Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You Friends!

I just want you all to know that I appreciate your comments and the phone calls. We are officially "hooked-up" to the internet now, so I can blog and email as I please. For some reason, the borrowed computers I was using wouldn't allow me to comment on any blogs or reply to any emails, so I want you to know I haven't been avoiding doing that. I simply couldn't.

And boy have I missed having the internet! It's like life without running water. You don't realize how many times you go to use it! For instance, trying to find a car for Heath has been a headache without the internet to lead us. Trying to find the school district, the local supermarket, directions to Heath's work, etc. It's been annoying. But we are back to normal. Yeah!

So thank you for all your uplifting comments. I love you all. As soon as I find my camera cable, I will upload some pictures to share with you on my next post. This blog has been naked long enough! I need some pictures!!


I'm Always Rite said...

Yes, pictures! :) It was so cool to talk to you on the phone tonigtht while I was at Ross. It was almost like shopping there with you, which, oddly enough, I've never done. Maybe when things settle and chill out for you we'll come out your way and you and I can do a mini-Ross shop. :) Hugs to you and the whole fam!

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm so sorry things are going so rough but I bet they are on the up and up. Soon the hard part will be over and you can get back to living the life you love. good luck finding all your stuff and hopefully in good shape.

Queen of Chaos said...

I look forward to 'seeing' South Carolina through your photos.

One of my best friends, Rachel, was raised right there in Summerville, South Carolina. She loved it and says it's so pretty there. I will share all the neat things she recommends to you later.

Chloe said...

Glad that you're back - we missed you :)