Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Saturday

...before school starts, anyway. So we celebrated by going to the beach again. This time, Heath was able to go with us and our friend Doug, here on business from Washington, was able to tag along. We love it when he visits. The kiddos especially. Doug and Heath have been best friends since they were young. So it's great that Heath gets to see him so often. He also watched the kids last night so Heath and I could have a date. What a friend!

Georgie still didn't like when the waves ruined her fun, but towards the end of the day, she liked playing in them more.

Keaton drew a stick figure of me in the sand and put a heart at the top "because he loves me so much!"

It was a good day. Heath leaves again for work tomorrow, and this time he's going to San Antonio, Texas. He will get to meet up with some of our good friends, the Asay's and the Hoopes if his work schedule allows. Man! He gets to see all our friends. Wish I was him sometimes.

Don't forget about Monday! The fun of my one year blog anniversary starts. Watch for prizes!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Great beach pix!!

Ande said...

The guys seem to do all of the fun traveling. We should plan a big trip. :) Yeah, a contest. :) I want to go back to the beach!!!!

The Girls' Mom said...

I'm always so jealous you get to go to the beach!
here is how you change your comments thing-
customize, layout, edit blog post I think you can figure it out from there. good luck

hydee said...

I was just wondering which beach do you go to?

shaina said...

That beach is Sullivan's Island. We love it. It's a bit more out of the public eye of the tourists, so it's not crowded.

I'm Always Rite said...

I NEED to come see you! We're going to plan an east coast roadtrip next spring I think. We should have plenty of leave saved up by then. :)

I don't look forward to Ian being gone "for work". He has to go back to Alabama in October and then Biloxi in February. :\

You have my empathy. :]