Friday, May 9, 2008

Guess who went poo-poos in the potty?

I realize that would be a terrible blog post if it had to do with anything other than potty-training! But we are very excited around here tonight. After sitting again and again on the potty all week long, but NEVER giving me so much as a tinkle to whoop and holler about, tonight...she did it! Oh what a grand parade we had around the house after Georgie pooped. I am so proud.
It is just us girls here tonight. Heath and the boys had a father/son camp out. It only goes until noon tomorrow, but I encouraged them to stay as long as the day would allow. We'll see what time they get home. I might take the girls out in the morning...we'll see. It's been a nice night. At dinner, kamy said "It sure is quiet around here!" I couldn't agree more.
After dinner, we went to a friend's house (her husband and son went camping too) and the girls watched a barbie movie and we talked. I made guacamole and we just ate and ate and ate. I really am quite expanded right
So now I'm going to go to bed, and lie across the entire bed. Just because I can. (I'm sure it won't be too long before I can't sleep because he's not there next to me.) Catch ya'll later.


Ande said...

I love having the hole bed to myself, but I do hate not having Tom here with me. Yeah for the potty. Hazel has gone a few times, she is trying to potty train herself. Hope you had a great girls morning!!!! Love, Ande

Queen of Chaos said...

Fun girls night. :-)

I too enjoy a bed to myself...but these days it's a bit lonely.

I love what Kami and the Achievment Day girls did for their mommies! Very cute! I like that you took pictures.

sharon c... that's me said...

oh, are you going to do a story like you did for keaton? please!!! i love your stories. i'll put up that bias how to tomoroow hopefully, i got a few pics tonight, but i gotta watch a movie, so no time to out it all together

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great Job sweet baby girl!!!!

Karen & Matt said...

Good job Kennedy!!! Madisynn wants nothing to do with it, and that's ok. I'm not going to push it, and stress myself out!