Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Past Few Days

Life goes on. I am learning that. It's probably good that I am doing other things; or so I keep telling myself.
I made an apron!! I had a few questions in some areas but after a few phone calls, I was able to understand the instructions. It's cute. Too bad you can't see it.

Kolby has a real problem getting into food. His excuse is always "But I am hungry, momma!" I wish he would understand that if he only ate the meals and snacks I give him, then he wouldn't be so hungry! It is really getting to me! Kolby has his little hiding spots where he takes his stolen food. He's clever, but predictable. So yesterday, after making cookies and giving some to the kids, I walked in the kitchen to put another batch in the oven and found some of the cookies missing. I looked, and found Kolby hiding behind the couches, looking proudly stubborn. I made him give me back the cookies. Guess where he had them? Crumbled and smooshed in his front pocket, just like Napoleon Dynamite had with his (tater) tots. I tried not to laugh. I talked to him again, rather sternly, about stealing food and how it makes me really sad. "Why do you steal food??" His reply was rather point-blank. "Because I am Kolby, momma!"

Well, I guess I can't argue that.

So Heath and I have tried very hard to get the computer working. He has called me at night and walked me through a few things. None of them worked. We think it's hopeless. It's really too bad.

In the meantime, I am limited to my library visits. Or rather, the kids are limiting me. We can only last so long being respectfully quiet in the library. I read two books in two days. I think the next step is cleaning my house from top to bottom.

This Memorial Day weekend had me thinking about last year at this time. We had gone camping with three other families for the weekend. We went to a place in California that we hadn't camped at before. It was lots of fun, but apparently I was allergic to the entire campground or something. My throat closed up as soon as we got there and I lost my voice. My eyes started itching and watering and one of them got really puffy and closed up. Also, at this time, I was wearing my glasses in preparation for my Lasik surgery that I was getting the following week. Turns out, because of that allergic reaction, I had to postpone that surgery three more weeks. I was so bummed.

So, those of you that are camping this weekend, have a great time. I hope you don't get any reactions. Gas prices jumped up from my last post. It's not at 3.81/gallon. If you travel, hope it's not too far! See ya on the flip side.


Ande said...

I used to go to the library regularly. I am lucky now if we make it once in a couple of weeks, not that my kids are lacking in reading material, it is mostly to go for story time. I have been so exhausted lately that we have missed it. I mostly try to go so that Brennan has a little more interaction with kids other than primary. Have fun cleaning and reading.

Carolann said...

That is such a bummer that your computer is down. These things always happen when our husbands are gone!

There will be no camping by this momma. At 8 months pregnant, there is no place I'd rather be than snuggling with pillows on my own pillow top bed. Maybe next year.

I'm Always Rite said...

I hate when my computer is down. Some days I feel like I can hardly breath without it. It is those days that I must step back, lock it down, and walk away. The past couple days have been a welcome break from my ever so faithful PC. I took the kids for their first bicycle ride in over a year at a local nature preserve and I did yard work and I saw Prince Caspian and this may as well be a post on my own blog. ;) Love you Shaina! Hope the PC is up and running again soon. :)

Queen of Chaos said...

It would be hard to have a kid hide food. I can't give any advice on this particular subject, sorry.

I hope you get your computer fixed soon- or get a new one. I know how hard it is living with out one in your home. grrrrrr

Since we just went camping we don't have plans to do so this weekend- plus I never like camping on holidays when there's too many people anyway.
Warren is home this weekend and we're just enjoying him. So far we've gone to a couple of movies, three birthday parties {Conner's included}, and out to dinner twice. We are heading to Jim and Tiffany's in a few minutes so we can spend the night at their home to watch their two boys so they can go stay the night at a hotel for their anniversary. We've been having a blast with Warren here! He says it feels like a vacation to him- I guess for me it feels that way too!

Queen of Chaos said...

Sorry I haven't read your blog thoroughly because I just realized Heath is GONE! Ooops. I feel stupid.

Him traveling so much will be hard and effect the whole family. It's not easy be a single- married mom! If you ever need to talk you can call me...chances are I'll need to talk to someone too! Especially at night...I really miss Warren when he's gone. He leaves again for 3 weeks this coming Wednesday.

Queen of Chaos said...

Sheesh! I'm full of messages for you aren't I!

I meant to comment on Texas Roadhouse...
this is one of our favorite restaurants! We LOVE it, too. Whenever we go to the temple we go to Texas Roadhouse. Or if I'm really craving ribs. It's YUM!

Holmes Home said...

If you have nothing better to do, just head on up to Ohio and help ME clean my house! I'll be getting with my in-laws soon to see if we can figure out a place to meet so we can visit :)

KJ-Starre said...

I don't know what I'd do without my laptop....cry a lot, I suppose! At least you can go to the library. Here our libraries don't get enough funding to have computers...& if they do, they get stolen within a month of being installed. Living in Africa....always interesting.

Camping? you guys sure are brave...I hate camping...too noisy, you know, with all the bugs & critters. Give me a hut any day over a tent :o)

I couldn't help but laugh over Kolby's comment...he's a really character....but SUPER cute!! I can just imagine him squashed behind the couch nibbling his cookie.

An apron...I am wear? I haven't made one since sewing class at school...I wish you could post a pic. Well done tho' for trying something new.