Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nothing like a giveaway to make ya feel happy!! [CLOSED]

I know the picture is not the best, but this is a pretty shimmery blue bracelet and earring set. I made it this morning while I was waiting for my clothes to dry so I could start the next load. It's amazing what you can put together in 10 minutes.

I have a lot of new blog readers, and haven't done a giveaway in a while. Well, I guess it was just last month for my blogiversary, but who's counting, right?

Yesterday I was in a crappy mood. Everything was buggin' me. I'm trying to be happy today (even with all the laundry and cleaning that I have planned), so in order to help me be happy, leave me with a happy comment. I'll pick a random winner tomorrow. Have a happy day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The College Years

I have recently gotten in touch with four of my roommates from my first year at college. It has been a really fun week getting caught up with everyone. I had just found some pictures from that year too, so it makes it double the fun to reminisce. These pictures were taken about 14 years ago. Let's take a look.

Rebecca is the one in the wedding dress. She was trying on wedding dresses. Actually, all of us wanted to try one on and take a picture, but the owner wouldn't allow it. I think we barely got away with trying on all the different veils. Left to right, there's Jenny, Megan, Rebecca, me, Valerie, and Julee.

The twins, Megan and Rebecca, were very cool roommates. I'm pretty sure I didn't fit in with the "cool" factor that year at college, but I had fun following them around!
We often woke up in the morning to find four dozen cookies freshly made and perfectly stacked on the counter. Jenny was the midnight baker in our apartment. If you were lucky enough to be up at 2 am, you could eat some fresh-from-the-oven cookies. The funny thing is, after she stood on a chair to get the baking supplies from the top shelf, she would continue standing on the chair as she finished mixing the cookies. Fun memory.
If any of my roomies have any other pictures, I'd love to see them! I don't know where any of my roommates from my 2nd or 3rd year of college are, but I am in contact with two from my 4th year. Maybe I'll make another post about that later.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another thing...

Another strike for our weird repair guy: he shut of a breaker in the garage for some reason, and our outside freezer was plugged in there. Now all our food that was in there is ruined. I'm so glad I didn't have it full of freezer meals like I usually do. Grrr. I'm locking all my doors the next time he comes.

On another note, my favorite reality tv show is on tonight: The Amazing Race. Someday I will be on this show. Just wait.

Keaton's Birthday

We celebrated Keaton's 7th birthday this weekend. I think my gushy post about Heath a few days before sparked something, because he was able to come home late Friday night. Yeah!! So we were able to celebrate together and enjoy these next few days before Heath leaves to start the new job in Colorado. I always like to take a family picture on birthday days, so this is what we took on Keaton's birthday.

Back to Keaton. He wanted to have Spaghetti for his birthday dinner and he wanted Superman cupcakes with his seven candles. Looks like it was an "S" night all around. Super. Now I have never claimed to be a cake decorator. Far from it. But I did my best to make him Superman Cupcakes.

Remind me one time to tell you about the Buzz Lightyear cake he wanted a few years back. What a funny tragedy. Anyway, back to his birthday. He got some Batman shoes that make him run "super fast" and some little Star Wars figurines, a telescope, and a Storm Trooper dressup costume. We invited one other family to come over for cake and icecream. I think he had a great day.

Keaton is a great kid who has a great sensitivity about him. He genuinely wants to make other's happy. He loves to ride his bike and run fast and dress-up in pirate costumes. He always eats whatever food we put in front of him and never complains about it. He usually will say "This is the best dinner in the whole world". His favorite food is spaghetti. Currently he loves to learn about numbers and he sings louder than any other kid in primary. He's great. I think we'll keep him.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Too Intrusive

I had this guy come over today to pressure wash the outside of our house, as well as fix our doorbell. We are renting, so everything in terms of repairs has to go through our rental company. Interesting that he was commissioned to do both things. Seems odd that a pressure washing company also has 'fixing doorbells' on their repertoire. Anyway, he came today.

He knocked on the door, asked me to move my vehicles out of the driveway due to the pressure washing, and then took a quick look at where the doorbell box was. Then he went back out to his car. He seemed a friendly guy. No problem yet.

Next thing I know, he's walking in my house. Uh. This is my house. You are supposed to knock. First offense.

He doesn't bring a ladder. "Mind if I use your kitchen chair?" Hmmm. What type of repair man are you that you don't have a ladder with you? Second offense.

He walks back outside, then back inside a few times. Never once knocked. Sure thing buddy. Mi casa es su casa, right? Wrong. Another offense.

He leaves, saying that he has to run to Lowes to pick up a part. Be right back. No worries.

He comes back. Knocks on the door, and walks right in. Big problem. Fourth offense.

He goes back inside the garage, comments on the door not opening up when he pushes the button (yeah, I hear ya. Still waiting on that to get fixed) and I tell him he has to manually open the door. He is out there for a minute. I see him walk back inside through the garage and go to the front hallway where the doorbell thingy is. Then, I see this lady walk through my kitchen, tossle Georgie's hair, and disappear. Hello? Who the heck are you? Upon my questioning at another stranger in my house, walking through like she owns the place, I am introduced to the repair man's wife, who apparently, is just 'observing' for the day. Add on another offense or two for letting strangers walk through my house, and another one for how creepy she looked around my house like she was checking off valuables. [which we don't have. too bad for her]

Time goes by. The doorbell is fixed. He starts pressure washing the outside, tells me again he has to go get another part, and he leaves for about three hours.

He comes back after the kiddos are home from school, and since I had run to the store in the interim, my van was parked in the driveway. He yells from his car to Kamy to tell me to move my van so he can park there again. Strike again.

Then, he opens the front door again, after he situated his vehicle properly in my driveway, and asks to use my bathroom. Now you know what? I think that is just wrong and inappropriate. By now, there are way too many strikes to keep up with.

So he finishes the work, opens up my garage again [from the outside, which means that the last time he closed it, before my errand, he didn't lock it up] goes through it, opens the kitchen door, and yells at me to go to him. "All done. I'll be back to do the garage door too." Oh, I guess the 'pressure washing doorbell fixing walk-through-your-house repair guy' works on garages too.

Looking forward to that.

A good man

This guy has been gone for three weeks this trip. Essentially, he's been gone most of the time since May. That is the biggest reason he is switching jobs. The plan is for him to leave in one week to travel to Colorado and start his new job. After a few weeks, we will be over there too and we'll be together again! No more traveling!!

So he will probably be working in Georgia until Tuesday, be with us a few days, and then leave on Friday. We have missed him. A lot. Here are some things we miss:

Keaton and Kolby miss going on bike rides with daddy. They miss him wrestling on the floor with them, swinging them in the air, and they miss all the juice they get to drink when daddy's around, because he is the only one in the family who makes it.

Kamy misses telling him stories about school, and having someone in the house who eats more than she does. She misses helping him get things and watching "Man vs Wild" with him.

Georgie really misses being held and cuddled by daddy. She misses climbing up on his knee and rubbing her soft hands across his stubble and singing songs with him.

I miss having him next to me when I sleep. I miss the smell of him when he's getting ready in the morning. I miss rubbing my hands across his face and having the scent of him linger on my fingertips. I miss his feeble excuse of "checking on the doors and lights" when really he is getting a late night snack. I miss hearing him sing and whistle, which is very second nature to him. I miss his eyes, and how they sing of love for me. I miss his arms around me.

Soon, babe. We'll all be together. Until then. I love you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What is it with these people on the show? Ten minutes into it, and everyone feels the need to be in just their underwear. I seriously don't get it. Why did you start the first day of the show dressed in a formal, push-up bra, and 4 inch heels. Have you ever watched the show before? Even the people that were sensible enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt have stripped down to their Hanes. It's buggin' me.

blog rolls?

No. I'm not talking about the extra rolls I have been getting by sitting at the computer bloggin' instead of getting off my bum to work out.

I'm talking about a way to keep up with all the blogs out there. I have quite a list saved on my favorites on my computer, but I want to know what you all use that will tell you if your blog on your reader list has been updated. I'm thinking I need to save some time with all the blogs I read. I am NOT looking for one to publish on my blog. I have way too many blogs that I follow. I'd run out of room on my sidebar for sure if I posted all of them.

Tell me what you use and where to find it, how to sign up, whether you are happy about it, or if it's a pain to follow. Thx!

A few observations

When I flew to Utah for my sibling reunion in August, I had quite a bit of time to spend watching people in the airport. I actually really enjoy observing people. I am a people watcher. No doubt.
Anyway, one of the first things I noticed in my travelogue that day, was what people chose to wear. I thought most people would choose an outfit that was comfortable, not too complicated, and well balanced. I do, when I am traveling. Well, there are some eye-catchers out there, for sure. I saw some lady wearing some really cute jeans (I was tempted to ask her where she got them) but they were so overshadowed by her electrifying hot pink shirt, hot pink glittery bag, hot pink cowboy boots, hot pink sunglasses, and hot pink overdone jewelry and her hot pink belt and nail polish. I mean, come on lady. You could have gotten away with maybe two hot pink accessories, but when you were head to toe in your "hot pinkiness", it was just a little too much. I'm a big fan of pink. Really. But it was sooo much pink! I was so glad, albeit a bit let down, that she didn't have on hot pink jeans too. She was probably thinking that the hot pink jeans may have tipped the scales a little too much on the pink side. Yeah. The jeans would have been pink overkill. Good thinking. Stop while you are ahead.

Speaking of a head (lol), I was driving down the freeway a while ago and I saw a big 'ole feisty pickup truck get a little too close to my lane, so I quickly gave a little side glance over the shoulder at the offender, and boy did I do a double take! Sittin' there all purdy in her ripped off sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of dangly silver earrings that just didn't seem to coordinate with the T-shirt, this lady was sportin' the worst mullet that I have ever seen. It was freshly cut and styled and she seemed rather proud to have it. She even caressed a little wispy lock of hair as it gently fell across her shoulder. I wonder where she was going. Maybe she was going to the outlets to shop for more shirts and dangly earrings. Maybe she was going to afternoon tea. So it got me thinking. Is the mullet love back? Could it work? Will we all be donning mullet do's in the next 10 years?

A few weeks later, we were having dinner at a friends house and playing games. For one of the games, if you were "it", you had to stand in the middle of the circle. Our friend brought out an old wig to make things more interesting. Ah. The mullet. We were meant to be. What do you think?

I'm thinking I want to get my own wig for Halloween. Think I could work it?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clever Day

Did you know that today is National Punctuation Day? Where would the world be without punctuation? The world would be a desperate place without order, feelings, or drama. Consider the tragedy:

What if a period was merely an uncomfortably bloated time in a woman's life instead of a way to separate thoughts in a paragraph or a decimal point clarifying numerals, or a way to delicately say "yadda yadda yadda" by doing this...

What if we could never ask a question? Courtship as we know it would completely fall apart. There would be no more asking "Do you want to go out Friday night?" No more followup romantic evenings filled with flowers and roses, men with sweaty hands reaching into their suit coat to pull out a little ring box, and saying"Will you marry me?"without the question mark.

Without the exclamation mark, we would be a very boring nation. There would be no more "Momma!!" yells being heard throughout the house. No more happiness, surprise, excitement, amazement or joy. There wouldn't be anymore "Ouch!!" or "Dang it!" [or other explicatives] or any "YES!!" [I'll leave it at that.]

Without the parenthesis marks, you wouldn't know the side story of anything. I use parenthesis and brackets a lot. Probably too much. They are such a fun way to add snippets of information and adding some fun into your stories.

Without the comma, thoughts would all run together. We wouldn't know when to pause, when to separate, and when to distinguish between things. Between the period and the comma, we'd run out of breath reading aloud, because there would never be a pause.

Not to be left out, we couldn't attach words together without the hyphen or the dash, we couldn't connect similar sentences without the semicolon, we couldn't ever repeat what somebody else said without the quotation marks, and we couldn't have fractions without the slash, and nothing would ever belong to anyone without the apostrophe and we couldn't tell time or suggest a list without the colon.

Let me demonstrate:

Any FRINGE fans out there? It's a new show on Fox and it's written by the same people who wrote LOST! Lost is my favorite show in the world; I can't wait until it comes back on the air. But while I am waiting {I'm totally counting the days too!} this show gives me something to look forward to every week. It's entertaining, full of comic relief, intriguing, mystifying, and unexpected. If you want a "catch-you-off-guard" show, this is it. It comes on 9: 00 pm on FOX every Tuesday.

So as you go through your day today, think about how punctuation has affected your life. You might be surprised at what a prominent player it has been.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun with costumes

The kids have been having fun wearing their costumes recently. Keaton has taken to dressing up like Captain Hook everyday. Lucky for him, his class had a "pirate" day and so he got to dress up for school. He told me he was the most handsome Captain Hook ever. I agreed.

Georgie thinks all these costumes are great, and has donned on a few herself. This parrot costume she wore almost 2 years ago. Funny that she can still fit into it. As a disclaimer, I was in the middle of cleaning this room and organizing the closet, when this picture was taken.

Georgie pedaled around the neighborhood in search of Buzz Lightyear. I think she makes an excellent Zurg.

Just thought I'd show you the last layout I did for The Pink House a few weeks ago. I had to scraplift a layout out of the current Memory Maker's magazine. This is what I came up with.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yes. The title references us. We will be moving in a month. Heath has been working this "traveling job" and it has been hard having him gone all the time. We believe that families should be together, and that the husband should support the family, both with income and with his presence. He has been gone too much.

Heath has been searching the job boards like crazy and calling everyone he knew to try to get more contacts and try to find job openings. It paid off. Friday night he got the call he'd been waiting for. He got a job. It's a great job. It's a "stay at home" job, meaning that he doesn't have to travel. He goes to the office, works, and comes home that night. It's great.

You are probably waiting to find out where we are moving to. Well, it's where Heath has wanted to live for a long time. He dreams of this place, and he hopes to spend the rest of his life there. We are moving to Colorado Springs. Heath will be working at one of the many military installations that are in the area. He will be, among others, running the computer network.

He starts the job in two weeks, and we will be left to pack everything up and get things finished off here for a few more weeks, and then he'll fly back here and we'll drive over together.

Anyone wanna help me pack?

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Family Frame and Bird's Nest

I have been asked by many people to give a little tutorial of how I made the wall hanging. First I used my photoshop program to layer my words. I typed FAMILY in one text box and made it a large font and then I decreased the saturation of it so it blended more into the background.

Then I opened a new text box and typed: a journey to forever [I made this font smaller and a different color.] I positioned this over the word FAMILY.

Next, I added a few swirls for decoration in another text box and when I was happy with how everything looked, I printed it out.

After I printed it out, I tore the paper around the edge, leaving more space at the bottom than the top, so I can stretch my ribbon across it, under the words, and I inked and sewed around the edges. I backed it with some patterned paper, or you could just use regular cardstock, which is what I did in the next picture. Then I got some coordinating ribbon and some flowers and some brads for the center of the flowers and finished it off. I already had the red frame, which goes nice with my house colors, so that's why I used the red. I have another one that I used a white frame for and I used brown colors to make everything neutral.

Bird's Nest

As for the bird's nest, that is super easy and cheap. Just go to your local craft store and buy some Spanish moss and some little bird's eggs. They are together in the same aisle. Take a large handful of the Spanish moss and break it away from the rest. Shape that amount into a bird's nest with your hands, tucking in any loose pieces, and making an indentation in the center with your thumbs so that it looks like a nest.

Next, use your hot glue gun to glue three little eggs in the nest. Print out this saying on your computer and tear around the edges to make it look old. Ink the edges, or burn the edges with fire.

An Old Christmas Legend

Long ago, great happiness and good fortune came to those
who chose a Christmas tree with a bird's nest in it's branches.
Here is a little nest for your Christmas tree. May the legend come true for you.

Tuck your paper in the bird's nest and voila! You've got a cute little ornament to place in the crook of your Christmas tree. I give these out as gifts, and to present that, I place the bird's nest in a clear gift bag (also found at the craft store in the bag and tissue paper section) and tie it with a ribbon.
Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps you. These really do make great Christmas gifts.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Jacketless Hood

When I was around 8 years old, I had long hair. It's hard to see in this picture [past the bangs that never end] but it was long and I loved it. One of my duties every morning before school was to put my younger sister's hair in a ponytail. I clearly remember looking at her hair, and thinking that it looked better than mine. I couldn't have that! In order for my hair to look just as good, I needed a trim.
In our home growing up, my mom cut everyone's hair. With all of us kids, I'm sure she was overwhelmed by all of our hair, and a long time would go by without her trimming our hair. In fact, that is probably why I had such long bangs. It was a pain to trim them all the time.
So when I came home from school, walked up to my mom, and demanded that she cut my hair...well, she obliged.
She put my hair in a ponytail, which I remember thinking was a strange thing to do when my hair was just supposed to be trimmed, put a hefty black garbage bag around me like a cape, and brought out the scissors.
Snip Snip Snip.
Hmmm. What an odd feeling. I swear she just cut off my entire ponytail.
I look down. Ah. There it is. My ponytail, dropped in a heap on the kitchen floor, still held together by my sparkly purple rubber band. Mom finished the haircut and declared me "oh so cute" and I went straight into the bathroom to look at my hair. It was gone. All of it. I think my two older brothers had more hair on their heads than I did. [it was the '80's afterall. I'm sure their hair WAS just as long as mine was]
My mom made me sweep up all my glorious hair into the dirty dustpan and throw it away, which I thought was just plain mean. I cried. Dad came home from work and as we were sitting around the kitchen table, ready to eat, he looks at me and says "Who's the new boy in the family?" I was devastated. I couldn't appreciate my dad's sense of humor. I ran from the table and went to bed. I cried myself to sleep.
The next morning was school. Once again, I had to put my sister's hair in a ponytail. Her long and beautiful hair. I was extremely jealous. We made our way down the road to wait for the school bus. We got up on the fence that surrounded the pig pen and with our backs to the road, we watched the pigs while we waited for the bus.
I remember some ladies out for a morning walk. [which was really odd seeing as how we lived way out in the counry.] We heard them coming, but didn't bother to turn around and look at them. That is, until I heard one of them say "Oh, look at the cute little boy and girl waiting for the bus stop." I turned around, full of despair for my new haircut, and yelled out "I'm not a boy. I'm a girl! I'M A GIRL!" I had my blue windbreaker jacket on, I remember, and it had a hood. I pulled the hood up onto my head, zipped up my jacket, and tightened the hood around my face.
We got on the bus. It stopped at the next road just down the hill, and this is where my cousins got on the bus. A few minutes went by, and I was getting hot. So I take off my jacket and I hear my cousin Allen inhale and say "What happened to your hair?" I was mortified. If my cousin was so shocked, what will the rest of the school kids say? So because I was so hot, I detached the hood from my jacket, put the hood over my terrible hair, pulled the drawstrings tight around my chin, and double knotted it. There. Now nobody will ever guess that my hair is so short, and I won't be so hot wearing the jacket all day. I remember thinking it was a perfect solution. Me, wearing the jacketless hood. Now, I look back and wish I had a picture of that.
Anyway, I got to school and went to my class. I remember a lot of looks from the other students, and my teacher, but I seriously thought they were admiring my stylish hood. I was sure they could never guess that my hair was cut. Later, the teacher pulls me aside, and asks me to take off my hood. I shake my head vigorously. "Please?" she tries again. "Nuh-uh", I say. So she gives in, and lets me have my way. I went the whole day with that stupid hood streatched across my head. When we were getting ready to go home, my teacher pulled me aside again and tells me to tell my mom to curl my hair tomorrow and put a pretty barrett in it. I smile. Ok. That sounds good.
I run off the bus, throw open the door to the house, and yell "Mom! My teacher says you have to curl my hair and put a pretty barrett in it tomorrow!" I remember my mom smiling and saying that she would.
I didn't wear the jacketless hood again.
[Disclaimer: I know my mom reads my blog. I have told her this story before. I really was devestated by the short haircut. Over the years, she has always replied with the same comment: "Oh, but you looked so cute."]

Did Ya Know

...that Martha Stewart has a blog? I didn't. Here is the link. Check it out.

Tip Junkie

Have you ever heard of this site? It's got hundreds of ideas for crafts, home decor, etc and today, it featured me! I am not quite sure how she found my little blog but she did, liked my super saturday projects, and spotlighted me on her blog. Very fun. Go check it out. Tip Junkie

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 hours later...

Do you ever do this? Take some food out of the fridge, put it in the microwave for a few minutes. While you are waiting, you start picking up, or washing dishes, or take care of the kid. Well, I do, and the next thing I know, it is three hours later and I realize I am hungry. Why am I so hungry? I go to the kitchen, try to find something to eat, put that in the microwave to heat it up, and WHAT D'YA KNOW. I already have food waiting for me. I had forgotten about the darn food I tried to heat up three hours before. Sometimes I'm pretty stupid.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Can you believe we are halfway through September already? Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Since I am not in school, I don't write the date down everyday. Usually I just know if it is Monday or Thursday. Ya know? Sometimes, like today, I look at the date on the calendar. The actual number date. Today, it shocked me a little bit. Halfway through the month already. The summer seemed really long to me. Fall seems to be flying by! The kids have been in school almost a month. They are all doing extremely well in school. Keaton is brilliant. He really is. He loves math and calls himself and "expert mathematician". Very cool. Kolby can write his name now and it's recognizable. He can make a very good "b". Kamy's favorite subject is art. That is no surprise. She is constantly drawing pictures.

Anyway. Tomorrow is picture day. Keaton wanted to wear his suit like he did last year for pictures. I told him he can't wear the same thing two years in a row. "But mom, my suit jacket is the most handsomest of all and I need to be so handsome for picture day!" I assured him he was handsome with or without his suit, and we picked something out that he didn't wear last year. I also coached him on showing his teeth when he smiles for the pictures. I want to document his toothless grin forever.
**Edited to add picture I took this morning right before school. They are ready for picture day.**

Ready for School

When we were cleaning out the garage, we found this little pink backpack that Kamy used for kindergarten. Georgie deemed it hers and wore it the whole weekend.

Monday morning, when I went in to wake up Kamy for school, I tried to be as quiet as I could. I really want Georgie to stay sleeping. No reason she should have to get up at 6am. So when I told Kamy to get up, Georgie popped her head up, said "ah-right momma", got out of bed, pulled on her little backpack, put on her shoes and tried to open the front door! She was ready for school. Poor thing. She thought that because she had a back pack, that meant she was going to school with the big kids. She must have been waiting for morning, with all her excitement. I felt so bad.

I usually watch the kids walk out the door, and since the bus stop is a few houses down, I let them go by themselves. On this day, Georgie just looked so longingly at the kids, that I felt bad for her. So we walked outside to watch the kids wait for the bus. Normally, the bus is supposed to come within a few minutes of them going out, but we had to wait 30 minutes. Good grief it was late! Georgie entertained all the kids waiting by running up and down the sidewalk and giving everybody hugs.

When the bus finally came, the kids loaded up and Georgie was about 20 feet away, watching, on the sidewalk. The bus driver pulled up slowly to George, stopped, and opened the door. George, with her backpack still strapped over her nightdress, looked up at the bus driver, got excited, and started walking towards the bus, thinking she could really go!

I walked up to George and scooped her up, looked at the bus driver, and he said "Ready for school!" I said "Stop. You are teasing her!" He laughed and pulled away. Georgie looked devastated. What a thing to do. Poor girl.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tricky Digestion

You know that movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan. She is on a train. She had a lapse in judgement and decided to eat cheese. Lots of it. It tastes good. She eats more. She wonders why she chose to live a cheese-free life. Then it hits. "LACTOSE INTOLERANCE!" She yells out, as her stomach churns and gurgles and rumbles and the mucous coating her intestines rushes down to the, uh, nearest exit. [here is a clip of the movie]

At that point, her body has no control against stopping the inevitable outcome. Her only solution is to get to a bathroom quick, and hope that she makes it on time.

Few of you know what I am talking about. Few of you may have experienced it firsthand. It is not fun, my friends.

Last night, I had the same lapse in judgement. Why did I do it? That glass of chocolate milk seemed like a good idea. Oh, how I found out that it was NOT a good idea. Very bad. Very bad indeed. It's been quite a few years since I intentionally ate or drank something that I have deemed "in the danger zone" for me. I had forgotten what it makes my body do. Sometimes I think "Maybe this time I will be fine." I was so wrong.

I won't make that mistake again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Super Saturday

** Edited to add: I made a little tutorial on how to do the bird's nest and the family frame. Here is the link. Thanks for your interest.**

In my church, the women will sometimes get together on a Saturday and make all manner of crafts. This activity is called a Super Saturday. We have one coming up in October and I was asked to come up with a few projects to teach everyone on that day that had a christmas theme.

I have done these two as Christmas gifts before, so I thought they were appropriate: a wall hanging that says "Family" and in smaller letters across it, says "a journey to forever". The second is a bird's nest ornament to put in your Christmas tree. I wrapped it in a clear bag and tied it with a ribbon.

The third craft project is a recipe magnet board. I got the idea from my sister. Simply hang it in your kitchen and it will hold whatever recipe card you are using. The last item is a bracelet. Most people don't know how easy it is to make a bracelet. So I will be teaching that class too.

I'm always looking for little craft projects. Feel free to share yours with me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

10 clowns

You know that circus act where you see 35 clowns getting out of a tiny little car? That was pretty much what we, my 10 brothers and sisters, decided to do. Only instead of a car, we tried to jam ourselves into a photobooth. You all know what I'm talking about. The cozy little two person photobooth with a black curtain to draw close for privacy and only one little opening on the side to get in an out. Yeah. don't try it.

My brother Ian took his camera inside the booth to capture it all. We managed to get 5 of us sitting inside it, and the other 5 poking their heads inside, with the remaining parts of their bodies flapping around each other on the outside. I can only imagine the sight it must have been to all the onlookers walking by the booth. How I wish my parents would have been taking those outside pictures. But here are the pictures from the inside. Ian was taking them as we were all trying to fit in.

It was so hot and uncomfortable in there! I got my head jammed so many times by everyone trying to squeeze in. The biggest problem, however, was trying to fit all our heads into the tiny little frame for the picture! I was so glad to get out. Here are the pictures the photobooth gave us.

Like I said, when we all got out of the booth, we looked around, and we had a huge audience. They were probably wondering what sort of drug we all were on!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some scrapbook fun

Well, you know how it is. The husband is gone again on a business trip and what do I do? Scrapbook. I've actually got quite a list of things to do around the house in the next few weeks, so it might be a while before I can do some more layouts. Boo hoo, right?

Anyway. Here are some layouts I did recently.

Now...back to work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here are a few quick tips for making basic food taste better!

First, if you are using an instant pancake mix, which I do often, snazz it up a little bit by adding some cinnamon and some chopped apples. When you pour your pancakes on your griddle, sprinkle some chopped walnuts or pecans on top before you flip them. They will settle in nicely and cook up a bit with the pancake, releasing it's oils and making it extra yummy. We usually serve these pancakes with some applesauce that has been mixed with cinnamon and heated up, or we spread strawberry preserves across the top. It is very good. If you like maple syrup, this pancake almost tastes like apple pie with it drizzled over the top.

Next, we all make mac and cheese from a box, right? Come on. Everyone does. Next time you start making it try this: When you dump in your noodles to your boiling water, add some salt to season the noodles and set your timer for six and a half minutes. Stir your noodles. When it beeps, your noodles will be perfectly al dente. I seriously hate mushy mach and cheese. Next, when you are dumping in your butter and cheese powder, substitute sour cream for the milk. Add a few spoon fulls, depending on your desired consistency. Season with pepper and you've got yourself creamy goodness.

Lastly, I found this package mix of oatmeal cookies in the baking aisle. One of those "add water" and that's it. Well, I jazzed up the mix by adding a handful each of mini chocolate chips, craisins, and chopped walnuts. I also added a small handful of dried oats just to make it more homemade looking. Follow package instructions to bake and if any of these cookies make it to your friends or neighbors, they'll be begging you for the recipe. Yup. They are that yummy.

Hope you try out these semi-homemade tricks. I'd love to hear your semi-homemade tricks of the trade.

A Friend's Christmas

I know it's a little early to be posting about Christmas, but I wanted to give you a fun tradition to start with your kiddos. This works best if you are just starting your little family, but if you already have kids, it's not too late to start.

My friend Bethany became my best friend when we were 16 years old. She posted this tradition of hers on her blog. Check it out. She has a neat way of decorating her tree as well as providing keepsakes for her kids. She's also looking to increase her blog readers, so if ya feel so inclined, add her to your blog list. She's amazing. You won't be sorry.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life as a 10 year old

Over the weekend the husband and I cleaned out our garage and did some repair work around the house. One of the boxes in the garage had some old journals in it. I found one that I had written in during college. I found a 3-ring binder that I had saved all of the emails Heath and I had sent to each other when we were dating. (as a side note, we knew each other in high school but never dated. When I was done with college and he was away at college, we started emailing each other and that is how we "dated" for 4 months before we got engaged, and then married a few months after that.) So I have all those emails, which is fun to look at.

But the journal I was interested in yesterday was my very first journal, started when I was 10 years old. I wasn't much older than Kamy is now, so it gave me a little insight into what might be going through Kamy's mind right now. Here is a picture of me and Kim in 1986. I was 10 years old. (I was wearing clip on earrings and so very proud to have them. I remember when I got these school pictures back, and I couldn't see the earrings through my fanned-out hair. I was so bitterly disappointed.)

As I was reading some of my journal entries, I found a few things interesting. Here are some excerpts.

"I had to go with mom to her doctor's appointment today. I waited there so long. If you ask me, I was so bored. When mom had to step on the scale, I went up to her and she pushed me away. Why did she do that? I think it's because she is pregnant again. What other reason would she push me away?"

"It is Christmas eve and mom sent us to bed. Kim and I are going to sleep in the same bed to stay warm back here in our cold bedroom. Kim has a stopwatch. She is going to set it for 1:30 am. I can't believe we are going to stay up so late! It's going to be so cool. When the alarm goes off, we are going to go into the living room and see all the presents. We'll be the first ones to know!"
"...It's the next morning. Kim's watch must've been broken. We also fell asleep way before 1:30. Probably about 10:00. Anyway, we woke up at 4:00 and went to see all the toys. We thought we were the only ones in the living room but then we heard a snore and it scared us so bad we ran back to our room. It was only Grandpa Pete."

"Mom had the baby. Me and Shavonne have to go to Annika's house to sleep there. For dinner, Shavonne had three tacos. She is such a pig."

"It's almost Christmas again. I'm getting an acid washed jean skirt as well as a few other things. Wanna know how I know? Kim peeked at all her presents and she peeked at mine too. She told me what she was getting. She got a hair crimper. That is so cool."

"As I write in this journal, I wonder how old I'll be when I come back and read it. Probably pretty old. Funny."

There were many more, and I had a great time reading through some of them. Later, Kimmie called me. I told her about my journal experience and she went to dig out hers to. She started reading different entries out of her journal and they were almost identical to mine. We both talked about what we had for dinner. We both put down the date, time, and place we were writing from. We both talked about trying to stay up late on Christmas eve. We used almost the same wording. Very funny. We are sisters and best friends, indeed.

One very important reason that I have this blog is for it to be a journal. It's very exciting to me to have a record of what I did, my crazy thoughts, and humorous stories about life. Thanks for being part of it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shake that thang...

This is a little girl that got dressed all by herself. She was sent upstairs to get some panties and a shirt and she came down with her flower tights and a sun visor. She was very pleased with her tights and kept rubbing her hands up and down her legs and smiling really big and saying "See momma! Nice!"
Then she tells me she wants to dance. So I turn on the Momma Mia soundtrack (it's the only thing her and I have listened to for weeks!) and she gets up on our makeshift office chair so she can see the pretty swirlies on the computer monitor, and starts shakin' her thang. I must admit... She's good.

Friday, September 5, 2008

"No Worries, Puppet"

I hear that phrase a lot on movies. Mostly by a pirate trying to woo a lady out of her unmentionables or something of that nature. But this post isn't about the toothless grin of a pirate. It's about some cute finger puppets that I made.

First, let me tell you a short story. Growing up, my mom had these finger puppets that she kept put away in a box. Outta sight...outta mind. We usually forgot about them. But when one of us would see them, we all wanted to play with them, and I think we all staked claim on them at some point. I for sure remember them as being "mine". I'm sure they never were.
Anyway, years later, my clever sister Shavonne decided that she would duplicate them. She made patterns for them and whipped up some sets of them for some of us sisters. I have since made them many times, for friends or some sort of Super Saturday project for the women in my church. Every time I make them, I get a little more artistic with them. I like to make them cute and fun. So enough talk. Here are some pictures.

This is Goldilocks and the three bears.

Little Red Riding Hood, with Grandmother and the Wolf

The three Little Pigs (the wolf is also used for this story).

I just happen to have three kiddos who wanted to model the puppets for you.

It's hard to tell, but they are pretty stinkin' cute. The grandmother has glasses, and is in her robe and night cap. Little Red Riding hood has a very sassy red hooded cape on, and I love all the ringlets in Goldilocks's hair.
We have an auction coming up at church. We are suppose to bring in some type of homemade object, or a craft, or offer up some sort of service for everyone to bid on. These puppets are my contribution. I need to make a set for myself, but by the time I make a set to give away, I don't want to make anymore for a while. They take a lot of work. They have to be hand-sewn. I'm glad they are done. I even burned my finger with some hot glue when it dripped onto my finger. It may sound trivial, but it burned right through half my finger. Well, it seemed like half my finger, anyway. Heath came home right then, and demanded that I put my finger in ice water until it was too numb to feel the pain. Then he bandaged it up and deemed me well enough to continue on as normal. I did milk it a little, when I suggested that there was no possible way I could do dishes with one hand bandaged up. I'll let you know if he takes the hint or not.
As a side note, I've always wanted to make these puppets for Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Wouldn't that be so cute? I'd have to make lots of little beards...

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

We've got Tropical Storm Hanna coming up to our shore today, and we have Hurricane Ike coming early next week. We'll update you...as long as our power and internet stay working.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shaved Legs

Smooth, silky legs. That's what we are all after, right? My husband sometimes seems astonished when I have smooth legs. I DO shave my legs about three times a week, and usually more when it is summer, and EVERYDAY my last six weeks of pregnancy because I know how many people touch my legs when I am in labor, and I wouldn't want to scare away the doctor would I? And I always shave my legs on Sunday, because I wear a skirt to church.

Speaking of church, for years I would find Keaton kneeling beside me as we are sitting on one of the benches. I'd feel his hand running up and down my leg. Up. Down. Around. Constant motion. He would say "They are so soft, momma!" He just couldn't bring himself to back away. It was like he was in a smooth and silky trance. But it's not just my legs he would find fascinating. He would also run his fingers over Heath's face again and again, just to feel his smooth shave. Sometimes for the whole first hour of church, Keaton will be rubbing his hands across Heath's face. Very funny. Heath is extremely patient to let him do that. It would drive me nuts.

I'm not one of those people who can go for days and days without shaving while still maintaining softness. Within a day of me shaving, I start getting prickles. They grow very fast and very sharp. Ya know the commercial where the girl is shaving her leg, but it's not her leg, it's a stem of a cactus plant? Yeah. That would be my legs. Terrible. But as much as they are like sharp little needles all over my legs, I rarely ever hear Heath complain about them. He never says a word when he runs his hands across my spikes. Only the occasional gasp when he surprisingly gets smooth silk instead. What a guy.

So how did shaving first start? Did Stoney and Stonia decide that it was just a little too toasty in their cave dwelling, what with all the animal furs draped across their hairy bodies, and in an effort to cool down a bit, Stonia grunted, took her husband's makeshift shark tooth razor blade and started going to town on her legs? Why not stop there? What about that crazy lump of hair growing under your arms? Maybe it would be better to have two eyebrows instead of one. And let's reserve the mustaches for the gentleman, ok? I wonder why they decided to leave hair growing upon their head. After all, it does grow much faster than any other part of the body. Who has a use for it?

Sometimes I tire of all the unwanted hair. The husband has a notion to get me laser treatment for hair removal on my legs. Every time he mentions it, I know I shouldn't have let that extra day or two slip past without shaving. I don't blame him. He has a cactus for a wife. I just can't justify the cost of it.

What about you? Are you blessed with smooth legs? What is your defense against tedious shaving?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catching up on Awards!

Independent of each other, my friends Kimmi and Mel awarded me with this:

So now I have a few friends that I want to give this award out to...

Kim Watson (aka KJ-Starre) is my best buddie from South Africa. She is an amazing scrapper and always has outstanding comments for my posts. I hope someday we can meet.

KimmieJo, my big sister and my BFF. I try not to go a day without talking to her. She needs some love on her blog, so go on over and say hi.

Liz Hicks, designs for Prima, CKMB friend, and she's an amazing mom. She has great faith. I admire that.

Margarite. She's sassy and quirky, and free. She doesn't need to be a scrapbooker to be creative. (and it's ok that she doesn't scrap!)

My Scrappy friend Stacey gave me this award. She said: She has such a fun blog to read with some wonderful layouts and super yummy recipes! Her posts always entertain me!

I give this award to:

Sara S.: She is always posting something interesting and fun on her blog. I miss her fun nature. I also wish I could sew like her.

Brittany: I am linking you to her art blog. I am envious of her talent. My favorite is the freshly sharpened pencils painting.

Jennifer: She is without a Ross in Alaska and yet, she still has positive things to write about!

So if you feel like it, you are suppose to put this award up on your blog and nominate your own favorites.