Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There are a few "almosts" that I am waiting on.

The first, is this weekend I will get to read Breaking Dawn, the final book in the vampire series by Stephanie Meyer. I told Heath not to anticipate me being any help on Saturday! I've got a friend who is going with me at midnight to pick up the book. So fun!

The second, is next week. I will be flying to Utah for my Sibling Reunion. There are ten kids in my family, as well as my two parents. We are all meeting in Utah for the weekend. No spouses. No kids. (surprisingly, nobody has a baby they are nursing, and nobody, to my knowledge, is pregnant. That is very surprising.) So it's just the original kids with the original parents. Very fun. I can not wait!

The third, is that in a few weeks, I will be celebrating my One Year Blog Anniversary. I've got some things planned to make for a grand party! Including some giveaways. Super stoked about that. I have really really enjoyed having a blog this past year. I think I motivated lots of people to start some blogs of their own, as well, so that has been so fun. Stay tuned for my blogger party towards the middle of August.

Also, school starts soon after that. I admit. I'm a mom who likes when school starts. Kolby will be starting Kindergarten, so I'll just have little Georgie during the day. I can only imagine the fun the little Miss and I will have together.

Anything that you are looking forward to?


Sharon Carpenter said...

pretty much the same things you are... hahaha

BrittanyLane said...

You and Sharon inspired me to start a blog. It has brought so much happiness to my life, so thank you! I'm excited for the book too. I'm not looking forward too much right now. Sort of enjoying the moments.

NickisJewelry said...

I am looking forward for my husbands return!!! I can't wait. Just nine more days. . . YOu'll get to see my honey sooner than that! Not sure who I'm more jealous of, you or him. Wish I could be there. THanks for taking care of him.

Elise said...

Sounds like a lot of fun coming your way!

I think the only thing that I am looking forward to is enjoying the last few weeks of summer and finally, preschool starting.

Ande said...

I am also looking forward to school starting. We have already for the most part had our summer fun, so not too much to look forward to there. I am looking forward to Oct. so that this new little one will be here and I won't have to anticipate another labor. (I am not looking forward to that part, but seriously, who does?)

KJ-Starre said...

Your reunion sounds like it is going to be a blast....especially with such a big family.

I year already...amazing how time flies when you are having fun...& for the record...you make it fun for us too. Your blog is such a great read...I look forward to it everyday

I'm Always Rite said...

You definitely inspired me to blog. And I love you for it! It has been such a great outlet, plus also it is the first ime I have kept any kind of journal for more than a month. :)

I am soooo looking forward to next week when the kids and I will take Ian's mom with us to Alabama for OTS graduation. I am also looking forward to finally going to the temple with Ian again on the 9th after 3 months of not. I also can hardly wait to set up house again in Ohio. And I am totally looking forward to staring up homeschool again after a too long summer. ;) I used to get sad when school started for Neina. She's one of my best freinds and I miss her when she's not around all day. :] I guess I am an oddity and that is why I love homeschool. ;)

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm looking forward to breaking dawn this weekend too but I am a little sad because I'm in charge of baptisms the next day bright and early so I'm having a reading dillema. my friend and I are going at 12am to get it too.
I'm looking forward to starting school again too because I will have some schedule again- no more chaos.
In two weeks is our 10 year anniversary.
In three weeks-our Bear Lake camping trip that we look forward to all year.
i'd love to say Hi if you have time when you are in state- if not have fun with your clan!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I am looking forward 2 breaking dawn as well. My girls will be going to the vampire prom beforehand and then will walk over to the book store and get the book.

we only have 2 weeks until school starts I am kinda looking forward to that. I love having them home.

I will also get my baby back so I happy for that Ben and I have missed her a lot.

Iam looking forward to kadie coming back in Oct.
In November I will be going to Ross so I am very happily looking forward to that.
Ok I better stop or I will end up writing a book.

CA_Scrappin said...

What a blessing to be able to get together with your siblings and parents! I hope that you have a safe trip and a wonderful time with all of them!

Doesn't time just seem to fly by? I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have planned for your one year blog anniversary! :)

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dippyrooroo said...

I'm looking forward to Fair time. I love going to the county fair every year. I love taking the kids to see all the animals and eating the fair food! I love looking at all the quilts and biggest vegetables!