Friday, May 9, 2008

Early Mother's Day

Wednesday night Kamy had an Achievement Days activity and all the moms were supposed to go. We received an invitation to come, and when we got there, the daughters escorted us to our seats, got us a refreshing drink ("it's got ice cream floating in the top, momma!") and they had a little program where they said nice things about their moms.

Kamy said:

"I appreciate my mom because she cooks for me and she is nice to me.

She buys me stuff. She helps with my homework.

She helps me to look pretty."

Then she game me the note with all that written on it, as well as a picture she drew of me.

Then after a bowl of tasty fruit salad, they cleared the tables and had the girl's paint our nails. Kamy chose the color and, uh, artfully painted my hand/nails. She actually didn't do too bad for her first time. I just smiled and told her what a good job she was doing. I still haven't removed the nail polish, although it is driving me crazy. I don't like nail polish on my fingernails. Anyway, after she did mine, I did hers. She wanted blue sparkly nail polish. When it was still wet, she just had to go to the bathroom, so most of it got wiped off, but here is a picture of our snazzy new nails.

Then, yesterday, Keaton came home with a cookbook made by the kindergardeners. Each kid contributed their own recipe. This is Keaton's:

Chocolate Chip Cookies, by Keaton

"Get 5 sqirts of whipped cream, then put 1 carrot and 7 chocolate chips and put it in a spinny bowl. Stir it with a spoon. You just put it in the oven for 30 minutes. I usually like to eat chocolate chip cookies because they are tasty. Mmm mmm mmm!"

I love what the kids did.


Ande said...

How Cute. I hate nail polish on my nails too. They seem to chip a lot faster and look disgusting. It is sweet of you to keep it on for her for a couple of days. What are you gals doing for your girls night? I hear the boys are going camping. Have a blast!!!!

kdaygirl said...

I usually like to put celery in my cookies, but I bet carrots would be ever so tasty!

BrittanyLane said...

So sweet. I love the "recipe". My kids ADORE whip cream too.

Shavonne said...

That was a great post, fun to read about your mother's day gifts! I love reading about what your kids do!

Karen & Matt said...

Very cute and fun! Lately I'm starting to hate nail polish on my nails too. I used to love it, but now it's driving me crazy! Sounds like some yummy cookies. =)