Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another thing...

Another strike for our weird repair guy: he shut of a breaker in the garage for some reason, and our outside freezer was plugged in there. Now all our food that was in there is ruined. I'm so glad I didn't have it full of freezer meals like I usually do. Grrr. I'm locking all my doors the next time he comes.

On another note, my favorite reality tv show is on tonight: The Amazing Race. Someday I will be on this show. Just wait.


Jamie said...

My hubby and I just purchased a freezer and bought the extended warranty. The warranty covers up to $250 worth of food replacement. You might check it out.

I'd get rid of the repair guy. He sounds like a freaky flake!!

Cathy said...

I agree - get rid of the repair guy. Thanks for the reminder about Amazing Race!!! I've never seen the first episode in all the seasons I've watched because I forget about it! (I record all TV shows and skip thru commercials - thus I never know when new shows are starting!).

Ande said...

I would really complain now and tell them you want to be reimbursed for all the food.

I'm Always Rite said...

See my comments on the original creepy guy post. Plus also, will your insurance cover the spoiled food?

Ian and I will race you and Heath all the way around the world! :)

Who do you like this season?

I liked the hippy bee-keepers, but I knew they wouldn't last. :\ I'm not sure who I like now, just yet. :]

The Crockett's said...

That is just wrong! I agree, either him the management company should be paying to replace that food!

I Love Amazing Race! I think it would be fun, but my husband said he would rather race with his brother than me (he says we would argue too much). Whatever!