Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shaina needs...

So I was browsing blogs today, and I came across a funny little game to play. First, go to google and type in your name, followed by the word needs. [I typed in Shaina needs.] Now, list the first 10 things that come up. Here is mine.

1. Shaina needs depends, so we went looking for some. (Hey, I thought that was a secret! hehehee)

2. If I were alone with Shaina, I would need ______. (hmmm, I guess it's left blank for us to use our imagination. Fell free to fill in the blank, but be nice!)

3. Shaina is a beautiful dog who needs a forever home. (This reminds me of a story. When I was away at college, my younger siblings missed me, so they named a random stray dog after me. Everytime they saw him, I would imagine they would say something like "Good Shaina! Go get the bone, Shaina. Want your tummy scratched, Shaina?" Just lovely.)

4. The Jack and Shaina show. Need to watch it on MySpace. (Wonder how great that show is.)

5. Shaina DOES need help. She is crazy. (Some days more than others!)

6. Think you don't need alcohol? Shaina's addiction. (So far from the truth!)

7. She spun some really nice yarn, not even nice for a beginner, but really nice. Now she needs a wheel. We wish Shaina all the best in her new life. (Wow. Spinning yarn. Just call me Rumplestiltskin. Oh wait, I guess I would be the maid spinning the straw into gold. Nevermind)

8. This would compliment her dark brown eyes if not for the fact that Shaina needs glasses and instead of choosing to find a nice pair like her mother ... (We use to make fun of my mom's HUGE sunglasses, but now all the trendy stars are wearing big sunglasses...)

9. Need a Shaina Twain download? (oh no you didn't! My name is NOT Shania!!!!!)

10. ....Shaina needs to handle it. (Enough said. Just put me in charge. It'll get done.)

So, I found it rather humorous. What about you? Any funny hits?


kdaygirl said...

ok so I did mine and the funniest one said "Kim needs to shutup and go home"..
Apparently I also need some Guinea pigs????

Jen Sue Wild said...

This is so funny>>> I will have to try it if it's good I will post it in the AM..

The dog story was too cute..

The Girls' Mom said...

That is so funny I'm so going to post this...if it is funny or whatever. good post! I love the dog story, I'd totally forgotten about that.

Queen of Chaos said...

:) This is too funny. :)

KJ-Starre said...

I love your quips after each of yours :o)
I have just spent the last 10 minutes laughing myself silly!! (at mine not yours)

Listen to these...
*Kim needs a Respirator
*Kim needs a few good men
*Kim need to find something else to do ~hahahahaha! you are telling me!
*Kim needs to eat something

What a hoot...thanks for the game.

Karen & Matt said...

That is too funny! Love it! =) I'll have to try it, I hope I have some good ones too. I guess we'll see!!! =)

Heidi said...

Ok so I did this and some were pretty funny here are the few worth reading

Heidi needs a day off (so true no that i have no husband for who knows how long)
""""""""""" look a likes
""""""""""" a bigger bum
""""""""""" to go away
""""""""""" one more drink (only if i drank)
""""""""""" a good laugh

Ande said...

That sounds funny, I am sure that mine would be about candies and mountians. :)

Kelli said...

You would not believe what mine says. I am a little scared to post it, but check out my blog to see what mine says. I may have to edit it a little to be sure it is not offensive to anyone. Gotta see it!

Lydia Davis said...

The one most accurate to me right now (being 9 months pregnant) is Lydia needs the toilet.