Sunday, March 30, 2008

Napoleon Dynamite meets Luke Skywalker

Ever wonder what would happen if their worlds converged? Click here for the video. Love this. Hope you get a kick out of it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Man Hands

This is what I like. My man having hands like this. It just makes me feel secure.
That little treasure he's holding? One of six spark plugs to our van. It decided to have a seizure this week and has given up the spark. So instead of taking the van in and shelling out a fortune, the husband researched everything and decided to do it himself. Even with some lack of faith on my part, he went ahead with it. An emergency trip to Walmart to get some vice grip plier thingies rounded out the adventure, and he came into the kitchen at 11pm to show me the cause of all our trouble. All I could think about was that his hands looked so photogenic! I thought he would me annoyed with me when I asked to take his picture. I guess by now, he's use to me photographing all our incidentals. Want him to fix anything for you? Ya might want to take a number.

Keaton said "Can my boyfriends come play with me?"

We finally played with some friends this week! It was nice to actually have some socialization. When we got done at an indoor jumping place, Keaton was a bit sad-looking. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he wanted his boyfriends to come over and play with him. So that's what we did. We had three "boyfriends" come over and play for the afternoon. I thought it was so cute that he called them that. I mean, really, I call my close friends my "girlfriends". There shouldn't be anything wrong with boys calling eachother their "boyfriends". However, there is a certain stigma attatched to that. So when the time comes, I'm sure he will learn that his boyfriends will be known as "buddies". Until then, here is a picture with him and his boyfriends playing in the backyard.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Funny!

Those of you who have ever taken care of a baby will get a kick out of this blog post. Amy, a fellow member of the A Million Memories message board posted the do's and dont's of caring for a baby. I laughed and laughed. Thought I would share it with you. Click here to see her post.

Here is a sampling of the instructions for baby care.

Back in the Saddle

I am happy to report that I got to be a little creative yesterday, and it pleased me immensely. This is quite possibly the most simple layout I've ever done, but I really like it. The journaling around the edges says:
We lived at Travis AFB for almost 4 years and still had not driven the 40 minutes to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. So a month before we moved away, we drove down. It was the most beautiful day in January! There was no fog, which was amazing for the Bay area. Even though the kids only lasted half-way across, it was a blast! 01/08

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Clown Hair

Warning: Not to be performed by untrained individuals. Must have easy-to-frizz hair. Heat-resistant fingertips are a necessity. Must have time to waste because you don't have any friends to hang out with. Baby not included.

Start by diffusing your hair. Not curly enough? Got wacko hair that is hard to straighten since your body gave everything good to the four children you birthed? Excellent. Heat up these HOT STICKS, divide your hair into little sections, and wrap the hair around these bad boys. Leave them in for only a few seconds because for goodness sake, imagine what your hair would look like if you had actually kept the rollers in for longer than 5 seconds! Look in the mirror and admire your new curls. Put on your clown suit, which is the only outfit that would look good with this hairdo. Next time, wait until your hair is longer before using these curlers; that is, if you want to go into public afterwards. Or better yet, just keep them for the kids. They look much better with ringlets than you do.

(See what's in the background of this picture? My happy scrapping stuff. I think use my time more wisely back there.)

The Binkie Story

I really am glad that my girls used binkies when they were babies. They needed it. But there comes a time when the binkie thing is way out of control. I've said before that my girls, Kamy and Kennedy (there, I used her real name!) are twins born five years apart. They acted the same way, loved the same things, and had the same insatiable desire to color (very specifically on paper) all day everyday.

They also had a strange relationship with their binkies. Once they got old enough to grab and hold onto things, they wanted to hold their binkies. Nevermind that they have one in their mouth already. They must have one in their hand. If they see another binkie, they must hold onto that as well. And while they are holding all the binkies they can possibly find, why not rub them across your cheek, or hold them close to your mouth so you feel like you are sucking on more than one binkie at the same time. Pretty impressive, eh? They thought so.
George really likes the handle of the binkie to be flipped up and positioned right under her nose. Everytime I try to flip it down, she calmly, pulls it back up. Weirdo.
So now comes the time to take them away. We have limited our stash of binkies on hand, so there are only two or three laying around the house. I've tried to put them away, but George is sooooo attached. It seems like everywhere we go, no matter what we are doing, she has a binkie in her mouth.
Last night, we were eating soup, and she would put a spoonfull in her mouth, swallow, put the binkie back in, grab another spoonfull, take the binkie out, eat the soup, put the binkie back it. Ridiculous!
I've tried to take them away, and for a while, only give one to her during bedtime, but quite frankly, I like to pick my battles. I like the calm sweet George much better than the "Miss Fit" George. So I give in. This has got to be her choice, to give up the binkies. I can't force her.
When it came time for Kamy to stop, she was biting through the binkies and yet, still wanted to suck on them. They were mangled. I told her we needed to throw them away and they were yucky. Finally, she agreed, and actually threw them in the garbage herself. She had to do it, and she had to understand that they were garbage. I don't think George will understand that yet.

One time, I put George to bed for a nap without the binkie. You would have thought the world ended. She threw the biggest fit. Finally, after forever, she fell asleep in front of her bedroom door, so when I went in to check on her, she got mooshed across the carpet just so I could open the door. This is her, pathetic, asleep, with tears still glistening. Maybe it's me that isn't ready to give up the binkie. Why not keep her a baby a little longer?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Results are in

We gave our talks yesterday. We rocked them.
We got welcomed to the ward yesterday. Welcome.
We got our callings yesterday. We will serve together.
We will be Nursery workers. No surprise there.
Heath thinks its the best calling in the world.
No meetings. No meetings. No meetings. Plus, you get snacks.

To be most specific, Kimmie said I would be in nursery, and Margarite said Heath would be in nursery.
Both of you get yourselves a bracelet! What colors do you want?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kamy's Baptism

Here are a few pictures from Kamy's baptism last night. We had a few families come and share the evening with us. It was a really good night. Of course, we had rootbeer floats afterwards, which were a big hit. Thank you to everyone that wished they could be here with us. Thank you to Oma Buchannan for making Kamy's baptism dress. We love you all.

And for your listening pleasure, here is a quick video I took when Heath and kamy were practicing they're song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me".

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breakfast Kit

My husband decided he needed to do something about my anti-milk lifestyle, so he brought home some soy milk for me to try. And because I am anti-cereal, he brought me home some of that to try too.

Now I do love granola. I just eat it plain. No milk. I will occasionally munch on a few other cereals, like cinnamon toasties, but that is pretty much it. The thought of mixing milk with cereal makes me gag. I cannot stand the smell of soggy, milk-dissolved cereal. Ugh. Even if I all the sudden started drinking milk (never gonna happen), I still wouldn't saturate my cereal in it. Just too gross for words.

So Heath came home with a breakfast kit, hand selected, just for his wife. Can we say "Awwe!"

In the morning, I poured myself one cup of soy milk and a (separate) cup of granola. I actually took a sip of soy milk. Uh, it was not to my liking. I'm sure it's fine for most people, but I don't even LIKE the taste of regular milk, let alone not even being able to drink it because of lactose intolerance. Nevertheless, I finished my glass of milk. It did not upset my tummy. I just didn't like the taste of it.

The granola was heavenly. I have chosen to eat that atop yogurt (yoplait; the one kind my body doesn't reject) and it has been a nice week of breakfasts.

What have we learned?

Sweet husband + breakfast kit = Happy wife who still won't eat milk (or milk substitute) with cereal. But it's the thought that counts. (the kids finished off the "cool" milk and loved it)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New callings for us

So, we are meeting with one of the Bishopric before church on Sunday to get callings. What do you think we'll get? I think we should have a little competition. Post your ideas. The closest person will get a bracelet or two. I am making a bracelet for Kamy to wear during her baptism, so I'll work on a few others too.
Bonus question: Heath is getting a calling too!

New Blog Title

My best friend growing up, Bethany surprised me this moring by sending me an email with this new blog topper she designed just for me!

It's really lovely. You got the colors right on Bethany! I love it. Thank you so much. So sweet.

What do you all think?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guess who's giving a talk on Sunday?

Yup. Heath and I. It's official. Our records will be read in and we will be giving talks. Since Kamy will be baptized on Saturday, the Bishop has asked her to share her testimony on Sunday as well.
The good thing, is that I will be speaking before Heath, so I get to use up time by telling our family story. Good for me! The bad thing is that it's a totally different subject than my talk in church was a few months ago in California. Bummer. Gonna have to get all new material. Wish us luck!

As for Kamy's baptism, our family will be busy! Heath will be performing the baptism and confirmation as well as giving the baptism talk. I will be leading the music and giving the Holy Ghost talk. The boys will give the prayers. Kamy and Heath are singing a duet in the middle somewhere. Then we've got refreshments after. I hope people come! Kamy gave out some invitations on Sunday, so we are hoping for a good size showing.

Saving some Green!

I love it when Georgie smiles that squinty smile of hers. So cute. Ok, so this is us yesterday on St. Patrick's Day. Kamy and Keaton had already donned on their green shirts and gone to school. Then George, Kolby and I headed for the grocery store. Yesterday was my first day trying to shop after clipping coupons and searching the store sales to find the best price. I have started playing The Grocery Game and learning how to be a smart shopper. Ya know what?? I loved it and I wish I had started years ago. If you are interested in learning more, click on that link and sign up!! (Plug in my email on your referral page,
For being my first time, I didn't have all the coupons that you would normally have accumulated, but I still saved over 50% on my food total. Pretty good! The savings can only go up! So check out the site and read What is the Grocery Game. I think you'll like it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"We have a big problem, MOM!"

"Come on, Keaton. Wake up! I've got your green shirt today for St. Patrick's Day."

Keaton instantly perks up and practically yells out "We have a big problem, MOM!"

"Those leprechauns are really sneaky! They are going to come into our class and mess it up. There are only three ways to catch them; with a net, your hands, and, uh...can't remember the last one. But they sleep during the day, and they are as fast as lightning! Today is going to be a tricky day!"

So finally, I discover the secret to my messy house! It has never been those dang kids of mine! It's those sneaky "fast as lightning" leprechauns that are making my job more difficult than it needs to be.

Tell me again the ways you can catch a leprechaun?

Oh, and Kolby now has a new thing on his Christmas wish list. A rainbow. Never mind being obvious and asking for the gold at the end of it. Kolby is more clever. He'll just take the whole rainbow and everything that comes attached to it. I tell myself, good luck getting that present!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I want to post pictures or do a video of the inside of our house, but the place is not quite put together yet. So I have, for your viewing pleasure, the outside of our house.

Also, here is a doll that my sister Sharon made for me. She has made a few others and I think they are so adorable. I need her to teach me how to make them.

We had our first visitor over. Heath's best friend growing up was here on business, so we had the pleasure visiting with him for two nights. Good to see you Doug!

As soon as this mess gets organized, I should be able to show you pictures of the inside. This is our office/craft room. (my last room to get unpacked. almost done.) Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do you know where my stamps are?

So far, I found

my china dishes packed with my computer monitor

my chef knife packed with my bathroom items

my tupperware with my computer paper

my pitcher with my laundry soap

my hangers with my canned food

my couch pillows with my shoes

my curling iron with our tools

and my curtains shoved around my framed art.

So I can only guess where my postage stamps are. Good grief! The movers really had to work hard to get such opposites packed together. They must have gone from room to room, looking for odd things to pack together. What a waste of time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Family in Utah

I told ya'll we visited family in Utah on our way over here, so I thought I'd post some pictures. So first, here is George, taking her turn at driving for a bit. She was pretty good. Didn't always yield, but then again, who does?

Here is my bff, kimmie. She is my one and only OLDER sister. As you can see, it's all about her!

The bald guy is Kim's husband, and the other guy is my brother. These two wierdos are best friends.

This is Bethany and Garin. I was the reason these two lovebirds got together. She was my best friend in high school and college. Love ya Ruby-Sue!

Apparently Kim was enjoying the pirate game a little too much!

Here's Keaton and Lexi, getting a little too comfy for cousins!

Me with three of my sisters. Aren't we cute?

This is Melissa, one of my sister-in-laws, but I never call her that. She's my sister!

Finally, I just thought this was a funny picture I took of Lexi playing in the snow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Men In Black

In 2002, my husband loved this movie. I didn't much care for it. I just couldn't get past Edgar, the Farmer wife-beater turned Alien Cockroach in the movie. He drove me nuts. Upon hearing my distaste for the character, my husband turns a half-glance towards me and with his chin jutted out to make multiple chins, he says in a slurred voice "Sugar-water".

Well, my husband can do impressions and accents very well. At that moment, he was the spitting image of the Bug himself. Later, we were with my younger siblings, and they decided to dress up like the Men in Black and take pictures. We thought we'd join in the fun. I had all but forgotten about it until I saw the kids looking through some old scrapbooks and they saw our pictures. Here is one that we took. Hope you are impressed. (The picture doesn't do my husband justice. He usually cocks his head to the side and it looks quite realistic.)

Too Much Cake!

Well, we had Kamy's birthday. She said "I think you are going to have a surprise party for me!" I replied "Babe, we don't know anybody!"

Sorry to burst her bubble, but it was just the family. I made a butterfinger cake for her (otherwise known as better than s@x cake) and had cherry ice cream too. Even though the cake was really good, my kids just don't eat cake. So we have a mountain of it leftover. It is my favorite cake, so I guess I'll be forking it in for the next week! Here's how you make it:

Butterfinger Cake 1 chocolate cake mix, made according to the directions. When the cake comes out of the oven, poke lots of holes in it (I dig around with a fork) and saturate the top with butterscotch ice cream topping. Let cool. The topping is a carton of cool whip with crushed butterfinger and walnuts mixed in to it and then spread over the top. Sprinkle 2 tsp of reserved crushed butterfinger on top. Serve.

It's really the easiest thing to make and it tastes soooo good.

But to make things fun for Kamy, I sent her on a scavenger hunt to find her presents. She had to follow clues to find her gifts. The kids really enjoyed it. She got two art boxes full of stickers, glitter, stencils, markers, and such to make her own scrapbook. She got a glimmery CTR necklace as well as scriptures with her name on them. We are planning her baptism for the 22nd. She is very excited about that.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Margarite sent this picture that Kolby had taken with her camera when we were waiting for our food at the corner BBQ place they took us too. I must say, even though we were caught by surprise and didn't know Kolby was taking the picture, we look like we have problems! I can't believe they thought we were good company if we looked like that! Granted, we had been in the car for 5 days, but still!!! We look like zombies.

As embarrassed as I am to show this picture, it makes me chuckle because we were so out of it. I'm surprised we could follow road signs as well as we did! Oh, and I had a major cough too, that got worse everyday. So sorry Ian and Margarite! We'll be better company on the next visit!
Here is a picture taken of them. They look much better than we did!

Making me laugh

When we were in Utah visiting family, my sister took this picture of us out in the snow. I just laugh at Keaton everytime I see this picture. He's the one in the pink and blue snow suit. Of course, Kimmie has all girls (except little boyo) so she would only have girl colors. It shouldn't matter. They are just playing in the snow, but Keaton was a bit sad he had to wear pink. It still makes me laugh.

Keaton got over it and started playing in the snow a little later.

New pet peeve

I can't say the name of this store. IT just drives me bonkers. Why can't there be normal grocery stores here?

More facts about me

This is getting harder and harder to come up with things that you guys don't know about me. But since I've been tagged, I'm giving it a whirl.

#1 I don't have any birthmarks. I do, however, have tons of moles, some in unusual places, as well as a giant scar from when I fell into a hot fire pit when I was a baby.

#2 I never wanted a career, but I've always had a facination with pregnancy and birth, so if I had to have a career, it would definitely have been an OBGYN.

#3 I stole a little sticky note pad from my 2nd grade teacher and have felt horrible about it ever since. I wish I could remember who she was so I could apologize. Really, I think about it all the time and feel so bad.

#4 I really don't like cake. I would prefer pie or icecream. But I do have a recipe for Butterfinger Cake (it's like a better than s*x cake). Super yummy. I will eat that one. And I like carrot cake too. I'll post a recipe next time I make it. Kamy's birthday is in a few days, so maybe I'll make that for her.

#5 I absolutely love being pregnant. Love everything about it. I don't get morning sickness. I love wearing cute maternity clothes, and I secretly can't wait until I can get pregnant again. It will be our last baby, so I'm really going to immerse myself in pregnancy.

#6 To go along with #5, I am in love with newborns. I can't get enough of their smell, the way their bodies wrinkle, their perfect skin, and how they conform themselves against your chest when you hold them. I think it's perfection, and I could hold a newborn all day everyday and be very very happy.

#7 I didn't have my first kiss until my Senior year of high school. It was terrible, though not my fault. I knew kissing should be better, but it was the guy. Totally slobbery, and it was just a peck-type of kiss. Gross.

I tag my three newbies to blogging: Valerie, Carolann, and Nicki.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Take a minute...

...and look to the right of your screen. At the suggestion of my friend Kim (who never posts a comment *HINT*), she wanted an easy list of the recipes I have posted on my blog. So if you have missed some, or didn't print it out before, here is a quick list for your convenience. Enjoy the recipes.

I'm not the only one who is exhausted!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You Friends!

I just want you all to know that I appreciate your comments and the phone calls. We are officially "hooked-up" to the internet now, so I can blog and email as I please. For some reason, the borrowed computers I was using wouldn't allow me to comment on any blogs or reply to any emails, so I want you to know I haven't been avoiding doing that. I simply couldn't.

And boy have I missed having the internet! It's like life without running water. You don't realize how many times you go to use it! For instance, trying to find a car for Heath has been a headache without the internet to lead us. Trying to find the school district, the local supermarket, directions to Heath's work, etc. It's been annoying. But we are back to normal. Yeah!

So thank you for all your uplifting comments. I love you all. As soon as I find my camera cable, I will upload some pictures to share with you on my next post. This blog has been naked long enough! I need some pictures!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can't we just enjoy being here, having a great job, and having everyone in good health? Why do I need to dwell on the bad?

Because I am saturated by the bad right now. I'm sure these are all very insignificant things, but they are building up and up and I'm having a hard time staying positive.

And another thing, why does it take 4 pounds of white movers newsprint to wrap one fork? Good grief! I think half our weight in household goods amounts to wrapping paper. I really don't care that much about a cheap plastic fork. I do, however, care about a few other things that arrived in pieces. Talk about mixed up priorty.

Still can't find our computer monitor. It was pretty big. Can't believe we haven't found the box yet. Tomorrow, internet is suppose to be set up. Hard to do that without a monitor.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Hi, my name is Shaina. Will you be my friend?"

That's what I said today at church. I got a few laughs, but little did they know I was serious. I had some people introduce themselves, and I even got one phone number! Whahoo!

I feel like I was a dorky teenager trying to get someone to give me her number so I could ask her out on a date.

Really. I'm a fun person! I just need some friends!

So our new ward seems great. There were lots of young families there, so we seem to fit in great. Everyone kept saying how much they loved their ward, so that is good news. People don't tend to say that if they feel the opposite.

The movers come tomorrow to deliver our stuff. Hopefully everything made it. I'm worried about movers having sticky fingers, so I'm just praying that everything will arrive and that it won't be broken.

We decided on the 5 bedroom house that I mentioned in an earlier post. We like it. The neighborhood is great, and it's closeby to some good shopping (Ross) and it's an easy drive to get on the interstate for Heath to get to work. I am hoping that in a few days, I'll be a bit more adjusted to the area and that the kids will start school. I don't have much hair left from me pulling it out in frustration. Bottom line, I need them in school.

I miss all my friends and family. I don't think I'll be unhappy here. I just feel really lonely right now. We'll see what the week brings.