Friday, July 25, 2008

Lessons Learned

Here is a list of things I learned last night on my Girl Night Out.

1. It's hard to get out the door without kids begging to join you.
2. Other drivers on the road should really be paying attention to where their vehicle is in relation to my vehicle.
3. The air conditioning in my husbands car doesn't kick in until...well, I don't know. It never kicked in.
4. There are a lot of cute things at Kohls, and they have a rockin' good clearance section.
5. It's kind of eerie to be the only one in a huge 25-partition dressing room.
6. It is so sad to show up to a movie, only to have it be sold out.
7. Making the decision to go shopping during the 3 hour break until the next showing instead of going home was very easy.
8. I missed shopping at Ross.
9. Ross still loves me.
10. The ladies guarding the dressing room are very very uptight about counting out your items, and then look irritated when it comes out to the same number as what you told them.
11. There are some ugly shoes at Ross.
12. Customers accounted for some of those ugly shoes. No wonder they were in the shoe section.
13. Running into a friend in Target and talking for half an hour in front of the dollar spot was fun.
14. Sometimes you just can't convince somebody to join you for a movie.
15. I should have gone to the bathroom before I got my popcorn. Darn it.
16. It's annoying to squeeze your bladder through an entire show.
17. The stupid theater didn't have root beer. Sprite just didn't have the same effect.
18. Popcorn was old.
19. Guess that's what I get for watching the last showing of the evening.
20. Nobody looked at me strange because I was by myself.
21. Pierce Brosnan really can't sing.
22. But I appreciate the effort.
23. The husband likes to wait up for me, even though it was after midnight when I got home.
24. Only showing the husband half of what I bought worked out great.
25. Going out by yourself is great rejuvenation.


Ericka said...

yay for you Shaina!! I relish the shopping experiences of being by myself!! I went to the grocery store alone last night & loved that! can't even imagine how wonderful it woudl be to go to a movie!!! :)

I'm Always Rite said...

1.You rock!
2.But you know that!
3.I probably would have baled. :]
4.Pierce Brosnon really can't sing.
5.I feel awful about postponing my trip to see you.
6.I really miss you.
7.You rock! :)

Ande said...

It is kind of a high. You feel independent and you don't have to keep up a running conversation and can go wherever you want. I love the girls nights with friends too, but sometimes you need alone time. I want to go and see Mama Mia, was it worth it?

April said...

Good for you I don't think I could go to a movie by myself but I should try it sometime I might actually see a chick flick. Besides Pierce Brosnan how was the movie, was it worth the old popcorn and squeezing of the bladder?

Chloe said...

Ah, very nice... I need a little girls night out myself...

The Girls' Mom said...

What happened to Sprite with a little bit of pink lemonade? I love #24 I tried to do that today with makeup but he was here when in came in the mail. Popcorn will always be old when you know you haven't made it yourself..

Simply Mel said...

I love going to movies on my own...after all its not really a social event! Glad you got to shop AND see a movie - thats a sweet deal.

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, bummer you had to go alone. I've done that a few times and it's just not as fun as going with a friend our your husband. But it's so worth getting out anyway, sometimes.

No-- Pierce Brosnan can't sing worth beans. But I love that he tried!

I will be going to see Mama Mia! again, for the 4th time today with yet, another friend! :) I don't mind AT ALL.

KJ-Starre said...

I LOVE your should be on CSI, with all the 'invisible' things you noticed. Has anyone told you are an 'observer' of life? Well you are you know.

I am so envious of you being able to shop before the last the entire mall (except movies) closes at 5.3opm....I kid you not! I don't know when they expect working people to
And one more thing...Pierce Bronsnon singing....wasn't he into 007 & action...singing just doesn't sit right somehow :o) :o)

PS don't forget to tell us how you pronounce your name.