Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Within a few days

Well, I haven't posted any pictures of what we did over the weekend, so I thought I'd share some with you today.
On Friday, we went to the beach. We stayed for a few hours and it was lovely. The beach we found seemed more like a lake, what with the lack of waves. It was perfect for the kids to play without being toppled by waves. Later, when the tide started coming in, they got the waves. So it was the best of both worlds.

The kids found Sand Dollars and proclaimed themselves "rich".
This was the first time Georgie liked being in the water. But towards the end, when the waves came back. she had a thing or two to say...

OOPS! Forgot to un-zoom the lens! Even though it's EXTREMELY too close-up for my weathered skin, I still like the shot.

We even found some seaweed. Very funny feeling texture. It made a nice headdress!
And this was me when we got back in the car to drive home. It's exhausting being the only parent at the beach!

Of course, Friday Night (well, Saturday morning) I got my copy of Breaking Dawn and read it half the day on Saturday and finished the last hundred pages or so on Sunday morning. Those of you who haven't started the series (you know who you are!) go out and get them! Super good read. In this picture, I'm freshly pink from being at the beach. Love getting a little bit of color. I'm always so pastie white.

On Saturday, Georgie was invited to her first little birthday party. It was at Chuck E. Cheese.

While I was at the party with the girls, Heath went out with the boys to a bike shop. He got them gloves to protect their hands when they ride. They've been wearing them non-stop since then. They even snuck them in their pockets at church!

Then, last night, the Husband and I got to go on our first date since moving here. We got a babysitter and everything. Heath's company had a Vendor come who offered to take out all the employees and their spouses. Did somebody say "free dinner"? I'm there! It was a fun night.

Tomorrow, I have more pictures to share....


Ande said...

Looks like beaches in Mississippi!! I loved them, they were so shallow.

BrittanyLane said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a fun and full weekend. Love the beach shots.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great pix it looks like you had a fun weekend.

kdaygirl said...

I love it that u took the kids yourself!!! Way to go sista. Love the pics and there are only 2 days till we I am reunited with my lovely assistant!!!!

Sharon Carpenter said...

i think the sea weed is my fave, totally not what i expecteg it to look like. i wish we had a beach close by! and heath told me all about the day with the boys, those are some sweet gloves... can't wait to see you!!

Karen & Matt said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a blast! Glad you had a fun weekend! =)

The Girls' Mom said...

You're so brave. You think I'm crazy homeschooling and going to the store with them. I would have spent the whole night thinking of the ways my kids could die because I couldn't save them. Looks like a great time though. IN regards to the scrunchie incident- I am of the opinion that handcrafted hair accessories are always a sign of a true fashionista. One can create the most perfect piece for the ensemble they have chosen to wear. ;)

KJ-Starre said...

Amazing pics...it looks like you all had such fun at the beach! & love that the boys won't take their glove off...heehee!
Where are the date night pic's? T & I have date night for his B-day, with babysitter, planned for Friday ...Oh my goodness...I can't wait. Oh the small joys hey?

I'm Always Rite said...

Awesome beach pix! Glad you finally got to go out on a date! :) Ian and I had our first "date" today to see Batman. :)

PS I'll try to start reading Twilight after we get settled. :]