Friday, April 18, 2008

The Migration of Mammals

Ever wonder why the instinctive habits of mammals is so powerful? It's something that just happens, and you don't really question it, but yet, I am intrigued.

I've been in the habit of watching my children for many years now, and I've noticed something from the time that I started saying "kids" instead of "kid". They tend to migrate in a hierarchy. This is not just when they are playing, but if they are sitting down on the ground playing, or if they are at the kitchen table, or if we are walking outside, or riding bikes... they are almost always in order of birth.

I was watching them yesterday, eating some frozen popsicles outside in the backyard. They were not speaking to each other. They were too busy eating their frozen goodies. But as I watched them, when Kamy turned one way, Keaton would turn, and then Kolby would turn, and if George was close by, she turned too. Then the silent act would repeat itself. I'm sure they don't intentionally do this. It just happens. I find it very interesting.

George was behind Kolby, just a few feet away. She is still learning what is expected of proper mammal migration.


kdaygirl said...

Thats funny. My kids tend to do this when we eat at the dinner table.

sharon c... that's me said...

it makes sense that they do this, but i just can't explain it

Ande said...

We still do that in my family. When we take a picture with my Bro Sis and myself we always see to go in order unless otherwise positioned. It is funny to think about though.

dippyrooroo said...

Aren't kids interesting? I think somehow it's comforting to know you have your place. Like always sitting in the same spots at the dinner table. I remember even when we used to do dinners together, we just had our 'places' at each others tables. They were never assigned, we just took our spots. We have friends now that come over frequently, and we laugh about the same thing. We just naturally take our places.

I'm Always Rite said...

I guess I will never know this bevavior. Neina is 5 years older than Simon so she naturally goes first, unless it's something scary, then Simon must step up and be a man. :) Kids are so wonderful!