Sunday, June 29, 2008

Featured (Holy Cow!!)

Check this out! I'm being featured on the Prima Fire & Ice Designs blog for the acrylic album I just got done making! A huge thanks to Liz for passing on the info and getting my album noticed. I appreciate all the wonderful comments I got from everyone. Can't wait to do another album!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clear Album

The Scrapbook store that I design for had these new acrylic clear albums from Prima that they wanted a display of. They also have this new line from a company called Deja Views titled "Little Yellow Bicycle". So to kill two birds with one stone, the owner gave me the acrylic album to showcase, using the paper and rubons from the Little Yellow Bicycle. I added some ribbon, buttons, and flowers from Prima and TA-DAA! Here it is. I think it's gorgeous. This was a first timer for me. I've never done an acrylic album but I always wanted to.

The trick with acrylic albums is that they are see through. So whatever you do to the back of one page will show up on the next page. Makes using adhesive a bit tricky. I posted tons of pictures, and most of them you can click on to enlarge, which I recommend, so that you can see the detail.

And here are the close-ups of each page. This is the front of the album, with the other pages behind it. See how you can see each of the pages! Pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have to say, these past few days with Heath being home has been simply delightful. He has been patient and loving and attentive, not to mention, he has vacuumed without me even asking him to! It was amazing. He even EDGED. That is something I don't even do every time I vacuum, so he was extra attentive! Very nice indeed. I took a quick photo, so I could document this odd occurrence, and lest you think him too HOT to handle, I toned the picture down to a black and white photo. There ya go!

And just in case you think I forgot to post the picture of the jewelry, I did not. I was just considering taking a different one. You see, Kamy took this picture for us on Sunday, and since she is a few feet shorter than Heath and I, we had to look down at her. The result was a double chin that I couldn't bear to make public. So I compromised a little by cropping our heads off. Took care of the issue. Well, almost. Because of how I cropped, and the fact that my ears are connected to my head, you can't see the lovely earrings that accompany the necklace. But I have to draw the line somewhere. The earrings are lovely, just like the necklace. Use your imagination.

Oh, and by the way, he bought me that bracelet too (all the way from Atlanta!)

One final picture. This little girl is full of trouble and giggles, and mischief and love and I thoroughly enjoy her being my shadow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I usually like to add a bit more things to my layouts, but this one needed simplicity, I think. The scan didn't come across to brilliantly, so it's hard to see the details, but the journaling reads: "Keaton, I think you liked the big sprinkler a little too much today! June 08"
I used some scraps of paper, some prima bling, two border punches, some ribbon, my sewing machine, a hambly transparency, some chipboard letters that I filed down, and of course, I inked up everything!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Early Surprise

Heath came home a week early! We went to pick him up at the airport Saturday night. It was a great surprise for the kids and I. He has almost a month before his next trip, and we really look forward to being together.

He came bearing gifts. The kids got European chocolate and I got some jewelry from Paris! I'll post a picture of it later. Right now, it's Monday morning and that's when the kiddos and I go to the library. I'm looking forward to getting some books that ya'll recommended.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A girl and some freckles

I love the summer because that is when these freckles come out after a long winters nap. The sprinkling across her nose and cheeks are so cute! This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and now there are double the amount there! I just love 'em.

Tonight Kamy was invited for a sleepover at her girlfriend's house. To save myself a lot of whining, I in turn, called the boys' friend LUKE and asked if he could come stay the night. Delightfully, his parents said yes. Right now they are playing the Wii and eating dorritos and I am going to watch a movie, cuddled up under my blankets in my bed, with a pillow stuffed next to me so if I close my eyes, I can almost feel Heath right there. Of course, the fact that I can watch a whole movie in silence would be a dead giveaway that I am indeed, alone. Heath really likes to talk. A lot. Especially through a movie or my favorite tv show. Ah well. Pros and cons, right?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So I'm gonna do the 101 things about me. Brace yourself. I don't think I could find 101 things about me that you don't know already, but just consider this a refresher of sorts.

1. I think American cheese is nasty.
2. I don't like pastries very much.
3. I love being pregnant.
4. I grew up on a ranch.
5. Heath and I would love to have lots of property with a big house and no neighbors too close.
6. I have very prickly legs, which I inherited from my mom.
7. I use to dream of having my own office supply store.
8. That dream has transferred to a scrapbook store.
9. I love roller coasters immensely!
10. I color my own hair.

11. I wish I had a better singing voice.
12. Heath is very patient with me when we sing duets together.
13. I wish I was more patient and fun with my kids.
14. I love to have parties and get-togethers.
15. I really want people to like me and I'm always afraid nobody will.
16. I hate that I look angry when I'm not smiling.
17. I love to watch movies.
18. My first official job was working at a theater and I'm still close with the owner of the theater.
19. I completed my college degree before I got married.
20. I worked two jobs through college to pay for everything.

21. There were times in college where I barely had a can of corn to eat for dinner.
22. I got pregnant with our first baby on our honeymoon.
23. From 1st contraction to the birth, my first labor lasted one hour.
24. We barely made it to the hospital!
25. I love to breastfeed my babies.
26. But I stop as soon as they turn one.
27. My all time favorite tv show is LOST.
28. Flip flops make me cringe. I just hate the whole wedge thing between the toes.
29. I love to wear socks.
30. Except toe socks. They drive me nuts.

31. I loved watching the Cosby Show growing up. Still do.
32. I feel happy when I am wearing pajama bottoms.
33. I wish my handwriting was pretty.
34. I've always envied my friend Bethany's handwriting.
35. I love having lots of friends.
36. I need lots of friends.
37. I am NOT a clique-ish person. I like being friends with everyone.
38. I think it's sad when people are excluded. I've been excluded. It's not fun.
39. I am afraid of the dark.
40. I am terrified of bees.

41. No; it is not funny to make the buzzing sound at me.
42. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor.
43. He reminds me of my dad.
44. I love my parents. They have taught me so much.
45. I love yoplait yogurt.
46. I am so glad that it doesn't bother my tummy like most other dairy products.
47. I would never be happy living in a big city, like NY or Chicago or LA.
48. I want to live in the country, but close enough to the city and all the good stores.
49. I still hate going shopping.
50. But now, I know how to shop and how to be as quick as possible.

51. I dread doing my hair every morning.
52. Since having babies, it's really hard to tame the frizziness.
53. I love love LOVE to brush my teeth. I do it all the time, all day long.
54. I must have my cherry ice chapstick.
55. I just ordered 20 of them.
56. I want my life to be a musical. I think it would be so fun.
57. I miss interpreting for the deaf.
58. I love being a stay at home mom.
59. I never wanted a career outside of the home.
60. I really really really hope I can have my books published.

61. I am so glad I can keep in touch with all my wonderful friends. It keeps me sane.
62. They will never really know how much I miss them.
63. I like a quiet house.
64. I don't do well when there is a lot of noise.
65. I hate stupid situational comedies on tv.
66. I rarely ever drink anything but water.
67. I wish I had been able to have gymnastics lessons when I was little.
68. I am so glad that my husband and I are married forever.
69. I love that I have so many brothers and sisters. (thanks mom and dad!)
70. I can't wait until our sibling reunion in August! (it's gonna be great!)

71. I find it interesting that people in the world think 4 kids is considered a lot.
72. Not one day goes by, when I'm with the kids in public, without somebody commenting about me "having my hands full" or saying "You aren't having anymore kids, right?".
73. I love my kids and care for them well and there is no reason for people to say such things to me.
74. I didn't have a boyfriend until my senior year in high school.
75. I hate how mean girls can be in high school.
76. I love to cook. It makes me happy.
77. I love sharing my recipes.
78. I think Heath sounds like Harry Connick Jr. when he sings.
79. I love having great eyesight now that I got Lasik.
80. I am so glad Heath lets me be frugal and thrifty.

81. I love having plants in the house but can't keep them alive. (help Nicki!)
82. I hate having a dirty kitchen. It makes me feel sad.
83. I sleep on my belly with one leg bent and the other stretched out.
84. I don't like floral scented perfume. It hurts my nose.
85. I love the movie "The Saint".
86. Heath can do a great impression of Val Kilmer from that movie. A few, actually.
87. My favorite food ever is the potato.
88. Except I hate Au Grautin potatoes. Gross.
89. I drool in my sleep.
90. But usually only when I am extremely exhausted.

91. My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple. I use to dream of living in Hawaii just for the pineapple.
92. I hate to bite into food. I need it cut into nice bite size pieces. This includes pizza.
93. I hate not knowing if I have food in my teeth and I have to check in the mirror after I eat. This is the reason I am always brushing my teeth.
94. My favorite color is pink.
95. I wish I lived close by my family.
96. I want to have a piano in my house so I can teach myself how to play great music.
97. I read really fast.
98. I love riding horses and I love how they smell.
99. I love my husband more than he will ever know.
100. I am afraid of disappointing my friends and family.
101. I love my blog!

P.S. #102 I love comments!

Forgotten Drawing

I forgot this drawing, that Keaton did for me as an anniversary present. He was so excited to give it to me. I hung it up on the wall for a while, and then it ended up stacked up with some papers by the scanner, where I found it a few weeks later.

So here it is. So thoughtful and detailed. I love the wedding clothes interpretation, as well as the "beautiful flowers along the bottom of your dress, momma!" (He even counted the flowers, which he likes to do, whenever he draws or writes in repetition. He says "It's to help the teacher know what number I am on." So thoughtful!)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Thanks for the book suggestions! I'm going to have a nice fat list to choose from next week when we go again. Can't wait to read some of those books!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This little piggie...

Would you trust this face with your money? Totally creepy in my opinion. I think whoever was in charge of advertising for this organization, and better yet, whoever approved this advertisement, needs to seriously rethink their profession.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Every Monday, the kids and I go to the library. We check out books to read all week, then get new ones the next week.

I read to the kids out loud, stories like Jack in the Beanstalk and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and Ameilia Bedilia, then Kamy and Keaton read books to themselves that are on their own reading level.

I also check out books to read for me. Lately, I've read The Notebook, Princess Bride, Message in a Bottle, The Twighlight Series, The Host, and some Jane Austin books. I've also read the Jurrassic Park books, which are very good. Swiss Family Robinson is another favorite. I've read the Ugly Series, as well as The Libba Bray books.

I'm on the lookout for more books to read. Do you have any suggestions?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the great men in my life. This includes my dad,pictured above, my husband, and all of my girlfriend's husbands. I hope you all have a really great day.

So because my husband is out of the country, I want to leave him a little message.

To the Husband
I love how much you like my cooking, and how with all the stuff I cook, meatloaf is one of your favorites.
I love how you wrestle with the kids. It is so fun to watch you together.
I love how you make sure we are touching when we sleep, just so I know you are there.
I love how you leave a little bit of scruff on your face because you know I like it.
I love how amazing you sing, and yet you are not cocky about it.
I love how you can copy any accent you come across. You are an accent waiting to happen.
I love how well you drive through traffic.
I love the way your hands feel against mine.
I love your almost dimple that you almost have on your face.
I love how you desire so badly to rub my feet, but because I am so ticklish, you can't.
I love that you love teaching the 2-year-olds in church.
I love that you think I am capable of so much, and support me in my goals.
I love that you are truly a gentleman.
Thank you for being my husband, my best friend, and the greatest daddy to our kids.
Love ya babe.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How's my driving?

You know the sign that are on the back of large vehicles that are cruising the freeways? "How's my driving? Call this number" Well, I wish those signs were on the backs of the vehicles that frequent our neighborhoods. I'd be calling in and reporting those idiot drivers.

The attitude of semi-drivers (drivers that operate a semi truck, lest you be confused with the other meaning of semi: half of something, such as semi-awake or semi-drunk, which is what I think these drivers are. In fact, they really are semi-drivers, in every sense of the word. They are semi driving their semi truck.).....ok, so I can't remember where I was going with that sentence before I interrupted it with the whole parenthesis thing, so I'll just move on to a fresh paragraph.

I've very nearly gotten killed about a hundred times by these beasts of the road since we moved here. They completely dominate the road, they come as close as they can to the rear of your car before they will zip into the other lane, not caring if somebody is there, or not, and then as soon as they are halfway past you, they try to get in front of you, causing you to slam hard on your brakes and hope that nobody runs into you. Big Bullies. I hate them. I have never seen such aggressive terrible drivers as I see here. They are usually going faster than normal traffic too, which is odd, because big trucks are suppose to have a speed limit that is lower than normal traffic.

On the way home a few days ago, I seriously witnessed about 28 close calls within the 15 miles home on the freeway, just from ONE over sized truck. It was smaller than a semi, about the size of a cement truck. They guys must have been severely drunk. There was no other way to explain it. He was constantly swinging side to side in his lane, halfway into the other, back all the way into the opposite lane, making other cars swerve like crazy. He was going so fast and cutting in and through traffic in such a dangerous way, I kept following him longer than was necessary because I was sure he would cause an accident and I would be needed to provide CPR to the victims. It was really the worse I've ever seen a driver on the roads, and especially with that big truck he was driving, I was so scared. I can't imagine he got very far without either running off the road or causing an accident.

If there had been a sign on the back of his truck that read "How's my driving", I would have called so fast! As it was, I didn't even get his licence plate number. I was too afraid he would crash into me when he was close enough for me to read it.

Anyway, this post went on longer than I thought, so if you are still reading this, watch out for the crazy semi-drunk, semi-asleep semi-driver heading west on I-26.

Insert Foot

I'm such an idiot! Okay, here's the story. One of my new acquaintances just had a baby. Turns out, I am her new Visiting Teacher. So I was asked to help provide dinner for her tonight. My job was dessert. "She's got a full house. Her parents are visiting too." Ok, that means make enough.. Gotcha.
So I made my mom's Cheery Cherry Dessert Squares. I remember growing up, she would make these when company came over and I always pined for them. They are my Go-To Quick Pantry Favorite.
Anyway, back to the story of why I am an idiot. I make the dessert, set it on the counter to cool, come back to find Kolby digging in with his fork (oooh, I was so mad!). I cut out the section he mangled, tossed the kids in the car and headed over to her house.
I was very anxious to smell a newborn baby, so my thoughts were not as focused as they should have been. When I went up to their door, an older guy answered and I automatically assumed (you know what they say about that word, assume) that he was one half of the grandparents that were mentioned, so I said "Hi! I brought dessert! You must be the grandpa!"


"No, I'm Carrie's husband. Grandma and Grandpa are on the couch."


I just called her husband a grandpa!! It's not very often that I get embarrassed, but I have to say, I feel like the biggest idiot. If you saw him, you might agree that he does have a certain aging quality about him, but for goodness sake!! I was expecting Grandparents. Not the husband that I've never seen before.

Carrie came over then from the back room. I handed her the dessert, explained about the missing piece in the middle, made my excuses about kids being in the car, and left quicker than anything. Sadness. I didn't even get to smell the wee babe. All because I think her husband was her father.

Open mouth.....insert foot. Darn it all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Owies, tricks, and gifts, oh my!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday. I received a few thoughtful cards and gifts and I appreciate it so much!
Miss Jennifer made me an adorable apron out of an old pair of jeans, with some pink ruffle to complete the look. It is super cute, and little Georgie is modeling it for Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer!!
(don't ya just love her cutie little underwear-clad bum!!)

Nicki sent me a gift after my desperate plea for some huckleberry sauce. She couldn't find any, but sent me this package of pancake mix instead. Looks like we will have a grand breakfast in the morning! Thanks Nicki!!

I got cards from April and my mom and my mother in law. I got thirty bucks to spend on anything I want (if you have something really cool for me to spend it on, I'd love to hear!) and I got some sweet phone calls from family members. In my family, it has become tradition to sing Happy Birthday over the phone, and since it is such an awkward song, we have made it a habit of singing it in such a way as to make dogs howl in pain. It's terrible. It's funny, and I look forward to it with every birthday in my family.

Here is a picture of the apron I made a few weeks ago. It's super cute.

Also, the kids have been keeping me busy with doing bicycle tricks. Here are some pictures of their tricks.

Georgie's trick was pushing her stroller, which she loves to do, up and down the block. I really need to get her a little tricycle.
And with such tricks comes owies. Keaton's arm looks a whole lot worse than this picture gives credit for. I like this picture because I told him to look sad, and he started laughing. So he had to force his mouth into a frown. Too funny.

Kolby somehow knocked his lip on the stairs, and had a really fat purple lip for a few days. The swelling is finally going down. You would think this would set him back, but he was acting fine and eating fine even with a huge lip. This kid is tougher than anything!

Sorry for all the pictures. Guess I had too much catching up to do. Looking forward to your suggestions for my 30 bucks!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Careful! She's Dangerous!"

Last week, when Heath was here, we went to a county park and spent the afternoon walking around the "swamp", playing in water fountains, and having a picnic lunch. I took this video of Heath by the pond after we discovered a nice alligator swimming around. I guess it was an alligator. I don't think crocodiles live in this part of the country.

Usually Heath is really good at talking with accents. His best is the Australian accent. I think he was a bit nervous here because I was recording it. Usually he can go on and on, just like the Crocodile Hunter. I thought it would be fun to show you this clip. Also, we had the kids turn away from the alligator so we could take this picture, and they were terrified that it would attack them with their backs turned.

And this is just a funny picture of when we went on a hike around the swamp. Everyone wanted a walking stick, and when I had them all stop so I could take a picture, I told everyone to stand like how Heath was standing. I love Georgie's interpretation.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Shaina

I just wanted you all to know its Shaina's Birthday today.
I remember when I first met her in High School her being an upper classmen and very serious and sophisticated, I was intimidated at first as were a lot of people I think. She never knew before that I was LDS because I went to a different ward and I didn't go to seminary with them. But we had a class together my junior year and we really loved talking to each other. And I also remember her looking fine in this southwest inspired wrap around ankle length skirt she would wear sometimes. Why I thought that dress was so attractive I don't know but that combined with her very long hair... and she looked like an angle (from the south west). And I remember very distinctly as she walked down the hallway to class that who every married this girl was going to be one lucky man. Needless to say I was excited about a mission (yeah I know it sounds weird but I was really excited to leave home on a mission then) soon and didn't want to complicate it besides we were just friends. "Little Did He(I) Know" that she was perfect for me. Looking back she was definitely perfect for me, but I wasn't ready then I needed time on my own. And after a little time I finally came to my senses, and didn't take long before I married her.
So Happy Birthday Shaina I love you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Generation Dress

A few years ago, my mom gave me this little dress that I use to wear. I've had to save it until Georgie could fit into it. It's still big, but she found it hanging in her closet and insisted that she put it on. So she wore it to church on Sunday. I think my mom made the dress.

Anyway, we took some pictures. First, here is a picture of when I wore the dress. I think I was around three years old.

Whenever the big kids had picture day at school, my mom would take the little ones too, and everyone would get an individual picture taken. Believe it or not, I actually remmeber having this picture taken. The reason I remember, was that when it was my turn, I sat up there and smiled, and the camera guy gave me this big heavy thing to hold in front of my face. I tried to put it lower, but he kept positioning it over my face. So I peeked around it to see what he was doing and that's when he took this picture.

Apparently, he had to switch films and needed to document where he was. Some may argue this, but I really do remember getting this picture taken. He must have found humor in the picture, because he included it with the package my mom paid for.

So that was the dress that my mom gave me. Here is a picture of Georgie and me last Sunday, with her wearing my dress. Thanks mom!


The husband left me a little note on LaFonda this morning. I had given him a big list of stuff I wanted him to set up on my computer. I got too tired, so eventually I went to bed. This was found this morning:

My name is Heath and I love my wife Shaina so much I stayed up late to configure her new laptop just to her liking. (BTY don't forget to plug LaFonda back into the internet on the back of the docking station) love ya, -Heath-
Thanks babe!
By the way, there were questions on the post about our anniversary. We celebrate 9 years this month.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have great news! Heath got me a new computer, which I set up by myself, and as of a few minutes ago, I am back online!
It's good to be back. I missed everyone! I have to save everyone's blogs again, to my favorite's list, so if I am a normal visitor to your blog, or you want me to be, then leave me a sweet comment so I can find your site again.
It's sort of refreshing to start all over again. Everything is clean and pretty on my computer! And the best part is, it's totally MY computer! Since Heath has a work laptop that he brings home everyday, this really is just MY computer. I got to name it and everything. I have my own username and password. So fun. So I named my computer too. Her name is LaFonda. (From my favorite movie, Napoleon Dynamite.)
LaFonda and I are going to be great friends, I just know it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Love

I love the month of June. It is the month that summer begins. School is out. Life just seems fresh and ready. It is also the month of my birthday, as well as the month Heath and I celebrate our anniversary.

I wanted to do a really cool post like Jenni did last month for her anniversary, where she posted pictures from every year they were married, but it is hard to do without a computer to access all of your pictures.

However...I did have this cd of our wedding pictures. Although I can't crop and tweak my pictures to make them more artistic, this will have to do. I'd like to thank my daddy for taking our pictures.

We love being married. Our favorite thing is not having to say good-bye to each other at the end of the day. Since I'm a bit bossy and he's too nice to say anything, we get along well. As much as we hate having him travel for work, we like how it makes us appreciate each other.

If we were the drinking type, we'd make a toast right now, but instead, get out your sparkling apple cider. Here's to being married!! Love each other. Life is too short to be mad.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jumping ahead

A little while back, I pulled a WHITE hair from my head. WHITE! Where did this come from? It was about six inches long and sticking out with the utmost pride.

Now, I color my hair. I have a bit of regrowth, I'll admit, but not six inches worth! So either this one strand of hair remarkably did not get saturated with color goo three months ago, or my stress levels were enough to miraculously convert it's auburn color to pure white. How the heck did this happen? I'm sure it wasn't there the day before.

If anybody knows the process that hair goes through to become gray (or white), please enlighten me. I am perplexed.

So it's official. With my birthday being right around the corner, I am officially going gray...I mean white. After all, the gray is just one step away from being white, right? I guess I'm just skipping that part. It'll save me a good 20 years in the long run. My body is just being efficient. Lucky me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nice People

There are some really nice people in this world. When I was at Walmart, (everyone goes to walmart in the south) I told my cashier I needed a bag of ice. We continued the conversation throughout the transaction. "What size of bag, large or small?" "Going on a picnic?" etc, etc.

So we finished everything, and just as I was turning away, I said "You got my ice rung up, right?" She said "Oh, shoot!" I looked through my purse, to see if I had some change to pay for it, and she refused. "I'll pay for your ice. It was my mistake." So as much as I told her she didn't need to do that. She insisted, and she paid for my bag of ice. Very nice.

Yesterday, as we got the kids settled down for the picnic, we found this covered pavilion that had quite a few empty picnic benches. After we sat down, and found people staring, we realized it was a party of some sort, because there was a BBQ blazing with tons of hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as a buffet line set up. Before we could get out our lunch from the ice chest, a lady came over and told us that they had expected 200 people for this CDC lunch thing, and only about 30 people were there, so they had all this extra food. "Save your lunch for another day and PLEASE eat our food!" So we did. It was very good, and they even had hard scooped ice cream for dessert.
So there are some very nice people in this world. I am inspired to do my part to join them.

Oh, and NO DICE on the computer. The hard drive is completley dead and we are having a memorial service later today, to remember all the good pictures, recipes, and music that died a tragic death as well. It will be very touching. There might be some tears shed. But such is the life of an ancient hard drive. Goodbye sweet hard drive. You and your files will be greatly missed.