have you all been up to? I can't wait to get things back to normal.
One last note, I am content in the east/south. Wanna know why? I FOUND A ROSS!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arriving in the East

Well, we are here. We'd like to thank the roads for being clear all the way here. We'd like to thank the other drivers for being safe. We'd like to thank all the state troopers that did not pull us over, even when we deserved it. We'd like to thank all our friends and family that we stayed with for being so hospitable. We'd like to thank everyone that prayed for us to have safe travels. Thank you. We are here.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and let out a sigh of relief! Today, we've been washing clothes, washing the car, and washing ourselves, trying to get things back in order. Today, Kolby asked for "real food" for lunch. We had Pb&j sandwhiches with sliced strawberries on the side. Now that is a real lunch!

More later. gotta run.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Street Smarts

I've got street smarts now, when it comes to being hotel savvy. Well, not necessarily regarding the hotel, but what they advertise. I am talking about a CONTINENTAL breakfast versus a HOT breakfast. You might think these are the same. You would be mistaken.

Allow me to interpret the difference for you. You see, a continental breakfast usually includes items that do not need heating, such as donuts, cereal, orange wedges, and a beverage of choice including, but not limited to apple juice, milk, and orange juice. Sometimes, you could get lucky and have some additions to this lineup, such as packets of oatmeal, slices of toast and/or bagels.

We were happy to stay at a Days Inn hotel in New Mexico, and retired to our double beds with visions of such a spread being offered to us upon awakening.

Uh, no.

What we were offered, were a few scrapings of stale doughnuts and an orange juice machine that only dispensed water. Not exactly the makings of an ideal breakfast. Live and learn.

The next night, we discovered what was meant by HOT breakfast, as well as a subtitled addition of information: Buffet. Wowzas!

Not only did it have everything the continental breakfast claimed to display, but it included yogurt, french toast, eggs, sausage, tortillas, salsa, waffles, fruit, many choices of beverages, muffins, and other things I can't quite remember. They even had biscuits and gravy. Talk about a buffet! It was glorious.

So now, my friends, let me save you the trouble of discovering this hiccup in the system. We have suffered for you. Feel at ease during your future travels, having secured this sacred knowledge. If you are hungry in the morning, and most people are to some degree, then choose the hotel advertising a HOT breakfast. You will be glad you did. Happy eating.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oklahoma is OK!

Just a quick note to all of you. We are now in Oklahoma City, over half way to our destination. We kinda feel all by our lonesome out here. We are having fun traveling, though. Well, if you count kids screaming in the car, dirty diapers right after we got back on the freeway, kids not agreeing on what movie they want to watch, old fries pasted to the kid's bums from being sat on all day, and strange people staring from gas stations, I would say all in all, it's going well. We haven't had any car sickness, thanks to dramamine and we haven't had any accidents or bad roads. In fact, the roads have been crystal clear. A very good blessing.

I'll catch up with you all soon. If all goes well, on Friday, we will be visiting Nashville and our old friends the Chesleys. (I'll call you Thursday, Margarite!) So it will be nice to see some familiar faces. And of course, we have to make it an early day on Thursday so we can get the kids to sleep before LOST comes on.

So from OOOOOOAAAAKKKKKKKK -lahoma (sing it aloud. It's fun) and on to the next state, this is the Traveling Nunns, signing off.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Chilling in Utah!

...And I DO mean chilling! It's a tad bit colder here than what we California birds have grown accustomed to. Heath and I both grew up under 8 feet of snow, but living in California for about 4 years, your body tends to adjust. So when we left California, it was a beautiful day, in the 60's already by 8am. When we got to the great Salt Lake valley, it was in the teens. Brrr.

We have spent the weekend with family. Last night we played games until we dropped. We laughed a ton! It was so much fun. Today we are going to let the kiddos play in the snow. Tomorrow we will head out early to start our journey across the United States. Believe it or not, we are getting more excited about going to Charleston.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We've got boxes everywhere. All the toys are packed up. All my scrapbook/craft/sewing stuff is all packed up. Cookbooks, pictures, games, and movies are all packed up. All the clothes are clean and folded, ready to be sorted into piles: Comes with us/packed up by movers.

All the beds are taken apart, blankets washed, couches and rugs clean with a steamer and closets are cleaned out.

Tomorrow, the movers come. Everything will get loaded tomorrow, then we have the evening to clean up everything(and watch LOST!) before our final housing check on Friday. Then we leave Saturday morning to begin our trek across the United States, with a weekend stop in Utah to visit some family and friends.

I don't know if I will get a chance to update this blog during the trip. If our hotel has internet/computer use, then I'll do a quick post to let you know how many states we have crossed(we don't have a laptop). But if I can't update this for a few weeks, just know that I will miss you all. I know I'm not moving away from my blog readers, but I won't be able to post, and I won't be ableto read all your comments, which mean so much to me.

So here is a little farewell. Don't go too far! I'll be back. I promise.

And to all my friends here, I've been a mess all week. I am constantly crying. You really don't know how much you all mean to me...(sniff) I'm going to go cry now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Have I Lived Without You?

I just discovered these chips at our commissary. (Thanks kim!) Baked Fruit Crisps with an unexpectedly amazing flavor! My favorite are the Peach Mango Paradise, but there is also an apple one, as well as a berry one. I think I remember some non-fruit selections too, such as tomato and a cheddar.

If you are anywhere near these chips, get an arm load. I can't believe how good they are! Reserve a whole bag for yourself. You'll eat it. Then you'll want more. (Smaller bags, so less guilt) The advertisement is true: These are impossibly good!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wouldn't life be easier...

...If we all lived on streets that were named after us?

Us: "Hey, why don't you come over to dinner tonight?"

New Friends: "Oh, that sounds nice. Where do you live?"

Us: "Drive down Ashley Lane, past Richard's Parkway, flip a U-turn at Bryce Drive and at the bottom of the hill is John's Place. Turn the corner past Michelle Street and you'll be right in our front yard. Heath Court. See ya soon."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surprise Date Night

A few weeks ago, I asked Heath not to forget Valentine's Day. We have never really done anything that special in the past years. It always seemed harder to get a babysitter on that night, than to actually plan anything. But because the movers are coming on the 14th, and we wouldn't know when they would be done, and we would be in a temporary room at lodging, it really wouldn't be a big possibility this year either. Nevertheless, I asked Heath to do something to commemorate the occasion.

He took it to heart, and planned a date for us. It was a secret for me. Now that in itself is a huge thing! Usually, I know all my presents for Christmas ahead of time. I know what I'll get for my birthday. Nothing ever remains a secret, and most of the time, I pick out my own gifts. And as far as dates go, usually I plan them, get the babysitter, etc. This time, he came up with everything on his own. This date, happened last night. We had a blast.

Heath took me to Sacramento where they have a riverboat. On the riverboat, we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Show! If you know me, you know I love murder mysteries. I have come up with a few for church activities, but I've never actually tried to figure it out before. I was always in on the planning of it. Anyway, it was a blast. Shots rang out. People were dropping like flies. You suspected EVERYBODY. Clues were everywhere, but you had to be watching. It was funny. It made you jumpy. Dinner was good. We had a great time.

Oh, and I figured out the mystery! I got it correct! We had to fill out little sheets of paper that listed who was killed and the reason behind the murder. Five people were killed during the show. I correctly figured out who was the murderer. I was pleased with myself.

Here is a picture of Heath and I right before the show started. If you have a murder mystery show in your area, you should go! I can't say that it will be the same everywhere, but we definitely will be looking for one in our new location.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

All Day Every Day

"Fight with me momma! Hey Daddy...try to beat me. Oh! You got me!
Let's do it again!"

I'm thinking he needs to start a fencing class. He loves to fight "swords". He is actually pretty good. He gives ya a run for your money. Every day, he asks "I want a double light saber for Christmas momma! Just like the poky bad guy." Glad he has a hero to look up to (said sarcastically).

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mop Buckets and Tooth Fairies

When I mop, George comes running. Don't know why she is drawn to it, but I can't keep her away. She has fallen from the slippery floor more times than I can count, but she won't stay away. For some reason, she likes to be right by the mop bucket. She won't leave it's side. It's like she is a mother hen, and the mop bucket is her little chic that she has to guard. When I'm done mopping one area, I move the bucket over a few feet. Then George shuffles over a few steps and resumes her squat next to the bucket. It happens the same every time. It's quite a silent film, with the same scene acted out again and again. Now I don't come between her and the mop bucket anymore. I just let them have their special time together.

On a different note, Keaton lost his tooth yesterday. Well, I pulled it out. It was really loose, but it still had one great grip deep down, and it took a bit of compromise to get it out, but we did it! He ceremoniously put the tooth in a baggie and placed it under his pillow. This morning, he came in to me and said "Mom. The tooth fairy didn't come. But that's ok. I know that she was real busy last night, and had lots of other kids to visit. I wasn't first on her list, but she'll come tonight."

Awe. What a terrible tooth fairy! I can't believe I forgot! To make up for it, he'll get a very generous exchange for his tooth tonight.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hair Cuts

I really needed to cut George's hair. She had a serious mullet going on. I kept it in pigtails mostly every day, but it was still bad. Especially on days like this picture. Horrible. I know. (She loves to wear that headlamp, by the way.)

Her hair just isn't growing in the front. Kamy's was the same way.

So then I took this picture on Sunday for Jennifer. She made me this necklace in exchange for a freezer meal recipe book. I promised her a picture, and since she was missing George, I took a quick picture of the two of us. George's hair still looked like a mullet.

Today, I got out the scissors after her bath and went to work. TADAA!

It looks so cute now. I think she likes it too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The ABCs of ME.

Attached or single? Attached at the hip.
Best friend? Besides the husband, my sister Kim (but only if I'm hers!)
Cake or pie? Pie. Most definitely.

Day of choice? Hmm, whatever day LOST comes on. :)
Essential item? Chapstick and hair straightener.
Favorite color? Pink!

Gummy bears or worms? Not really either. Reeses are my favorite, although I like sour gummy bears. mmmm. My tastebuds are tweaking at the thought of the tartness. Are yours?
Hometown? Right now it's "on base". That will change in a week or so.

Indulgence? Rich Hot Chocolate made from high quality chocolate bars, milk and cream. WOW. Oh, and the scrapbook stuff I buy that Heath doesn't know about. Oh, and the shopping trips at ROSS.
January or July? Well, July I guess. January seems such a let down after the holidays.
Kids? Yup.

Life not complete without...My husband's warm arms around me.
Marriage date? Yes. We did have a marriage date. It worked out pretty good.
Number of siblings... A lot. And I love 'em all.

Oranges or apples? I like zesty things with oranges, limes, and/or lemons. But I also love apples, especially with chunky peanut butter.
Phobias or fears? Scared of the dark. Yup. Hate being by myself in the dark.
Quote: Just a reference to scripture and doctrine: The Lord will never give you any trial you can't overcome.

Reason to smile? We are all healthy and together.
Season of choice? Spring. Everything comes back to life and is so full of color. Plus, that's when tulips bloom (my favorite).
Tag: I rip the tags off my mattress. Yes. I admit it.

Unknown fact: I think I spill my guts about everything but I do have a little secret. I'm not quite as outgoing as people think. I overcome a bit of internal shyness everytime I have a party.
Vegetable? Love veggies. Can't have a meal without veggies.

Worst habit? Getting frustrated too quick with the kids. I'm trying to be more easygoing.
X-ray or ultrasound: I type up radiology reports, so I say both. Go for it.
Your favorite food: Potatoes. Everything but au grauten. Yuck.
Zodiac sign: Gemini.

(Disclaimer: Misspelled words? Overlook them.)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Goat-Milking Champion.

That's right. I am a goat-milking champion. Most of you didn't know that. Are you impressed? You should be. It's a very prestigeous title. Not everyone can say that they are a goat-milking champion.

When I was in college, I was walking home one day after classes, and I came across this grouping out on the lawn between buildings. They were all cheering and yelling. So I pushed through the crowd and heard a guy saying "Come on...just a few more volunteers. Who wants to milk a goat?"

Well, I grew up a farm girl. My brothers were responsible, along with my cousins, to milk the cows. Although that was not my job to do, I did know how to milk a cow. But a goat? Never tried it, but I am not one to back away from a challenge. So I stepped forward.

The competition: Milk your goat, and fill the cup with milk. First person to fill it past the line wins. Easy enough

On you mark. Get set. Go!

Squirt...squirt...squirt. DONE!

It took me four seconds to fill the cup. Everyone else hardly had a drop. Nice.

Another round. Let's try to defeat the winner. Need more volunteers.

Oh, look who steps forward....My brother.

On your mark. Get set. Go!

Squirt....squirt...squirt. DONE!

It took my brother four seconds to fill the cup.

Whahoooo! We clapped for each other. We tied for first!! What did we win? It must be something good. Maybe the goat? That could be fun, but no. They weren't available. What we got, instead, was a nice big gallon of MILK. Joy. I actually don't drink milk. Lactose intolerant. Hmm. What a prize. I picked the gallon of chocolate milk, lugged it up the hill to my apartment, and gave it to my roommates.

Wouldn't you know it, but when I was so busy concentrating on milking my goat, a photographer from the school paper was there. He captured my moment of glory. Now you know I did not make it up. I really am a Goat-Milking Champion. Not bad, for never having milked a goat before. I was the talk of the apartment complex the next day, when this picture made it's debut.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Conversations between kids

Kamy: "Hey guys...why don't you play with me?"

Keaton: "Because we are playing Star Wars!"

Kolby: "Yeah. I'm Darth Maul." (as he swings his light saber frantically back and forth)

Keaton: "Why don't you play Hide and Seek"

Kamy: "By myself?"

Keaton: "Here's how you do it: Close your eyes and count. Then run and go hide. Then try to find yourself." (Keaton pretend slices Kolby's leg.)

Kamy: "I don't wanna."

(Boys continue to play. Kolby gets Keaton across the belly. Keaton falls down, playing dead)
(two minutes later....)

Kamy runs into the living room with a purple light saber and joins the fight.

The sword fighting continues with all three. All is well.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you LOST your mind?

For my LOST fans, here's a refresher of the best LOST blog in the world. I just don't know what to say about last night's episode. I'm just about as LOST as they are. And why doesn't anyone ask the important questions?? Sigh. Can't wait for next week.


We will be moving to South Carolina. Charleston, to be specific.

So all you unknown lurkers out there...give me some info about that area. I have never been in the eastern part of the U.S. I'm feeling a bit timid.

We will be making a cross country drive in a few weeks. I'm not sure how the kids will do. We have one week to do it. What do you think?