Saturday, July 26, 2008


I find it very interesting that none of you have ever gone to see a movie by yourself. Half my high school and all of my college years were spent working in a movie theater, so I was use to sneaking up after it started, finding a corner seat, and watching a movie in bliss. It never disturbed me.

I'm not a loner by any means. I thrive in companionship. But I did not see a movie by myself because I had no other choice. I wanted to go out by myself. With no one to account for. Nobody to impress. No opinions about what to do with my night out. Just me. I loved it. The whole point of me getting out was that I needed to be alone for a bit. It was a perfect solution for me.

The movie was good. It didn't totally rock my world, but I really enjoyed it. I love musicals. I wish my life was a musical. It was very entertaining and the music was fun. Go see it if you haven't.

Today, Heath wanted to take the kiddos to Journey to the Center of the Earth. Keaton said "Momma, can I sit between you and Daddy so if I get scared, you are there to protect me?" So with Heath's arm stretched across Keaton, and Georgie sitting on my lap, we held hands through the movie. It was a good movie, and I can totally see it as a future ride at Disneyland. At one point, Georgie had her hands covering her eyes. Cutie!

So if any of you ever need some time alone, consider going to a movie. Nobody cares that you are by yourself. Heck. There is nobody to steal your popcorn and drink! Consider that a bonus. Go catch a flick by yourself.


Jana said...

Hi again. I totally agree with you on going to a movie by yourself. I like to go to chick flicks alone so that if I cry there is nobody asking me if i am okay. It is also so refreshing.

Marfa said...

That's so cool...but I'd rather watch a DVD myself, going to the theatre costs MORE, so I'd rather wait to do that with someone special or to on our anniversary, or the kid's birthdays. I just watched "Jane Austen book club"...alone, at home.

kdaygirl said...

I used to go all the time when I was in college. It never bothered me... I always went to scary movies that no one else wanted to see anyways. I still go to them when Jason doesnt want to see the same movie as me.

Queen of Chaos said...

I said I went to the movie alone sometimes. I never said I didn't. I just prefer to go with someone.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I don't know if I have ever been to a movie alone. I have been dragged to the movie many times because People don't want to go alone.
I have a confession. I really don't like to go to the movies. I would rather rent the dvd and watch wile I sew or scrapbook. I cant and just sitting there and doing nothing but watch the movie.
When I go with Dale at least I can get some cuddling and smooching time in.
If I want to be alone I go to the book store or I go shopping.

NickisJewelry said...

Just have to say that I totally agree--love going to a movie alone! Sorry I've been absent, it's so hard not having a place of our own. . . Love catching up, all the layouts, and glad your ac is back on!

KJ-Starre said...'ve convinced me....I'm gonna try it. It'll have to be after next weekend tho because i have so many scrappy deadlines...I am sweating just thinking about them. why I am blogging rather than scrapping? I don't know. Denial...complete & utter denial.

Jenni said...

I've never done it...I like to shop by myself! And by the way, you TOTALLY just said "Cutie"!!! =)

I'm Always Rite said...

I guess I've just never had opportune to go to a flick all by my lonesome. It would be interesting I guess. Ian goes by himself all the time when he is deployed. I will make it a goal to try it out on his next deployment. I'll get a babysitter and just go. :)