Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In college, while rooming with my best friend Bethany, we were given a bag of old clothes and things that my brother was getting rid of. I still don't know why he gave it to us, but we went through it anyway. Inside, we found something that puzzled us. It was an elastic band with two other thin elastic bands coming off from it. The name on it said "Pure Ziltch...the Art of Doing Nothing"

We concluded that it was indeed, one cup shy of a jockstrap. Hence, it did NOTHING. Zero. Ziltch.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A jockstrap (also known as a jock, jock strap, strap, supporter, or athletic supporter) is an undergarment designed for supporting the male genitalia during the performance of sports or other vigorous physical activity.
So we spent the next few months hiding it amongst each other's belongings. I would embarrassingly find it in my backpack at school, or she would pull it out of her underwear drawer in the early dark morning. I would find it in a shoe, or she would find it hiding in the sleeve of her jacket. It was fun.

Then we decided to do a little modeling with it. Here are some pictures (I think I have Bethany's approval to show these!)

Finally, we decided to send it to my sister Kim. We were already in the habit of mailing HUGE underwear to each other, as a joke, so we thought this would fit right in.

Some years later, I discovered it amongst my household belongings. She had snuck it in, and written on the waist band that she had left it for me, and I was to do the same with one of our other sisters, until everyone had it. And so it was passed on a few times, until eventually, we couldn't remember who had it last. It was lost. Somewhere.

That is, until yesterday, when my sister Courtney, the newest sister to join the blogging family, found it, and made a post on her blog about it. That reminded me of the pictures I had taken in college...hence this post.

It was at that time in college that I was first into scrapbooking. I had made a layout of THE ZILTCH. Please don't laugh. I have evolved with my scrapbooking. Anyway, I had written a poem to go with the layout. Here it is.
When Jamie was going through his DI clothes, he noticed one particular article that had too many holes.
"It's called the Ziltch," he said "Please take it away." So we did, and in our room we put it on display.
For months it was transferred from bag to bag, until finally, we said "Enough!" and up went the white flag.
In a drawer it stayed until one really late night.
Bethany was looking for a bra when she pulled this out with fright.
The temptation overcame us; we gave it a try.
Bethany went first. See the pictures? They will clarify.
With a little support, Shaina went next. But I don't think that style would work for the opposite sex.
The next day, we sent it to Kimmie for her pure enjoyment.
And the rest of the story is beyond comment.


I'm Always Rite said...

I am so glad I know you. :)

kdaygirl said...

So funny. I am glad it has been found. I like it as a support for u na, its a nice fashion statement.

BrittanyLane said...

This reminds me (in a very twisted way) Of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The traveling jock strap just doesn't have quite the same ring to it... You have such a fun family.

Ande said...

That is soo- funny. I am glad that my roomates and I aren't the only ones who did silly stuff. We liked to do sumo wrestling with big pillows strapped to us. The pictures are hilarious. I should go find them and post them.

sharon c... that's me said...

man, so funny, i'm glad courtney found it (you should ask her where it was, i won't say because this is a family blog)

courtney said...

I'll tell you where it was... In my pretties drawer.

Every couple of months I go through my drawers and DI clothes that I just don't wear anymore, but...I never clean out my pretties drawer. I just grab one and when laundry is done, I stuff them all back in.

But for my anniversary trip I was going through the drawer and found the Zilch at the bottom. I don't know why it was in there, I have never used it as a pretty, but nervertheless, it was in that drawer.

Queen of Chaos said...

Love the traveling jock strap! I think it's so funny you and Bethany decided to pose for pictures with it. Oh, my gosh!

Jen Sue Wild said...

*I cant stop laughing.. holly cow girl.. Betheny is a great sport for letting you post these.

Shavonne said...

Hmm, I noticed Bethany hasn't responded yet... haha, I love the pictures and your beginning scrapbooking!

The Girls' Mom said...

Sorry I haven't been online for a day or two and missed this wonderful post. I did want to see the pics because I couldn't remember taking them and vaguely remembered the zilch. But memory refreshed!!! I gave me a good giggle and Garin a good what??? Gotta miss the good ole days, we did a lot of wierd crazy stuff. I musy say that while many of you are wondering if I am embarassed by these pics, I am but only because it reminds me I need to get on the treadmill and diet, diet, diet. Thanks for the memories Na and I am glad it is a now family tradition.

The Girls' Mom said...

PS at least our room was clean for these pictures!!

Karen & Matt said...

Now that is funny!!! That made my day!