Thursday, February 21, 2008

Street Smarts

I've got street smarts now, when it comes to being hotel savvy. Well, not necessarily regarding the hotel, but what they advertise. I am talking about a CONTINENTAL breakfast versus a HOT breakfast. You might think these are the same. You would be mistaken.

Allow me to interpret the difference for you. You see, a continental breakfast usually includes items that do not need heating, such as donuts, cereal, orange wedges, and a beverage of choice including, but not limited to apple juice, milk, and orange juice. Sometimes, you could get lucky and have some additions to this lineup, such as packets of oatmeal, slices of toast and/or bagels.

We were happy to stay at a Days Inn hotel in New Mexico, and retired to our double beds with visions of such a spread being offered to us upon awakening.

Uh, no.

What we were offered, were a few scrapings of stale doughnuts and an orange juice machine that only dispensed water. Not exactly the makings of an ideal breakfast. Live and learn.

The next night, we discovered what was meant by HOT breakfast, as well as a subtitled addition of information: Buffet. Wowzas!

Not only did it have everything the continental breakfast claimed to display, but it included yogurt, french toast, eggs, sausage, tortillas, salsa, waffles, fruit, many choices of beverages, muffins, and other things I can't quite remember. They even had biscuits and gravy. Talk about a buffet! It was glorious.

So now, my friends, let me save you the trouble of discovering this hiccup in the system. We have suffered for you. Feel at ease during your future travels, having secured this sacred knowledge. If you are hungry in the morning, and most people are to some degree, then choose the hotel advertising a HOT breakfast. You will be glad you did. Happy eating.


kdaygirl said...

Sisters with the internet help to!!!

shaina said...

ok, so kimmie helped me find a hotel. That's what bff's are for, right? Then instead of going to that one, we picked the one across the street.
Thank you kim. Breakfast was yummy, but their sausage gravy sucked. Yours beats all, any day.

April said...

The breakfest is the best part of the hotel I think! Once we stayed at a place that gave you a voucer to the subway across the street to get the most unedible piece of food made. So my advice is to find a hotel chain you like and stick with it, usually if its good where you are it will be good in the next location! Safe travels!

The Girls' Mom said...

My other gripe with the false advertising of Contential breakfast is not only is it disgusting food, even when they picture decent food, is that if you aren't up before 6am the pickin's are even slimmer or gone! so much more worth it to spend the extra $$. Beside the extra money may also ensure a cleaner place and less risk of bad viruses. Happy Hoteling you'll be so glad for your own bed.

Queen of Chaos said...

A long trip indeed! I hate driving places...especially with all my children. I love traveling with just my hubby though- we always have a great time.

We've stayed at some real diappointments but we try really hard to have learned from those lessons.
You are right there is a BIG actually, HUGE difference in a Continental Bkst- vs Hot or Full in the advertisemnt.

I hope your roads stay clear, your children don't barf, you have a safe time and most of all live through it without strangling your short people. ;)

sharon c... that's me said...

breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Jenni said...

HAHA--we have learned this the hard way before too...on our honeymoon! Now we know! Glad to hear you are still on your war and going strong!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Sounds like you are haveing a grand aventure.
We have come across the same experiences while traveling.

I'm Always Rite said...

My best reccomendation for a good breakfast is to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Their continental breakfast is usually very well stocked, lasts until around 10am, and there's usually somewhere cozy to sit and enjoy. If no Express is available go for an all out Holiday Inn. You can't beat their swirled french toast breakfast! I love road tripping! It's my favorite thing to do, even with a sick dog, whiny kids, and a hamster between my feet! :)

Carolann said...

Hmmm...Never thought about a difference between hotel breakfasts before. I'm sure that info will come in handy the next time we road trip. I LOVE breakfast! French toast is my favorite! Drive safe.