Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just another layout for you.

Ya aren't getting tired of them, are you?

So yesterday, it was pouring down rain! Heath drove up, and Kamy ran to the other room to get an umbrella for Heath so he wouldn't get wet coming in. She was so excited to run out there and help him! Well, I grabbed my camera, expecting to capture a sweet picture with both huddled under the umbrella. Instead, Heath grabs the umbrella from Kamy and makes a run for the front door, leaving Kamy drenched in the rain and fending for herself without any cover.

The funny thing is, Heath didn't even realize what he did! When I called him out on it, he looked back at Kamy like he had forgotten she had just handed him the umbrella! He said "Oh! Sorry Kamy. I just wanted to get inside quickly without getting soaked!" Yeah, I'll bet Kamy wanted to do the same thing! Too bad.

(this time, got the scanner working, but it got wonked out with the depth of the brads on one side of the page. Sorry for the shadow!)


I'm Always Rite said...

Kamy is too sweet. I could totally see Neina trying to do this for Ian and getting the same result. :) Guys crack me up!

Ande said...

That is funny. It sounds like something that TOm would do without even realizing it. I have to remind him to use his manners all the time.

April said...

That is such a cute picture not the one you wanted but still really good! It's weird to see Heath in civilian clothes coming home from work. That would take me a while to get use to.

sharon c... that's me said...

i think this is the best one yet:)