Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Free Movie

I just love when the theaters offer free movies in the summertime. It's so great to have something for the kids to do that gets them out of the house and also out of the heat! Today was the first time I took the kids to the free movie this summer. Reason being, we didn't find out about it until last week.
So the choice this week was The Bee Movie or Arctic Tale (a movie narrated by Queen Latifa about a polar bear and a walrus surviving in the arctic). The kids chose the Arctic movie. We had never see it, or heard of it, but we all enjoyed it! It was funny and sad and cute and informative. I'm glad we saw it.
As you can imagine, everyone loves a free movie! So there was a large crowd there. Almost every seat was taken, but there were still a few in and around the crowds. About 30 minutes into the movie, long after the late stragglers arrived, one lady came in with her daughter and plopped herself right down in front where there were two big empty seats. "Oh, what's that? These seats are taken? Never mind you silly children. I'm sitting right here."

The children all around her told her that their sisters were sitting there, but they were in the bathroom.

Annoying Lady ignores children.

The mother of the missing children comes over to her, and they are front and center. We can't help be notice..."Excuse me, my children are sitting there. They are in the bathroom. You need to find another seat."

Annoying Lady ignores mother.

The mother is getting louder now, and well she should. "Hey Lady! These are MY CHILDREN'S seats! They are taken. Find another!"

Annoying Lady continues to ignore persistent mother by firmly adjusting her large behind in the seat and even reclining it a bit.

The people all around them now join in the discussion, since it is hard to ignore and very very loud..."Hey Lady...MOVE! She said her kids are sitting there" and "Come on! Stop acting like a JERK and move!"

Annoying Lady ignores everyone. This continues for another minute.

Since the mother can't leave the rest of her children, and since she has tried everything except physical force (which I was totally ready for, and a little disappointed I didn't get to see any), another lady left the theater in search of a manager.

Annoying Lady was not phased in the slightest, and continued ignoring everyone and continued sitting in her stolen seats.

Bathroom break is over and missing children come back. No seats for you! Kids stand awkwardly by mom as they glare at annoying Lady, who seems ignorant of everything but the polar bear scavenging for food on the big screen.

The Lady came back into the theater with the manager, (who thankfully wasn't a 16 year old kid, or I'm afraid the kid would have gotten beat up by Annoying Lady) and he didn't even have to take one step towards Annoying Lady before she jumped up, grabbed her kid by the arm, and plopped herself into another empty chair closer to the front of the theater.

We clapped.

So I got a show within a show! Am I terrible to have wanted a fight? I hope there's an even better show next week!


courtney said...

Man, I would have been really mad at "annoying lady too". If it were me, I might have used force.

Our seats were stolen at the roxy while we went to get popcorn. Our coats were strung across the seats. When we came back, people were sitting on our coats, we had to pull them out from under their bums...VERY RUDE!

Our theaters do that to, we like it.

sharon c... that's me said...

how fun,l and i totally would have liked to read about a fight, how terrible of me....

I'm Always Rite said...

I so wish I had been there. Our theater here does free family movies on Tuesdy and Wednesdaty (today we saw Evan Almighty), but our theater is boring and shows the movies in 3 or 4 theaters so there are plenty of seats for annoying, obnoxious, rude, inconsiderate... Woo, lost it there... What was I saying? Oh yes, I wish I was there, sounds like a good show! :)

KJ-Starre said...

Hahahaha! The theater of the mind is SO cool...I just watched a movie clip from the way you described the proceedings, it had me wanting to pound 'her' myself too.
Glad it ended without bloodshed though!
People can be uniquely 'funny' hey?

Karen & Matt said...

That is so annoying! I wanted to punch annoying lady while reading this post! How rude, and ignerant. oh i'm just steaming. ok calm down.... I'm glad you enjoyed your movie! I need to find out if there is a theater here that does that. My girls would love it!

Ande said...

It's amazing that people can be so rude. Good thing she finally vacated, even if it took authority to do it.

Nice to take the kids out and have a little fun though. :)

Jenni said...

Are you serious???? OMG--I would have been soooo mad if I was the mom...get a grip rude lady! Never a boring experience at the movies right?!