Thursday, June 12, 2008

How's my driving?

You know the sign that are on the back of large vehicles that are cruising the freeways? "How's my driving? Call this number" Well, I wish those signs were on the backs of the vehicles that frequent our neighborhoods. I'd be calling in and reporting those idiot drivers.

The attitude of semi-drivers (drivers that operate a semi truck, lest you be confused with the other meaning of semi: half of something, such as semi-awake or semi-drunk, which is what I think these drivers are. In fact, they really are semi-drivers, in every sense of the word. They are semi driving their semi truck.).....ok, so I can't remember where I was going with that sentence before I interrupted it with the whole parenthesis thing, so I'll just move on to a fresh paragraph.

I've very nearly gotten killed about a hundred times by these beasts of the road since we moved here. They completely dominate the road, they come as close as they can to the rear of your car before they will zip into the other lane, not caring if somebody is there, or not, and then as soon as they are halfway past you, they try to get in front of you, causing you to slam hard on your brakes and hope that nobody runs into you. Big Bullies. I hate them. I have never seen such aggressive terrible drivers as I see here. They are usually going faster than normal traffic too, which is odd, because big trucks are suppose to have a speed limit that is lower than normal traffic.

On the way home a few days ago, I seriously witnessed about 28 close calls within the 15 miles home on the freeway, just from ONE over sized truck. It was smaller than a semi, about the size of a cement truck. They guys must have been severely drunk. There was no other way to explain it. He was constantly swinging side to side in his lane, halfway into the other, back all the way into the opposite lane, making other cars swerve like crazy. He was going so fast and cutting in and through traffic in such a dangerous way, I kept following him longer than was necessary because I was sure he would cause an accident and I would be needed to provide CPR to the victims. It was really the worse I've ever seen a driver on the roads, and especially with that big truck he was driving, I was so scared. I can't imagine he got very far without either running off the road or causing an accident.

If there had been a sign on the back of his truck that read "How's my driving", I would have called so fast! As it was, I didn't even get his licence plate number. I was too afraid he would crash into me when he was close enough for me to read it.

Anyway, this post went on longer than I thought, so if you are still reading this, watch out for the crazy semi-drunk, semi-asleep semi-driver heading west on I-26.


Ande said...

That sounds worse than CA drives, but I remember them like that in Mississippi as well, it's crazy

Ericka said...

seriously, you are the BEST storyteller EVER!! I love reading your blog to hear of the shenanigans you are up to!! :)

courtney said...

Sorry about the Sadistic, scary, cement Semi-Driver, I tried to write some sort of tongue trister but I can say that phrase pretty easily so never mind...anyways, I am glad you lived to post your story!

KJ-Starre said...

It's maddening isn't it? And to think that in order for them to get their behinds, behind the wheel of those vehicles, they had to do some fancy driving license.

We have those types of drivers here too & have come to the conclusion that that the special exam they wrote is for the "I'm more special than you~so back off" license , so we tend to do just that .....back waaaaay off & wait for them to finish being special.

I hate stupid driving too!
P.S :o)

The Girls' Mom said...

Maybe that's the way they do it in the 'Low Country' -Truckers rule and mini-van drivers drool. At least you made it home safe and sound.

Karen & Matt said...

I think that you are going to have those kinds of drivers everywhere you go. Some places are worse than others. It bothers me when someone is tailgating you, and then they pass you like you were doing 40 in a 65. It ticks me off. I'm glad that you are still alive! It's a scary driving world out there!

I'm Always Rite said...

Oops! Sorry Shaina was that you? I must not have noticed you in my weekly drunken stooper of driving a cement truck sized truck through South Carolina. I usually try to avoid running friends off the road but I must have been especially wasted. I guess I could have saved on gas if I had driven Bruce to Florida instead of my cement truck sized truck. ;)

Queen of Chaos said...

On my way to my Grandmothers funeral in California I drove late at night to get there on time. I swear I should be dead with how rude, crazy and scary that trip was! It was AWFUL!

In reference to your 'grandpa' post below--- oh, my gosh! How entirely embarassing! I feel your red face all the way here in Phoenix. Ouch. :S