Thursday, July 24, 2008

(Cling) Free Thinking

So I was just siting on my hiney folding the laundry that I did yesterday. [Coincidentally, if anyone wants to know how to turn your house into a sauna/steam bath, I'd be happy to share my secrets.] As I was separating the dryer sheets from the death grip they had against my kitchen towels (aren't they suppose to be cling-free?) I was contemplating my name, for some reason.

I really like my name and I'm happy my parents named me Shaina. It's a unique name, and thus far in my life, I've never personally come across anyone with my same name. I know people out there exist that are named the same, or at least the name is pronounced the same way, but they've never run in my social groups. I'm glad for that. I like the uniqueness my name provides.

However, as my sister Shavonne has recently pointed out on her blog, sometimes it's frustrating to have EVERYONE in the world say your name wrong. Or to have friends spell your name wrong. Hey. It happens. I've done it too. But it's frustrating nonetheless.

So this got me thinking. I have blog friends that I've never met. Therefore, they have only seen my name in print. Never pronounced. I'm interested in how you pronounce my name. Go ahead. Spell it phonetically. I'm really interested. In college, my name was rarely pronounced correctly without prompting. I even resorted to spelling it differently in college, just so it would be pronounced the right way.

But what frustrates me the most is when I am spelling my name to someone, and they STILL put certain letters in the wrong place. Why did you ask me if you are just going to spell it how you want to?

So this post is for those of you that I've never met face to face. Please tell me how YOU pronounce my name. I'm dying of curiosity. I think I'll even put together a little something to reward you for your post. I'll send you 6 new recipes to add to your recipe books. Recipes that aren't on my blog. Yummy recipes. Sound good? Can't wait to hear from you!

(if we've met before, feel free to comment, but don't give away the true pronunciation!)


The Girls' Mom said...

hah hah

Erica Hettwer said...

Shay-nuh. I actually never thought about it and I hope that I haven't been saying it wrong!!! Because it's probably not going to get corrected. LOL!!! I still slip and say Jo-See insted of Jaw-see!!! (Please don't tell her!!!) :D

kdaygirl said...

a sis tant....

Jana said...

Shay-na..Hi hope I am close.You have a very pretty name. My name is Janalea and I got your blog from Amy Moore. You also have a pretty blog page and you are so creative with scrapbooking. I would love to learn to scrapbook but all my pics overwhelm me.

hydee said...

I have to agree with the others I think it is Shay-nuh,also.

KJ-Starre said...

Ummmm? I assumed it was pronounced like the Irish say is Irish right? 'cos I see your sisters name is Irish my head, when I think about you or tell Tersh about you, I say 'Shy-na'...without the 'a' sound after the 'Sh'...I dunno I have probably got it all wrong & you are going to have a big *har-har* at me. Please put me out of my misery soon & let us know. You should record a movie clip of your kiddiewinks saying it & post it.

P.S I love the L.O's you did the other day....yours are never predictable...I think that's what I like the most.

Simply Mel said...

Am going with Shay-na. I had a friend with the same name in primary school but not sure if you pronounce it the same way!

I'm Always Rite said...

If I didn't know you or hadn't met you and had never heard your name pronounced correctly I would probably have to go with "Bob". ;) You can see my confusion, no?

I'm constantly getting called Mrs. Chel-sey. It's just obnoxious. Clearly the s comes before the l, Ches-ley. Even after I correct people they continue with the Chel-sey bit. Come on!

PS I love your name. It is unique just like you.

PPS How was Mama Mia?

The Girls' Mom said...

I love Kim's answer, its cracking me up!