Monday, March 17, 2008

"We have a big problem, MOM!"

"Come on, Keaton. Wake up! I've got your green shirt today for St. Patrick's Day."

Keaton instantly perks up and practically yells out "We have a big problem, MOM!"

"Those leprechauns are really sneaky! They are going to come into our class and mess it up. There are only three ways to catch them; with a net, your hands, and, uh...can't remember the last one. But they sleep during the day, and they are as fast as lightning! Today is going to be a tricky day!"

So finally, I discover the secret to my messy house! It has never been those dang kids of mine! It's those sneaky "fast as lightning" leprechauns that are making my job more difficult than it needs to be.

Tell me again the ways you can catch a leprechaun?

Oh, and Kolby now has a new thing on his Christmas wish list. A rainbow. Never mind being obvious and asking for the gold at the end of it. Kolby is more clever. He'll just take the whole rainbow and everything that comes attached to it. I tell myself, good luck getting that present!


Shavonne said...
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Shavonne said...

A friend of mine was making leprechan traps with her boys today- maybe Keaton could try one of his own! (They left behind those chocolate gold coins to show they did catch something, but they got away). Oh, and could you get me a rainbow too, while you are getting one for Kolby?

sharon c... that's me said...

hey, our leprechans always left behind their coats, they had the little tails on them, like the penguin jackets, and little gold footprints

laura said...


Your house is beautiful! I'm glad to hear all is well with you. My girls are all on spring break.
Happy St.Patrick's day!
I hope you get this, I had to reset my password.