Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick update

Lightning really does leave it's mark around here. I can't believe all the things that were affected by the strike last Thursday afternoon. It has been 7 days, and we are still without a few things.
Apparently, the A/C unit is almost unrepairable. The owners of our rented house are not happy. It will be a big bill, and they are taking their time deciding on how they want to replace or repair it. Meanwhile, we are blanketed in the humidity hot spot. Luckily, the past day has been filled with rain showers. So while it is still very hot, it is not as hot as it was all weekend.

The cable and the Internet are repaired. That is good. The phone still isn't working. We are getting a new box in the mail to replace the one we have. That, hopefully, should fix that.
Our garage door unit needs to be replaced. We are waiting on that.

The cooling unit in our fridge/freezer was blown too, and hopefully someone will be in tonight to fix that. Meanwhile, we have an outdoor freezer that saved most of our food, but a lot of it was damaged before we realized there was a cooling problem.
Last, our security system is not working. Don't know the status of that problem, though.

So it has been a frustrating 7 days, but we think we finally see the light. We have someone very nice working with us at our property management now, and for that, we are so grateful. She just started, and I'm sure feels a little overwhelmed with our case, but she's gung-ho about making everything right for us.

I'll post something more interesting next; like what happened this weekend at my reunion!!


kdaygirl said...

I think that Heath help up nicely during your absence and handled the lightening strike very well. Its amazing all the things that are affected with something like that huh?

Ande said...

Not fun at all, it has been hot here and I am so thankful for the airconditioning. Hope they fix it all soon.

Queen of Chaos said...

Wow. That's an awful lot of damge. Sheesh!

I'm glad it's coming together for you and heaven is pouring out its drops to help cool you all. ;)

I'm Always Rite said...

We just bought battery backup/surge protectors for the computers and television, but I had no idea lightning could do so much damage! :0 I'm glad we have renter's insurance.

I bet Heath was one very unhappy camper while you were gone.