Monday, May 12, 2008

All about a Boy

Kolby has been tagged a few times by his friends, so here are seven things about him.

1. Kolby is constantly moving. This kid has so much energy! If I followed him around everyday and did exactly what he did, I would be a size zero! He rides his bike faster than Kamy and Keaton. He can hit a baseball so hard and so far! He sword fights with his light sabers, sticks, wooden spoons, hair brushes, and anything else he can get his hands on. He loved playing in the snow in Utah! Bottom line: He never sits still unless we force him to.

2. He loves it when Daddy comes home! They wrestle and play and he has a blast with his Daddy. They go out on runs together; they ride their bikes together; they have little outings to the store together. He really loves being with Daddy.

3. Every morning, without fail, he tells me "You are beautiful momma!" or "You are so pretty momma!" He is really very sweet. He tries really hard to be good for me when we have to run our errands, and he always asks "Was I the bestest boy today, momma?" And always, he wants me to give him a high-5.

4. He loves to take pictures. I often find random pictures from him hijacking my camera. Many of the pictures I post are from Kolby. He's not half bad of a photographer!

5. Kolby's favorite songs are Scripture Power and Follow the Prophet. He sings them all the time (especially when we are at the library!) and he makes up words to the songs so he can sing more verses.

6. Kolby still remembers last summer when we went Jet-skiing with our friends. He always tells me "Momma, I'm gonna buy you a jet ski when I grow up. And I'll buy Daddy one too. Then we can all go out and go super fast on the water!" The other day, he saw one being pulled by a truck, and he about flipped out! He was so excited to see one. "That's the one that I'm gonna buy you, momma!!"

7. Kolby loves to go diving in the bathtub. He never plugs his nose and he hardly closes his eyes and mouth. It's like he was born to be under the water. He just submerges himself and goes "diving for stuff". When we were at the beach, he did the same thing. This kid loves to be in the water.
I love you Kolby! You make my days so fun.


Ande said...

I want a jetski too!!! :) He sounds like Xanen, Xanen is really missing Tom since he is the one that really plays, he told me I am boring. OH well, at least I can bake some good cookies!!

Karen & Matt said...

I love Kolby! He is such a fun kid! =)

sharon c... that's me said...

i love the faces he makes

amy said...

Wow, what a good idea, I just might do this for my kids. Very good idea.