Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So I'm gonna do the 101 things about me. Brace yourself. I don't think I could find 101 things about me that you don't know already, but just consider this a refresher of sorts.

1. I think American cheese is nasty.
2. I don't like pastries very much.
3. I love being pregnant.
4. I grew up on a ranch.
5. Heath and I would love to have lots of property with a big house and no neighbors too close.
6. I have very prickly legs, which I inherited from my mom.
7. I use to dream of having my own office supply store.
8. That dream has transferred to a scrapbook store.
9. I love roller coasters immensely!
10. I color my own hair.

11. I wish I had a better singing voice.
12. Heath is very patient with me when we sing duets together.
13. I wish I was more patient and fun with my kids.
14. I love to have parties and get-togethers.
15. I really want people to like me and I'm always afraid nobody will.
16. I hate that I look angry when I'm not smiling.
17. I love to watch movies.
18. My first official job was working at a theater and I'm still close with the owner of the theater.
19. I completed my college degree before I got married.
20. I worked two jobs through college to pay for everything.

21. There were times in college where I barely had a can of corn to eat for dinner.
22. I got pregnant with our first baby on our honeymoon.
23. From 1st contraction to the birth, my first labor lasted one hour.
24. We barely made it to the hospital!
25. I love to breastfeed my babies.
26. But I stop as soon as they turn one.
27. My all time favorite tv show is LOST.
28. Flip flops make me cringe. I just hate the whole wedge thing between the toes.
29. I love to wear socks.
30. Except toe socks. They drive me nuts.

31. I loved watching the Cosby Show growing up. Still do.
32. I feel happy when I am wearing pajama bottoms.
33. I wish my handwriting was pretty.
34. I've always envied my friend Bethany's handwriting.
35. I love having lots of friends.
36. I need lots of friends.
37. I am NOT a clique-ish person. I like being friends with everyone.
38. I think it's sad when people are excluded. I've been excluded. It's not fun.
39. I am afraid of the dark.
40. I am terrified of bees.

41. No; it is not funny to make the buzzing sound at me.
42. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor.
43. He reminds me of my dad.
44. I love my parents. They have taught me so much.
45. I love yoplait yogurt.
46. I am so glad that it doesn't bother my tummy like most other dairy products.
47. I would never be happy living in a big city, like NY or Chicago or LA.
48. I want to live in the country, but close enough to the city and all the good stores.
49. I still hate going shopping.
50. But now, I know how to shop and how to be as quick as possible.

51. I dread doing my hair every morning.
52. Since having babies, it's really hard to tame the frizziness.
53. I love love LOVE to brush my teeth. I do it all the time, all day long.
54. I must have my cherry ice chapstick.
55. I just ordered 20 of them.
56. I want my life to be a musical. I think it would be so fun.
57. I miss interpreting for the deaf.
58. I love being a stay at home mom.
59. I never wanted a career outside of the home.
60. I really really really hope I can have my books published.

61. I am so glad I can keep in touch with all my wonderful friends. It keeps me sane.
62. They will never really know how much I miss them.
63. I like a quiet house.
64. I don't do well when there is a lot of noise.
65. I hate stupid situational comedies on tv.
66. I rarely ever drink anything but water.
67. I wish I had been able to have gymnastics lessons when I was little.
68. I am so glad that my husband and I are married forever.
69. I love that I have so many brothers and sisters. (thanks mom and dad!)
70. I can't wait until our sibling reunion in August! (it's gonna be great!)

71. I find it interesting that people in the world think 4 kids is considered a lot.
72. Not one day goes by, when I'm with the kids in public, without somebody commenting about me "having my hands full" or saying "You aren't having anymore kids, right?".
73. I love my kids and care for them well and there is no reason for people to say such things to me.
74. I didn't have a boyfriend until my senior year in high school.
75. I hate how mean girls can be in high school.
76. I love to cook. It makes me happy.
77. I love sharing my recipes.
78. I think Heath sounds like Harry Connick Jr. when he sings.
79. I love having great eyesight now that I got Lasik.
80. I am so glad Heath lets me be frugal and thrifty.

81. I love having plants in the house but can't keep them alive. (help Nicki!)
82. I hate having a dirty kitchen. It makes me feel sad.
83. I sleep on my belly with one leg bent and the other stretched out.
84. I don't like floral scented perfume. It hurts my nose.
85. I love the movie "The Saint".
86. Heath can do a great impression of Val Kilmer from that movie. A few, actually.
87. My favorite food ever is the potato.
88. Except I hate Au Grautin potatoes. Gross.
89. I drool in my sleep.
90. But usually only when I am extremely exhausted.

91. My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple. I use to dream of living in Hawaii just for the pineapple.
92. I hate to bite into food. I need it cut into nice bite size pieces. This includes pizza.
93. I hate not knowing if I have food in my teeth and I have to check in the mirror after I eat. This is the reason I am always brushing my teeth.
94. My favorite color is pink.
95. I wish I lived close by my family.
96. I want to have a piano in my house so I can teach myself how to play great music.
97. I read really fast.
98. I love riding horses and I love how they smell.
99. I love my husband more than he will ever know.
100. I am afraid of disappointing my friends and family.
101. I love my blog!

P.S. #102 I love comments!


kdaygirl said...

Very nice to know. I think u should have said something about who your BFF is....

Karen & Matt said...

Those were great! I learned more about you. I think you are such a great person, no matter what! I love these things, and getting to know more about people! =)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great info Shaina. I think your a great friend and I am glad I got to know you.
I love ya

Jenni said...

ahh, fun refresher course..I still think it's so funny that you hate flip flops!!! Miss ya girlie!

The Girls' Mom said...

That was fun it didn't feel like 101 at all. I love your blog, too. It is always nice to read stuff like that and remember things I forgot and learn new things too.

Holmes Home said...

I'm glad to have such an interesting friend. Thanks for always keeping in touch! LOL

BrittanyLane said...

Great post. It's fun to learn some random facts about you.

Ande said...

Good job!!! There was a ton I didn't know. :) I still keep thinking of things I could have used, it is driving me crazy. :)

KJ-Starre said...

I so loved reading your list, I really appreciate your complete honesty, especially in a world where so many people wear the 'I'm perfect' mask. I found myself making a mental list of my own as I went was quite shocking at times :o/ Maybe I'll get brave & post some too.
Thank you!
Catch a HUGE hug!
KJ x

Heath said...

Good job babes I am happy to say that I knew everyone of them already. Love ya.

Queen of Chaos said...

I knew most of these but not all so it was really good for me to read. :)

So, you're not having anymore kids, right? haha

April said...

Shaina I had no idea that you didn't like flip-flops, I live in flip-flops! I learn a lot of new things about you, very cool!

Five-Browns said...

Man, that was so fun to read. I bet you had fun putting it together too?

I am made about wearing my pj bottoms too! And now its winter and almost school hols....hmmm....i can stay in them all day!

I'm Always Rite said...

Comment. ;)

Valerie said...

Glad to see you were up for my challenge! It was fun to read. And I too, miss you a lot! I hope to have a Travis reunion one day!
Love ya!