Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Trip (written by Kamy)

We were going to move to South Carlolina. We went to Utah and went to our cousin's house. A few days later, I went to Sophie's house. I got to play there. It was fun. I went to Oklahoma. My mom and dad were trying to find a hotel with a swimming pool. They found one and we got to learn to swim with my dad. I almost had it. It was fun. A few days later, I came to Neina's house. She had make-up. Her mom said that they would come to South Carolina and come to the beach in the summer. Then the boys got make-up tatoos on their forehead. It was funny. Then we came to South Carolina at sundown. The hotel use to be a house. Then a few days later, we looked at some houses. The best one was the last one. My mom is going to try to pick the last one and it was in Summerville. The end.


Jenni said...

CUTIE!!!!!! THanks for the update Kamy!!! Loved it!!!

dippyrooroo said...

Good job Kamy! Sounds like you covered all the important parts!

Karen & Matt said...

too cute!!! Good job Kammy!