Friday, June 20, 2008

A girl and some freckles

I love the summer because that is when these freckles come out after a long winters nap. The sprinkling across her nose and cheeks are so cute! This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and now there are double the amount there! I just love 'em.

Tonight Kamy was invited for a sleepover at her girlfriend's house. To save myself a lot of whining, I in turn, called the boys' friend LUKE and asked if he could come stay the night. Delightfully, his parents said yes. Right now they are playing the Wii and eating dorritos and I am going to watch a movie, cuddled up under my blankets in my bed, with a pillow stuffed next to me so if I close my eyes, I can almost feel Heath right there. Of course, the fact that I can watch a whole movie in silence would be a dead giveaway that I am indeed, alone. Heath really likes to talk. A lot. Especially through a movie or my favorite tv show. Ah well. Pros and cons, right?


Shavonne said...

haha, that's funny about watching the movie in silence. Ah Shaina, I'm sorry Heath has to go away periodically for his job! I love the freckles across Kami's nose, so cute!! Hope the night went well

I'm Always Rite said...

Kamy is so beautiful! Neina really misses her.

Getting to watch movies that Ian really doesn't care for without feeling guilty is one thing I don't mind about deployments... In fact I have one waiting for me now. :)

Queen of Chaos said...

Cute picture!

Emmalese has such darling freckles as well. I always tell her this:
"A face without freckles is like a night sky without stars". She gives me a huge grin everytime. :)

I know how lonely it feels without a hubby around. I hear ya! We've been having the best time since he's been home. It feels more like vacation, really. But I loathe the day he leaves, yet again.

How long will Heath be traveling like this? I assume for the duration of the job he has now? It really stinks having them gone, huh?!

Ande said...

I have that problem with Tom, he is slowly learning to keep all comments until the end of the movie/show. Have fun watching movies!!!!

Ericka said...

cute girl you have there!!Enjoy your movies in silence, my husband is the same way too!!

The Girls' Mom said...

I watch movies while Garin plays playstation. The ones that he would never watch. Latley I've been getting these Hallmark ones from Netflix. They are a series from the pioneer era. Love Comes Softly is the first one. If you don't have too high of expectations they are pretty good.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great pic of kammy!!

KJ-Starre said...

You had me going there...I was feeling so badly for you being alone then you throw your 'funny'....:o)
I talk too...makes Tersh so mad, especially if (which isn't often these days) we go the the movie theater.

Kamy is adorable....I love her freckles, they are agents of happiness you know?...'cos they scream 'childhood!'