Friday, June 6, 2008

Generation Dress

A few years ago, my mom gave me this little dress that I use to wear. I've had to save it until Georgie could fit into it. It's still big, but she found it hanging in her closet and insisted that she put it on. So she wore it to church on Sunday. I think my mom made the dress.

Anyway, we took some pictures. First, here is a picture of when I wore the dress. I think I was around three years old.

Whenever the big kids had picture day at school, my mom would take the little ones too, and everyone would get an individual picture taken. Believe it or not, I actually remmeber having this picture taken. The reason I remember, was that when it was my turn, I sat up there and smiled, and the camera guy gave me this big heavy thing to hold in front of my face. I tried to put it lower, but he kept positioning it over my face. So I peeked around it to see what he was doing and that's when he took this picture.

Apparently, he had to switch films and needed to document where he was. Some may argue this, but I really do remember getting this picture taken. He must have found humor in the picture, because he included it with the package my mom paid for.

So that was the dress that my mom gave me. Here is a picture of Georgie and me last Sunday, with her wearing my dress. Thanks mom!


kdaygirl said...

I love your hair in that picture. Its the shortest I have ever seen it. Georgie has a really cute smile and she look so grown up!!!

Shavonne said...

that is such a neat thing, George is gonna love that when she's older. You should take a pic of george sitting there with a similiar background and then place the pictures together in the same frame like you did with you and Heath's kid pictures. Love it! And I think that hair cut on you with reddish hair is super cute!

sharon c... that's me said...

oh, so cute!!

Liz said...

So cute! I have one that I am waiting for sedona to grow into. Hope you are doing well!


Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, so sweet! I love that Mom handed the dress down to you! I'm glad you got pictures with your baby in it. :)

I was taken back a moment when I realized this picture of you when you were three looks A LOT like my Spencer! I can see Spencer in you so clearly, Shaina! His nose is different in that it points upward like a little piggy nose instead- but seriously...Spencer looks just like you! WOW

BTW: Congrats on a new computer!

I'm Always Rite said...

I love the pic with the board! I can only imagine your childish thoughts at the time the photo was taken. How cool that the photographer included it. :)

Ericka said...

so cute!! i have a dress that was mine & I TOTALLY MISSED the window for Lexie to wear it! makes me sad...glad you got your cutie in it before it was too late! love your hair, BTW.

KJ-Starre said...

Adorable pictures.....amazing that he included the peeking one too...what a wonderful memory.

You & Georgie look so sweet together...I love that she is wearing your dress....X

Ande said...

How cute. I love it that you have something she can wear that was yours.