Friday, August 29, 2008

Mini Cyclists

The kids have been having a lot of fun riding their bikes in the afternoons. They are independent enough that I let them ride around the big circle that we live on all by themselves. The other day, I looked out the window to see that the boys had put on their old Halloween costumes and were riding around. Well, Keaton was riding around and Kolby was chasing after him with his make-shift sword yelling "Fight, fight! Captain Hook! I'll get you!!!"

I should mention that it was about a hundred degrees out. I can't believe Keaton lasted that long with his jacket and wig on.

Also, we finally got Georgie a little bike. She couldn't wait to get on it and join in with her siblings. She sees no danger in being on the road. I keep steering her to the sidewalk. She doesn't go very fast yet, and her little legs barely reach the pedals, but she is loving it.

We also celebrated Kolby's birthday this week. He is a whopping 5 years old now. He had a great day at school. I brought him cookies for his class, and he had two of his little friends come over for some cake and ice cream. Kolby got a T-ball set with a big soft bat and ball to hit around. Even though they are soft, he packs quite a punch when he hits, and he's very good. Watch out Little League!! He's ready for you. He also got a robot that lights up, some spiderman shoes, and a checkers set, which I'm going to teach him how to play this weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eye of theTiger

Georgie randomly will pretend to be a Tiger. Sometimes she's a nice kitty and will curl up in my lap and meow, but most of the time, she will give me one of her growls.

We were in the store yesterday, picking up a few things for dinner, and as soon as this lady started walking by us in the aisle, George turns to her and growls very ferociously. It very much startled the lady. I was laughing to tears. Most of the time, Georgie puts on this "sweet" face that says "I am such a sweet and lovely child and I would never ever do anything mischievous" and she will wave her little hand at everyone who passes by and they think she is just a doll. I think she's an amazing actress. Anyway, I fully expected her to wave her hand and coyly smile up at the lady. Instead, she barres her teeth and growls at her. I thought it was hilarious. So today, I got this on video. She's going to hate me when she's 16 and I show this to all her friends.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shaina needs...

So I was browsing blogs today, and I came across a funny little game to play. First, go to google and type in your name, followed by the word needs. [I typed in Shaina needs.] Now, list the first 10 things that come up. Here is mine.

1. Shaina needs depends, so we went looking for some. (Hey, I thought that was a secret! hehehee)

2. If I were alone with Shaina, I would need ______. (hmmm, I guess it's left blank for us to use our imagination. Fell free to fill in the blank, but be nice!)

3. Shaina is a beautiful dog who needs a forever home. (This reminds me of a story. When I was away at college, my younger siblings missed me, so they named a random stray dog after me. Everytime they saw him, I would imagine they would say something like "Good Shaina! Go get the bone, Shaina. Want your tummy scratched, Shaina?" Just lovely.)

4. The Jack and Shaina show. Need to watch it on MySpace. (Wonder how great that show is.)

5. Shaina DOES need help. She is crazy. (Some days more than others!)

6. Think you don't need alcohol? Shaina's addiction. (So far from the truth!)

7. She spun some really nice yarn, not even nice for a beginner, but really nice. Now she needs a wheel. We wish Shaina all the best in her new life. (Wow. Spinning yarn. Just call me Rumplestiltskin. Oh wait, I guess I would be the maid spinning the straw into gold. Nevermind)

8. This would compliment her dark brown eyes if not for the fact that Shaina needs glasses and instead of choosing to find a nice pair like her mother ... (We use to make fun of my mom's HUGE sunglasses, but now all the trendy stars are wearing big sunglasses...)

9. Need a Shaina Twain download? (oh no you didn't! My name is NOT Shania!!!!!)

10. ....Shaina needs to handle it. (Enough said. Just put me in charge. It'll get done.)

So, I found it rather humorous. What about you? Any funny hits?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Randomness in the form of pictures

I was just going through some of the pictures I've taken recently, and I thought I would tickle your fancy just a bit by showing you some of them.

Georgie put on a pirate wig and started dancing 'round the room to the Momma Mia soundtrack.

Here are the kids with their babysitter, Taylor. Keaton has a little crush on her. So cute. He always goes to her house and asks if she can come out to play. Most of the time, she does. She is so fun with the kids.

I came into the boy's room the other night to check on them and I found an army of toys protecting the room. This wasn't even half of them. Others were lined up on top of the dresser and along the walls. It reminded me of THIS post.

Georgie put on her sister's backpack and just stood there, looking out the window. She really misses the kids when they are gone during the day. She calls Kamy "Ah-nee" and she calls the boys "da guys".

She also really likes to put on "pretties" and she also gets in trouble for it too.

Toothless Wonder

I just couldn't resist having Keaton do a video after he lost his other front tooth. I giggle everytime I hear him talk now. So cute.

Friday, August 22, 2008

3 things

This morning, Kamy told us that she was supposed to bring some things with her to school today for a little show and tell; something that tells about herself or what she likes to do. She told us right when we were shooing her out the door. So I was frustrated, and told her to run upstairs really quick and grab some things.

She came down about 30 seconds later with three things. A baseball, a little toy horse, and a dress-up bracelet. I didn't expect her to have grabbed those things. I thought she would grab her American Girl doll or a stuffed animal, or her CTR necklace, or her favorite book, some markers, or something like that. So when I saw these three things, and being frustrated with the lack of time, I said " Why'd you pick those three things, Kamy? They don't mean anything to you."

She looked up and said "I have the baseball because it reminds me of Keaton and Kolby and how we like to play with each other. I have the toy horse because it reminds me of you and daddy and how you grew up on a farm. I have the bracelet because it reminds me of how you like to look pretty and how Georgie likes to dress up like you."


Those are three really great things.

I gave her a hug.


Now that school has started, your kids will probably come home with some artwork for school. If you are like me, you never have a place to display their work. Our fridge quickly gets covered with the kids trying to find enough magnets to hold all of the papers, and then papers get knocked down and trampled on, and quite frankly, I hate how messy it all looks.

So you can easily make a display clip for their artwork. You can make one for each of your kids, and display them as decorations on a hallway wall. They will feel very happy that you thought enough of their work to display it.

I got a thin board from Michaels for around a dollar in the wooden crafts section. I got some clothespins too. Then I painted the edge with craft paint, covered it in some fun paper, and used my cricut to cut out the title ARTWORK. You can change things up any way you want. Write your kid's name on there, add different embellishments, and ribbon, or whatever you want. Sky's the limit. Clip their latest artwork up and watch for the big smile your kid will give you.
If you don't have kids who bring you artwork, or want to do something else, you could easily make a key-ring holder with your family name on it, or something like that. Just hang some clips from the bottom and presto! A key ring holder.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[sigh] 1st Day of School!

First, let me get to the drawing for the scrapbook stuff. A big congrats to STACEY for being the winner of the scrapbook goodies. Email me your address and I'll get it sent out to you.

Also, thank you so much for all of your comments this week. I read them again and again. I love my blog audience!! I will do everything I can to keep you coming back. So thank you again.

Today was the first day of school for my kiddos, and the first day of Kindergarten for Kolby. I asked him if he was scared or nervous and he shook his head. He was ready!! When I woke up the boys this morning at 6am, Keaton said "My goodness! That was a short sleep!" No buddy. It's just short when you and Kolby stay up half the night talking!

This morning they had strawberry muffins, sliced strawberries, strawberry yogurt [I see a theme with the strawberries, although it was not intentional!] and orange juice [at least it wasn't strawberry milk!] Kamy turns to Kolby and says "It's not usually like this for breakfast Kolby. Momma normally gives us cereal." I like to make the first day of school a special day. So they get a special breakfast too. I would have made eggs, but after the muffin and the strawberries, they all said they were too full! Good. It's terrible to go through the morning of school and be hungry!

Last night we gave them all baths, put out the clothes, made the lunches, and got their backpacks all ready. I made a little tag for Kolby to wear around his neck, with information of his teacher, classroom, bus route, and my phone number. Kamy said she'd help him get to class. I hope they all have a grand day. I'm excited for them. It was also Kolby's first time riding a bus.

Around dinner time, Heath is suppose to get home. He is sad he had to miss the first morning of school preparations but I promised him he could get up with them tomorrow! Giggle. With the bus coming at 6:40 am, it will start getting darker and darker in the mornings. I'm sure the excitement of getting up early will wear off soon.

Georgie and I are going to go to a bead store to get stuff to make more necklaces, and then on to the Pink House to turn in a layout for the store.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


First off, congrats to our next random winner from yesterday Tennessee Williams! Chantelle, you get the necklace and earrings set! Email me your address.

Second, I have a correction to make with the apron and the cookbook. Turns out my sister Kimmie is more interested in a necklace than the prize I offered her. Since I am just her assistant, (and I'll do anything for my BFF) she gets what she wants, and the apron and cookbook go to someone else! So I drew another random number, and Heidi Murray is the winner!!! The apron is going to tie twice around your little body, but you've got it. Hope you will wear it and think of me!

Third, here is the next giveaway. I don't have anything else planned beyond this one, so unless I change my mind, this is the last celebration post of my blogiversary. Thanks to everyone for making it fun! However, I'm bound to have some interesting posts, so don't go away on me!

Since half of this blog is about my scrapbooking, I found it fitting to have some scrapbooking goodness to give away.

Since we are on the subject of scrapbooking, I'll leave you with something to look at. Don't forget to leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing!

On a side note, I have to laugh at some comments of yours. First off, the comment by Ryan is from his wife, Nicki. To everyone else, it looks as if Ryan is my superfan and wanted the apron for himself. Chuckle. So now the mixup is resolved. I do, however, have some husbands who read this too, so it's not THAT far fetched to have a male fan. They just usually don't comment. Thanks again for all your comments! I'll draw the winner tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Winner Winner (and a new RAK)

I placed all the numbers of the comments in a hat and picked number 7 out. That number was the 7th person to post a comment, which makes Kdaygirl the winner. (It really was a fair drawing. Even though my sister won. Honest!) Congrats Kimmie. You get the apron and the cookbook.

So here is another chance for you to win something. I made this necklace and earrings set. Post a comment to be in the drawing. For this post, tell me when you first started reading this blog if you can remember. I'll pick a winner tomorrow. If you don't win this one, don't fret. I've got another one coming after that.

Thanks for all your comments!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A year in review [CELEBRATION TIME!]


Going back in time, this is what I talked about on my blog during this past year.

Found out what happens when toy meets garbage disposal.

I had quite the rendezvous with an ultrasound tech.

I picked tomatoes here and then we made salsa here.

You find out why I named my blog the way I did.

The Air Force moved us out of our old home and into one just as old.

I started making freezer meals.

Heath and I went to Hawaii!

Some people really do like strange things.

Everyone got to go to Disneyland for the first time.

The only way to have Christmas wrapping paper.

This is the best game in the world.

This really was a very stupid night for us.

Like, I totally love the 80's.

Everyone has secret talents!

We ended our term in the Air Force and moved across country.

Kamy was baptized.

I learned that too much time on my hands isn't a good thing.

George, it seems, also has too much time on her hands; or maybe I'm just not being attentive enough.

I got in trouble for posting these pictures.

A fashion trend that died a quick death.

The DMV isn't as fabulous as we hope it to be. Neither is driving on the freeway.

We celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss.

101 things about me. Don't get bored!

I still wished there had been a fight!

Don't tell me I'm the only one who gets snack attacks!

I stand corrected. Big giant worm-like creatures instead. Oh well. It still reminds me of Arachnophobia!

I like being the Assistant.

Don't try this at home, when you are 13, and a child of the '80's.

I also posted tons of recipes for you to try. Have any of you added these to your weekly meals? Which ones do you like?

So to be eligible for today's drawing to celebrate my first blog anniversary, tell me about a post that you liked on my blog. I will draw a name tomorrow morning and the winner will receive this recipe book:

Super yummy, fast, and easy recipes sure to delight your sweet tooth. Also, the winner will get this apron that I made myself.

I didn't use a pattern. I totally winged it, and it looks adorable. So you get the cookbook and the apron. Leave me a sweet message (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Saturday

...before school starts, anyway. So we celebrated by going to the beach again. This time, Heath was able to go with us and our friend Doug, here on business from Washington, was able to tag along. We love it when he visits. The kiddos especially. Doug and Heath have been best friends since they were young. So it's great that Heath gets to see him so often. He also watched the kids last night so Heath and I could have a date. What a friend!

Georgie still didn't like when the waves ruined her fun, but towards the end of the day, she liked playing in them more.

Keaton drew a stick figure of me in the sand and put a heart at the top "because he loves me so much!"

It was a good day. Heath leaves again for work tomorrow, and this time he's going to San Antonio, Texas. He will get to meet up with some of our good friends, the Asay's and the Hoopes if his work schedule allows. Man! He gets to see all our friends. Wish I was him sometimes.

Don't forget about Monday! The fun of my one year blog anniversary starts. Watch for prizes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More pictures

Throughout the weekend, we played games, we ate lots of food, we laughed a lot, we told stories, and we slept on bunkbeds, air mattresses, couches, and floors. We had a blast. Some of the games we played were: Ticket to Ride, Mafia, Signs, Apples to Apples, Spoons, Big-Bootie, and Card Games. We were also given 9 DVD's of home movies throughout the years. We had some big laughs over what we saw in those videos.
Stay tuned starting the 18th for my one year blog celebration. Lots of fun and prizes and reminiscing throughout the week. "So don't nobody go nowhere!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where do I begin?

I love my family. I love that we have so much fun together! The first day I got there, we gathered together and made our tye-dye shirts. As I said before, we had done this when I was 14 years old before we went to Lagoon, a theme park. I'm sure my parents did this so we could be kept track of. It worked great then, and it worked great now. Here are a few pictures...

We had to strike a pose, like we did in front of our big white van (I posted the old picture in this post.)

We just had fun taking pictures after that. Here are a few more before we loaded up and went to Lagoon.

Here are my parents. My dad can always be counted on to wear a fishing-type hat. We love that. Next are pictures throughout the day. There are way too many to add, so here are just a few.

That ends our day at Lagoon. I'll do another post tomorrow about the rest of our weekend.

Quick update

Lightning really does leave it's mark around here. I can't believe all the things that were affected by the strike last Thursday afternoon. It has been 7 days, and we are still without a few things.
Apparently, the A/C unit is almost unrepairable. The owners of our rented house are not happy. It will be a big bill, and they are taking their time deciding on how they want to replace or repair it. Meanwhile, we are blanketed in the humidity hot spot. Luckily, the past day has been filled with rain showers. So while it is still very hot, it is not as hot as it was all weekend.

The cable and the Internet are repaired. That is good. The phone still isn't working. We are getting a new box in the mail to replace the one we have. That, hopefully, should fix that.
Our garage door unit needs to be replaced. We are waiting on that.

The cooling unit in our fridge/freezer was blown too, and hopefully someone will be in tonight to fix that. Meanwhile, we have an outdoor freezer that saved most of our food, but a lot of it was damaged before we realized there was a cooling problem.
Last, our security system is not working. Don't know the status of that problem, though.

So it has been a frustrating 7 days, but we think we finally see the light. We have someone very nice working with us at our property management now, and for that, we are so grateful. She just started, and I'm sure feels a little overwhelmed with our case, but she's gung-ho about making everything right for us.

I'll post something more interesting next; like what happened this weekend at my reunion!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey friends! Just got back last night from my reunion and I'm exhausted. Plus, I've got a house to clean. The first day I was gone, our house was struck by lightning and it fried some electrical, including the AC. So again, everyone was without AC in this hundred plus weather with humidity saturating your every pore. It was a frustrating weekend for the husband and the kids and cleaning wasn't their top priority. I completely understand. So I'll update you later about my trip; just as soon as I can...

Until then, here is a picture of my family wearing our fabulous tye-dye shirts. I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off To See Family

Tomorrow morning, I board a flight taking me to Utah, and to the warm arms of my family. If you don't know, I am the 4th oldest out of 10 kids. Three boys and 7 girls. All but two of us are married now, and there are 24 grandkids so far.

This will be the first time we have ever had a sibling reunion. No spouses. No grandkids. Just the original 10 kids and our parents. We are assembling in Utah for the weekend and have lots of fun things planned. I can not wait. Our theme is "It's gonna be great!".

Here are some random pictures that I had of us through the years. This picture was taken in 1988 when we moved from Arizona to Washington. I had just turned 12. This was a few years before baby number 10 was born.

This picture was taken two years later on a visit through Utah. My dad was taking the picture. Still before baby number 10.

This was on that same trip to Utah. We went to Lagoon, a theme park in Utah, and we spent the evening before making Tye-Dye shirts. People thought there was a tye-dye convention going on that day because they kept seeing all of us throughout the park.
We are going to recreate this moment by tye-dying t-shirts and going to Lagoon on Friday. It's gonna be great!

Skip ahead a number of years. This is when I graduated from College. We are all together, including baby number 10, who wasn't so much a baby anymore!

Here we are again, a few years later again at my sister's wedding. We are crazy. Three of us were pregnant in this picture, myself included. I was pregnant with Georgie.

Here we are last year at our Family Reunion. Almost everyone was able to make this one. My oldest brother is missing in this picture. His family couldn't come.

However, tomorrow, I will get to see EVERYONE! Nobody from the original 12 will be missing. So, I'll see ya'll back next Tuesday. Until then...