Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Binkie Story

I really am glad that my girls used binkies when they were babies. They needed it. But there comes a time when the binkie thing is way out of control. I've said before that my girls, Kamy and Kennedy (there, I used her real name!) are twins born five years apart. They acted the same way, loved the same things, and had the same insatiable desire to color (very specifically on paper) all day everyday.

They also had a strange relationship with their binkies. Once they got old enough to grab and hold onto things, they wanted to hold their binkies. Nevermind that they have one in their mouth already. They must have one in their hand. If they see another binkie, they must hold onto that as well. And while they are holding all the binkies they can possibly find, why not rub them across your cheek, or hold them close to your mouth so you feel like you are sucking on more than one binkie at the same time. Pretty impressive, eh? They thought so.
George really likes the handle of the binkie to be flipped up and positioned right under her nose. Everytime I try to flip it down, she calmly, pulls it back up. Weirdo.
So now comes the time to take them away. We have limited our stash of binkies on hand, so there are only two or three laying around the house. I've tried to put them away, but George is sooooo attached. It seems like everywhere we go, no matter what we are doing, she has a binkie in her mouth.
Last night, we were eating soup, and she would put a spoonfull in her mouth, swallow, put the binkie back in, grab another spoonfull, take the binkie out, eat the soup, put the binkie back it. Ridiculous!
I've tried to take them away, and for a while, only give one to her during bedtime, but quite frankly, I like to pick my battles. I like the calm sweet George much better than the "Miss Fit" George. So I give in. This has got to be her choice, to give up the binkies. I can't force her.
When it came time for Kamy to stop, she was biting through the binkies and yet, still wanted to suck on them. They were mangled. I told her we needed to throw them away and they were yucky. Finally, she agreed, and actually threw them in the garbage herself. She had to do it, and she had to understand that they were garbage. I don't think George will understand that yet.

One time, I put George to bed for a nap without the binkie. You would have thought the world ended. She threw the biggest fit. Finally, after forever, she fell asleep in front of her bedroom door, so when I went in to check on her, she got mooshed across the carpet just so I could open the door. This is her, pathetic, asleep, with tears still glistening. Maybe it's me that isn't ready to give up the binkie. Why not keep her a baby a little longer?


kdaygirl said...

She is still so small, that sometimes I think she is still a baby and not a 2 year old. Cute pictures!

I'm Always Rite said...

You are such a good Mommy! :)

sharon c... that's me said...

i'm in love with her, jayne is the same way with her binkies, she finds them everywhere, even if i put it away, she always ends up with a couple in her mouth and hand. hmmmmmm. but she's still a baby, so for right now i think it's cute:)

Elise said...

I feel your pain. Matt has the same love for his binkie. Sooner or later they have to give it up, right? Good luck! Love the pics, BTW.

BrittanyLane said...

I just love binky babies! My baby suddenly decided at five months that she hated her binky, I was so sad...