Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome Back My Love!

For two months, you've been on hold
The DVD player has been lonely and cold.
But today is the day that we've anticipated,
For our netflix account that we have participated
Is ready today to send us some more;
More movies. More love. Right to our door.
I Love you Netflix. It's been so long.
Home with me is where you belong.
Never again will I distance our bond
Even if we move to a land far beyond.
With me is where you must stay.
Our trusted mailman will show you the way.
Today marks the journey of our passionate affair,
With you in the player, and me in the chair.
So I'll get the popcorn popped fluffy and hot,
And we'll be together more often than not.
I love you Movie! I love you.


Shavonne said...

Yahoo! I love it when you make poems! And, I love our netflix too, it's a wonderful thing.

BrittanyLane said...

It's so nice to have an indulgence... You are quite a poet!

dippyrooroo said...

You silly girl! If only I didn't know you were actually 100% serious!

kdaygirl said...

Movies are the best...I Love it...(said in your best nacho libre voice)

shaina said...

oh yeah..gotta add Nacho Libre!

The Girls' Mom said...

i love my netflix. I miss making poems with you. I'm glad you've kept the knack I loved your ode.

KJ-Starre said...

Haha! you caught me I thought you were serious...you have a way with words for sure...very funny.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will pop by & visit again.
Have a super day.
P.S are you a sci-fi nut like me?

Ande said...

We just signed up for Netflix and we are enjoying it. Way better than waiting for the Shopette to have anything good.